Rooster - Best Business and Career Fields

Best Age to Start a Business for Rooster

50-60 years old


Best Business and Career Fields for Rooster

Commodity Shop / Cosmetics Shop

People with Chinese zodiac Rooster eager to keep beautiful forever. They pay great attention to take good care of their skin in daily life, so they can accumulate a lot of experience. Therefore, they are very suitable to open a commodity shop or a cosmetic store and they can persuade customers to buy the products they recommend.


Although the Rooster is not the most artistic one among the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, they can always find the artwork that customers like at a glance. Therefore, opening a gallery can not only allow them to continue to roam in the art world, but also bring them good profits.

Law Office

The Rooster people like to solve things directly, which is very similar to their frank character and they do not like to stab people in the back. Moreover, they are eloquent and enjoy adventurous and challenging work. Opening a law firm can not only satisfy their need to talk, but also make them feel that life is full of challenges, so that they will always be passionate about their business.


Sole Proprietorship or Partnership

Generally speaking, the people born in the year of the Rooster are more suitable to find someone to cooperate in business. Although they have a fighting spirit and can act decisively, they are sometimes too rough, impatient and careless. There are many things that they cannot take care of on their own. On the other hand, the Rooster is not good at using conciliatory methods. They often find it difficult to deal with interpersonal and public relations issues. It would be much better to leave such matters to the partners.


Business and Career Partners for Rooster

 Rat: Uncooperative
It is very risky for them to cooperate together. Neither of them knows how to deal with the difficult problems of the enterprise.

 Ox: Uncooperative
They often do a lot of work but get little profit. In addition, Ox cannot appreciate Rooster's merits; they only think they are very lazy.

 Tiger: Uncooperative
Because Rooster is inferior to Tiger in all aspects, cooperation will only make Tiger feel very tired.

 Rabbit: Can be corporative
Rooster needs to be cautious, because Rabbit may have other purposes to cooperate with them.

 Dragon: Can be corporative
Cooperation may succeed, but the Dragon must be the actual controller.

 Snake: Uncooperative
They are not suitable to cooperate together. Both of them can only talk. If they can focus on practical actions, the result may be better.

 Horse: Can be corporative
They can cooperate, but the Rooster must do their job well, because the Horse will not tolerate their idleness.

 Sheep: Uncooperative
The Rooster cannot understand the Sheep at all. They cannot find out the advantages of the Sheep, they just think Sheep is too incompetent and boring. So the two of them could not cooperate.

 Monkey: Uncooperative
It is better not to cooperate, because the Rooster is only a stepping stone for the Monkey.

 Rooster: Uncooperative
They absolutely cannot cooperate, their cooperation will only lead to bankruptcy.

 Dog: Uncooperative
They cannot get along very well. Even if they cooperate, they are wary of each other.

 Pig: Can be corporative
They can cooperate, but t their benefits are not very substantial.


Advice on Business Investment and Financial Management

The Rooster people have good talents and they have many ways to make money. However, they tend to mess things up and plunge themselves into crisis because they are too greedy. It is suggested that people with Chinese zodiac Rooster take things seriously, which can not only accelerate their accumulation of wealth, but also reduce unnecessary losses.

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