Which Type of 'Rooster' Are You?

-- Character and Fortune Analysis by Five Elements


Wood Rooster (1945, 2005)


 Personality: With Wood sign according to Chinese Five Elements (Wu Xing), Rooster people are usually easygoing, kind, careful and thoughtful in daily life, and they can win others’ trust with their faithfulness. With ambitious and aspiring character, most of them are never content with their present situation. Impulsive and energetic, they are also very punctual at meetings or appointments.

 Career: In career, Wood Roosters may set some unrealistic goals, and sometimes they may give up easily. They lack confidence and ability of working independently. When problems occur, they tend to rely on other people’s assistance. At the early stage of their career, they may change their occupations frequently, which is not good for their development.

 Wealth: The wealth luck is unstable during their entire life. Although their income is handsome, they have spending problems. They are not good at financing, without habit of depositing money in banks. Besides, they should avoid lending money out; otherwise they can never get them back. Money issues between friends may also affect their relationship.

 Love: They are very sensitive and emotional in love. They get flourishing luck in relationship, but can hardly meet their true love. Their enthusiasm and passion for love cannot last long, so sometimes they get a split result. As long as they carefully maintain the relationship, they could be happy in marriage.

 Health: At middle age, they may get lung illness and respiratory disease, especially in season changing period.


Fire Rooster (1957, 2017)

 Personality: People born in the Fire Rooster Years are inner-directed type who pay much attention to their personal privacy, so they seldom keep very intimate relationship with others. They chase after freedom and hate to be restrained. Their characters are independent, outspoken and proud. They are also punctual, strict and courageous.

 Career: Being clever and decisive, they are born with leadership. Their luck in career is flourishing. As long as they seize the chance and strive hard, they could get promoted soon. Mighty and independent, they like challenges and competitions, with strong desire to win. At workplace, they are very punctual. Till middle age, they could reach a high position in career.

 Wealth: Throughout their life, their wealth fortune becomes better and better gradually, especially after middle age. No matter what kind of business they make, they could get satisfying results. Their income is stable; sometimes they may get unexpected extra money from investment. To maintain the value of their wealth, they could purchase some real estate.

 Love: Their love and relationship is prosperous and romantic. However, they may meet some obstacles in love. Their strong personality will result in squabbles on trifles, and their independent character makes them lack of communication in relationship.

 Health: Some of them may suffer physical injury during childhood, and everything takes a turn for the better in adulthood.

Earth Rooster (1909, 1969)

 Personality: Earth Roosters are active and dynamic, and they also like thinking and exploring the essence of the life. They are steadfast, calm, persistent and highly motivated. With sharp insight, they could make right judgments and choices. They are reputable and reliable people, so they could win others' heart easily.

 Career: Their career develops smoothly, and their endeavors could bring them content outcome. When encountering obstacles in work, there will be nice people coming for help. Considering their brilliant work capability, they would be given a lot of chances to perform their intelligence. If they listen more to advice from others, their career will rise to a higher level.

 Wealth: According to Chinese Five Elements and zodiac analysis, Earth Roosters’ luck in wealth is quite average no matter in major income or easy money. Only they work more, they can gain more. The possibility to make a big fortune is little. However, they should cultivate their capability of financing and try to make some small amount of investment. They are kind of money-saving type, which could support them to live a well-off life.

 Love: They are charming, with a lot of suitors around them. In love, they are responsible and faithful. Once falling in love, they would be fully devoted. If they become more romantic, their marriage life would be much happier.

 Health: They do not need to worry about the health condition, but they need to take less alcohol in case of liver sickness.

Metal Rooster (1921, 1981)

 Personality: Having Chinese zodiac sign of Rooster and Five Elements sign of Metal, they are quite realistic, pragmatic, prompt, optimistic and good at expressing themselves. Their strong willpower and endurance make them cool and calm in front of troubles. As people of principles, they are upright, frank and faithful to friends. Restiveness is one of their shortcomings, which may have influence on their career to some extent.

 Career: Jobs of designing and planning are fit for Metal Roosters. As they are able to see through others’ thought, they could also be brilliant negotiators. Steadfast and calm, they will not be easily frustrated by adversities in career. If they are in a dominant position, they may have problems in handling relationships with subordinates.

 Wealth: Their luck in money is always steady and smooth. All their income is accumulated from efforts and sweat. Throughout their life, they often have opportunities to make a fortune on easy money. When they are trapped in financial difficulty, there will be nice guys coming for rescue.

 Love: Males have prosperous luck in love, and they could find compatible soul mates coincidently. However, females may find their true love after experiencing several relationships. Making compromises could make their relationship more stable.

 Health: They need to take precautions against heart diseases and some chronic sickness.

Water Rooster (1933, 1993)

 Personality: They have dual personalities - sometimes they are quiet and peaceful, while sometimes active and dynamic. They really love talking, good at expressing their inner feelings. To some extent, they could be good speakers or sharers. However, they are quite outspoken, so they may offend others unconsciously.

 Career: Water Rooster’s luck in career all depends on their attitude towards work. Most of them are independent enough to start their own business. Some are suitable to take occupations related to nutriology, diet, medical science and information technology. Harmonious relationship could help them get promoted sooner.

 Wealth: They have admirable fortune of wealth. As long as they can seize the opportunities, they could get outpouring income. They are talented money maker. No matter what industry they are occupied, they could find their own ways to generate profits, even without too much hard work.

 Love: They are charming and attractive to opposite sex, but they do badly in expressing and showing themselves. They may be easily touched by others' care or affection, and they can hardly get out from a failed relationship. However, some of them eventually could marry right people.

 Health: Their physical situation is worry-free, and severe diseases seldom happen to them. They need to give more care to their family members' fitness.

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