Rooster - Best Jobs and Working Partners

Best Jobs for Rooster

Politicians, diplomats, public speakers, clothing designers, beauticians, tour guides, actors/ actresses, comedians, scientists…


Suitable Occupation Fields for Rooster

Tourism Industry

The Rooster people are particularly flexible. They are very active in everything and have a lot of energy. They can adapt to the new environment quickly, and their greatest advantage is punctuality.  Therefore, they can be a good tour guide. The job can not only meet their requirements of traveling to different places, but also bring them pleasures and inspire their enthusiasm.

Scientific Field

Although the Rooster is not particularly sensitive, they have excellent creative thinking. No matter how trivial a matter may be, it can inspire the Roosters’ new ideas. Therefore, being a scientist is one of the best occupations. In this way, they can give full play to their creative thinking, have the possibility to make them come true, and achieve their goals.

Rag Trade

Chinese zodiac Rooster always attach great importance to the cultivation of their own temperament. No matter in terms of dressing or socializing, they require themselves to be perfect. Being praised by others will give them a great sense of accomplishment. Clothing designers and beauticians not only satisfy their own pursuit of beauty but also help others to look beautiful.

Film and Television Industry

The Rooster people need stimulation from other people when they have no inspiration. They can easily find inspiration through other people's expressions and actions, so an actor or actress or a comedian is a good career for the Rooster.

Language work

People born in the year of the Rooster like to talk and they can speak out all their inner voices. Therefore, public speaker, politician and diplomat are also very suitable occupations.


Jobs Not Suitable For Rooster

The most unsuitable occupation for people born in the year of the Rooster is civil servant. Most of them are timid to express themselves in the workplace, let along to struggle for welfare for the citizens.


Working Partners for Rooster

Best Working Partners

Ox, Dragon & Snake
They can respect each other and help each other. The Rooster people will make great progress in their career as long as they cooperate with any one of them.

Good Working Partners

Monkey & Pig
The three of them must work together to be successful. They rely on each other, restrict each other and cannot be separated, otherwise it will have the opposite effect.

Bad Working Partners

Rabbit, Rooster & Dog
Rooster have different views with them, and they cannot understand each other, so it is hard for them to communicate effectively.


Advices for Career Develop

People with Chinese zodiac Rooster are impatient and want to finish everything as quickly as possible, which usually makes them make mistakes. They pursue perfection in all things and always hope to do their work to the best, but the fruits of their hard work are often stole by others, leading them to complain a lot and give the leaders the impression of a grumbler.

Be patient and make some small achievements first, then choose the right time to communicate with leaders, give some constructive suggestions and complain appropriately, which will do good for their career development.

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Questions & Answers on Rooster - Best Jobs and Working Partners
Asked by lakshmi from SINGAPORE | Jan. 24, 2023 05:53Reply
how do I undone the ill luck prediction for this year?
Roosters in the year of the rabbit is generally bad. How do we then try make good.
Answers (1)
Answered by Ryan | Jan. 24, 2023 23:23

Just accept it and be ready when it comes don’t fight it and it will pass quickly.
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