Rooster - Destiny by Birth Month

Best Birth Months for Rooster

March, April, July, August, September

 Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Click to check your birth month in Chinese lunar calendar.

Born in January

People with Chinese zodiac Rooster born in January are healthy and can live an abundant and long life. They get little heritage from the ancestors and little help from others, so can only rely on themselves. The relationship with kin, partner, and descendents are good, so their spiritual life is rich although they do not have a big career.

Born in February

Born in February in year of the Rooster, people are smart, brilliant, and knowledgeable. However, they may not have the chance to use their knowledge until middle ages. They also have a lonely nature, pride themselves on being out of the ordinary and do not want to live in harmony with the mediocrity.

Born in March

Being clever and flexible, Rooster people born in March can closely follow the changes and development of the society. In addition, with the help from kin and friends, their career develops smoothly and they can live an abundant life. They love studying and have the chance to be a government officer. 

Born in April

They are optimistic and intelligent. They have the self-control abilities and talents in doing business, and can do things step by step, so there is a great chance for them to build up their career and achieve success from nothing.

Born in May

Born in May with Chinese zodiac Rooster, they may have a big happy family. Their career may succeed in the half early life but may fail soon after. The career of the half later life is steady with the help from kin and friends, but may not develop greatly. As a whole, they can live an abundant life.

Born in June

They may live a busy life. In career, they may meet lots of difficulties, which may bring both physical and mental damages to the Rooster people. However, if they have perseverance and never give up, it’s possible for them to create a big business.

Born in July

Born in July in year of the Rooster, people can live a lucky, abundant, happy and peaceful life. They inherit much from the ancestors, so even if they do not work hard, they can live a care free life. But they are kind of career persons. With the help from kin, their career develops smoothly and can be successful.

Born in August

This group of people gets little from the ancestors. But they are ambitious, smart, knowledgeable, hard working and can get help from others, so their career can develop smoothly and fast. As a whole, their life is glorious and rich without big disasters.

Born in September

Their wealth luck is super good and there is no big disaster in their life, so they can live a happy and care free life and there is a chance for them to be the lucky zillionaire. The ancestral remaining is little, but they can get help from others and develop their career smoothly. However, they have a tough character and a bad temper, and may think too much of themselves; make changes in case of being hated by others.

Born in October

The life for people born in October in year of the Rooster may be plain. They do not have a big life goal and do not like study either, just leaving everything to God's mercy. In their lifetime, they may not make big money; but with the help from brothers and sisters, they can live a carefree life. They are generally healthy and do not have severe illness. 

Born in November

They are clever, talented, and ambitious. However, they cannot get help from ancestors and others, but only rely on themselves to make a living, which may make them feel lonely and depressed. However, if the birth date and birth hour is good, their destiny can be different.

Born in December

Born in last month in year of the Rooster, people may busily run around for money or fame. However, they do not know how to enjoy themselves after making a lot of money. They are smart and talented, but can get little help and support from parents and kin, so may encounter many setbacks and difficulties when setting up their career.

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Questions & Answers on Rooster - Destiny by Birth Month
Asked by HAPPYYING | Jan. 26, 2019 03:14Reply
I'm was born in 28/07/1993, can i get new career opportunity and my love life.
i'm searching my right relationship and effect my career .
Answers (1)
Answered by Lisa from CANADA | Jan. 28, 2019 00:10

Hi, this year may be very favorable for you and you need to work harder to catch every opportunity. Good chances will appear while some challenges will also come. However, the love life may not be very smooth and you need to be more active.
Asked by Rain from NEW ZEALAND | Aug. 11, 2018 14:50Reply
My birthdate is 17/10/1981 . I always feel incomplete and worried for future
I am in overseas, still finding a job in my field. Because of my bad luck or what, I still haven't found any job yet. I am worried about my future career. Just thinking about what would be my future.

My partner birthdate is 15th/08/1980. Will our relation go well in the future? Will he do any good progress in the future? Just worried about the future.
Answers (1)
Answered by Darnell from FRANCE | Aug. 13, 2018 00:20

Daer Rain, just be more patient. Finding a job is quite easy but a good job is quite hard. What you should do is to get more study and prepare yourself for more challenges in the future. Believe in yourself you will hunt for a satisfactory job. As for your love life, the chance to go well is normal and you should be more confident of yourself and your love. Best wishes to you.
Asked by swati pase from INDIA | May. 04, 2018 03:20Reply
When will i get a job and what career oppotunity to choose.
Born on 17Nov1981 Facing lot of problem these days with my job and relation with husband. Feel low on confidence and motivation
Answers (1)
Answered by Trayvon from GERMANY | May. 07, 2018 04:43

Dear, take it easy. You career fortune in 2018 is pretty good and it is a right time for you to get the opportunity only if you try to find a job with good preparations. As for the bad relationship between you and your husband, it’s not a big deal. Try to keep clam and control your temper, and have a good talk with your husband. Everything will get better. Don’t worry.
Asked by MHUANG from NETHERLANDS | Feb. 10, 2018 20:17Reply
I am a (water) rooster born in Jan 1994. Can I substitute the rooster for phoenix?
I want a tattoo related to the Chinese culture. A phoenix is a beautiful mystic creature and I read that the rooster is sometimes replaced by the phoenix. My question is, is this true and should I be save taking a tattoo of a phoenix?
Answers (1)
Answered by Madelyn from AUSTRALIA | Feb. 11, 2018 19:32

The word 'Rooster' (鸡, jī) in Chinese has pronunciation similar to that for 'Luck' (吉,jí). It's believed that before it was domesticated by people, the rooster belonged to the same family as the phoenix. Roosters are beautiful, with red comb, colorful feathers and golden tail. So at first people called them 'ji' (吉, meaning luck) and believed this animal wouldbring people luck like the phoenix. Thus you can substitute it for phoenix. Hope helpful!
Asked by Snehal Thakkar from INDIA | Jan. 26, 2018 05:46Reply
I am a water rooster, dob 14/05/1993 please guide me with my choice in selecting my career.
I am damn confused between two professions.
Answers (1)
Answered by Catherine from UKRAINE | Jan. 29, 2018 03:40

Well, according to this situation, you are suggested to follow your heart. Figure out which one you like more. Or you can also listen to other people's suggestions and ideas. The working environment, salary, work hours.. so many elements should be considered.
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