Rooster’s Personality by Blood Types

Rooster with Blood Type O

Personality Traits: Optimistic & Nimble

 Strong Points: People with blood type O and Chinese zodiac Rooster sign are excellent learners. They have strong abilities to learn new things in a short time. This enviable talent helps them get many chances of promotion in career. Clever mind and thoughtful plan bring them many achievements in their early and middle ages. Most of them have righteous hearts that make them cannot use unscrupulous methods to beat opponents. Energetic and indefatigable characteristics are their typical signs. They have great chance to get successes in careers of lawyer and inquisitor.

 Weak Points: Although they always fully understand other people’s situations and thoughts, sometimes they quarrel with others because of their obstinateness. In daily life, there are many golden chances for them to catch. However, they let so many slip by because they lack practical spirit. Failures will make them feel upset. They need a relative longer time to recover themselves and set new targets again.

 Love: They like devoting themselves silently. They are not good at saying lots of artful sentences to please their soul mates. However, the veracious and sagacious personal traits are their best proofs. They can give lovers enough sense of security in the stable love life. No matter what happens, most of them won’t change their hearts or fall in love with others. Generally speaking, the opposite sexes with elegant, magnanimous, candid, simple and loyal qualities are suitable for Roosters with Blood Type O.

 To be honest, some of their good personalities will make them get into troubles sometimes. For example, in work and study, they always ask themselves to do things perfectly. Cautious and clinging characteristics don’t allow them to make mistakes. However, this will make them more stubborn. They are advised to deal with troubles in multiple perspectives. Thus, they will find easier and faster ways to solve them. As for love life, even though it’s unnecessary to prepare many romantic activities, it is still suggested to add more fun in a relationship. Warm messages and voices can improve the relationship a lot.

Rooster with Blood Type A

Personality Traits: Conservative & Independent

 Strong Points: They won’t do anything that can hurt the relationship with their friends. Most of them will try their best to help friends who are in trouble. They always keep well-organized working attitudes. They know many ways to perform themselves, especially in front of leaders. Their brilliant skills and unique proposals often gain high praise. At the same time, they always bring great economic benefits to companies. The relationship with colleagues is also good and harmonious. In this way, the office atmosphere is pleasant and relaxing. They are born with fluent eloquence that always can convince surrounding people. If people with blood type A are leaders, group members are willing to obey the principles and rules. Their correct judgments and decisive actions always leave a pretty good impression in other people’s eyes.

 Weak Points: Most of them are pure and simple person that easily to be cheated by surrounding people. In addition, even though they are clever, they lack enough patience. When facing difficulties, they are very likely to give up and start other new things. The emulative personality asks them to set many unpractical and unreachable goals. If goals cannot be achieved once, failures will ruffle their pride totally.

 Love: In ordinary life, they always behave humorous and funny, which gains favorable impression in the opposite sex’s eyes. After establishing a stable relationship, their love is ebullient and warm. They always observe keenly about their soul mates’ ideas and habits. So they can always prepare considerable gifts and surprises according to other people’s desires. However, their passionate love usually cannot last for a long time. The fresh feelings from their lovers will make them feel more energetic.

 Suggestion: Their love is too prudent to leave a hypocritical impression. So in the future life, they are advised to improve ways to love people. There are no perfect people in the world. Sometimes, shortcomings will make their images more lovable and attractive. Females of this type are suggested to find stout, mature, gentle and kind-hearted males, while males of this type prefer to have tolerant, demure and optimistic partners.

Rooster with Blood Type B

Personality Traits: Self-respect & Individual

 Strong Points: Most of them are geniuses in commerce and politics. They have talented communication skills that can always help them win business negotiations. No matter in life or work, they don’t like to be dispatched by others, especially for unwilling things. Strong self-respect influences their personal traits a lot. They are full of compassion and meticulousness. All work tasks can be accomplished by them with great efforts. When getting into troubles, they won’t be slipshod. Accurate judgments and outstanding actions are recognized by their bosses and colleagues. In addition, about friendship, they can provide many useful suggestions in order to help friends get out of troubles.

 Weak Points: They are born with strong sense of self-respect and rebellious consciousness. Thus, between surrounding people and them, there are several conflicts because of divergences. Especially at the position of leaders, they are easy to ignore others’ accomplishments. Once subordinates didn’t complete the target within the required time, they only criticize and censure their employees, leaving no room. Besides, although they are equipped with enviable skills and intelligence, lacking patience is also their biggest enemy. Tense interpersonal relations also bring many disadvantages to their successes.

 Love:They always dare to love and hate. They won’t shy about expressing true affections. When they fall in love with someone really, they always devote themselves to their lovers unconditional. So others often think that People with Blood Type B and Chinese zodiac Rooster sign are sensitive and impulsive. However, in the relationship, they are cute, lively, honest, and loyal. Their ideal lovers prefer to have capable, enterprising, tender and caring characteristics.

 Suggestion: High pressure from work and life always leads to not enough time to relax. They are advised to find many interesting things in order to enliven their lives. Or they can choose to go out with friends and join in several comfortable activities, such as travelling, singing and dancing. Beautiful things usually bring positive moods and inexhaustible energies. Don’t pay much attention on the gain and loss in career. Less desire produces less pressure. This way is also helpful for improving the relationship with family members and colleagues. In addition, as leaders, they need to have strict rules for reward and punishment. Only criticism and no praise will demoralize working groups.

Rooster with Blood Type AB

Personality Traits: Dignified & Moody

 Strong Points: Discreet, neat, accommodating and good-tempered personal traits usually help them leave a nice impression in front of public. They pay much attention on their outward appearance and behaviors. It is seldom that they lose their elegance and demeanor. Most of them have kind hearts that always show sympathy and necessary help to surrounding people. Other people are easily influenced by them because of their brilliant eloquence and persuasiveness. Thus, blood type AB people in this Chinese zodiac sign have strong affections and excellent working abilities. It accelerates the achievements of work obligations. During the work time or leisure time, they don’t like to talk about people behind their backs. The personalities of candor and frankness win high popularity among colleagues and friends.

 Weak Points: Lack of patience, willpower and assiduous spirit are three main shortcomings of them. Although they are smart and passionate, they cannot insist on one thing. The dangerous manner of doing things is to give up halfway. In addition, they like competing with others, even though there are huge gaps between them. This character always makes them feel exhausted. They are not good at making full use of their advantages, which leads to a long time to get success.

 Love: They are easy to be jealous about the trifling things in love life. Sometimes, they suspect their lovers because they are lack of safety feelings. After having a sweet love relationship, they have many fancy ideas to give surprises. Their honest and sincere characters will move their partners gradually. In this way, their love relationships usually develop quickly. Most of them will have peaceful and harmonious marriage lives.

 Suggestion: In the future, they need to give more space and freedom to soul mates. Respect to each other is an important key to obtain an everlasting relationship. Just let nature take its course. If they win lovers’ hearts, they won’t necessary to worry about betrayals and cheats. Besides, about work and study, a normal attitude towards promotions and competitions is important. Gains and losses are not all of life. Try the best to improve self abilities as soon as possible in order to adapt to new environment.

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Questions & Answers on Rooster Personality by Blood Types
Asked by Joey from USA | Aug. 20, 2018 21:38Reply
Rooster 1969 didn’t see my blood type. AB- blood type same as AB
Hope knowledge will help thanks
Answers (1)
Answered by Myron from CANADA | Aug. 21, 2018 19:18

According to the Rooster with Blood Type AB, on your career, you may get some promotions in 2019 and it is also a proper time for you to start your own business. Remember to keep a good relationship with your colleagues or leaders. In your love life or relationship, avoid hurting others when speaking and you have a chance to meet your soul mate. In a word, in 2019, you have a nice fortune in your life.
Asked by Rhea from UNITED STATES | Mar. 10, 2018 09:27Reply
My birthday is 06/25/1957. I'm the Rooster. What is my element and how do I find the elements
Answers (1)
Answered by Lincoln from UKRAINE | Mar. 12, 2018 03:47

According to the Chinese zodiac prediction, your element is Fire.
Asked by Erin Earles from UNITED STATES | Feb. 27, 2018 15:01Reply
Will I ever have a good relationship with my rooster partner?
My birthday 04/28/66 and his 08/18/1957. Been together for 11 years but he can’t commit to being married. Should I stay?
Answers (1)
Answered by Charlotte from UKRAINE | Feb. 27, 2018 20:58

You may fight or squabble with each other sometimes, but you know how to make compromise to fix your relationship. If you become more thoughtful, you will harvest an everlasting relationship. So don't worry. Maybe you can find a time to talk about the marriage life with him and express your ideas. It will be ok fo you to behave actively. Good luck!
Asked by Velle Curry from PHILIPPINES | Jan. 16, 2018 11:07Reply
School and love life: my dob is 08/02/1999?
How will I have to deal with the troubles in my school and love life this year?
Answers (1)
Answered by Christine from SINGAPORE | Jan. 16, 2018 19:24

Velle Curry, first of all, your Chinese zodiac sign is Rabbit. There won't have many troubles in your school and love relationship. But you are advised to focus on your study firstly. Don't get involved in love triangle. Hope helpful!
Asked by yuyu from MAURITIUS | Jan. 08, 2018 06:05Reply
Job: I am a female born on 29 april 1992 at 19.08 pm in mauritius
I have been on an interview on 23 november 2017 and 21 january 2018 is the last date for recruitment
I have not received any reply yet could you plz tell me if i will get the teacher job or bad luck again
Answers (1)
Answered by Gemma from UNITED KINGDOM | Jan. 08, 2018 21:45

Hello, you are born with Chinese zodiac Monkey sign. You should have a positive attitude towards this interview. Even if you didn't get the teacher job, you should try again. Actually, you have enough abilities and welcomed characteristics. Good luck!
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