Rooster - Luck Prediction by Month 2022

As a whole, Rooster’s luck in 2022 is good with some ups and downs. 

Their career develops well in most months owning to their own hard work and talents. In March and August of Chinese lunar calendar, they are also likely to get help and support from others. It’s possible for them to earn much, but they may spend much, too; so it’s highly advised they make a money-saving plan just in case of emergencies. The life of the married people born in Chinese zodiac Rooster year is generally stable, but lack of passion and romance. The singles will have chance to start dating in May, October and December. Their luck in health is not so good. Although there won’t be big problems, they may feel tired so often. 

 See general introduction to Rooster Fortune in 2022.
Rooster Fortune in 2022

  Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The months shown below are lunar months, with Georgian dates marked (month/day/year).


(02/01/2022 – 03/02/2022)

In the first lunar month, if people born in the year of the Rooster work hard and make efforts, they can make big progress, especially those engaged in marketing and planning. Their wealth luck is not so good. During the process of accumulating money, some accidents may occur to brother them. Be careful in case of losses. This month, their marriage life may not be so stable. Spare more time to accompany the other half and change ideas in time to avoid conflicts as much as possible. Their physical status is predicted to be not so good either. But don’t worry. There is no big problem; just that they may often feel tired. For students, they may not be interested in study, which may lead them to lag behind a little. 


(03/03/2022 – 03/31/2022)

According to Rooster luck prediction in 2022, they will experience some ups and downs in the second month of Chinese lunar calendar. When meeting obstacles in work, calm down and seek help from the predecessors. Their income will not increase a lot, but they are likely to spend more, which can lead to financial pressure. So they should learn to save money rather than spend all. The married Roosters may complain about their partners a lot, making the family atmosphere bad while the singles may look down upon all; no wonder they feel lonely. In this month, drink less in case of damage to liver. 


(04/01/2022 – 04/30/2022)

Their fortune is on an uptrend this month. In work, they probably will get supports and help from others and perform well, which will bring them satisfying returns. Seize the chance tightly as it does not fall upon frequently. In addition to regular income, they may get some surprising income. Just don’t spend all wastefully. For singles, especially males, there is a great possibility for them to meet a charming female and start dating. The married Roosters may be busy with other things and spend less time with their partners, which make them unsatisfied. To keep a harmonious relationship, those born in the year of the Rooster must think highly of it. In March, they are advised to keep a balance between work and rest, otherwise illness will be at the next corner. 


(05/01/2022 – 05/29/2022)

Entering the fourth lunar month, their fortune in career gets even better and their work can be completed step by step without many difficulties. But their abilities won’t be improved a lot. In the first half month, they may spend too much. Fortunately, they will recognize this very soon and can maintain balance of income and expenditure at the end of the month. The luck in love relationship is on a downtrend. They may have little to talk with their lover. If the situation lasts for long, they will feel strange about each other. Do something to change the situation. About health, there is no big problems. But they often seem weak. Move up and do some exercises, which will make them vibrant again.  


(05/30/2022 – 06/28/2022)

This month, they may come into contact with law enforcement departments, which make them feel pressured. Handle the issues carefully and obey the laws to stay away from troubles. They are likely to make more efforts to make money this month and it’s possible for them to gain more depending on their talents. However, they are also advised to learn to save money. In the first half month, they may still care little about their lover. But in the latter half month, they gradually care more about their partner, which will help improve the love relationship. For singles, it may be a lucky month as someone attracting them may pop up. The health fortune is at a general level. Pay more attention to take care of themselves.


(06/29/2022 – 07/28/2022)

In the aspect of career, it’s quite a lucky month for people of Chinese zodiac Rooster. They are able to solve the crisis and difficulties in work. They will also be lucky to pass professional examinations and get the certificates they have been making efforts for. If they plan to change jobs, do it this month and there is a great possibility to succeed. Although it may be toilsome, they intend to earn a lot and live a qualified life this month. The love relationship may not be sweet and romantic, but steady and harmonious as a whole. From the middle of the month, they are advised to be more careful about their safety and health, for 2022 luck prediction by month says they will be bothered by some minor illness and small accidents. 


(07/29/2022 – 08/26/2022)

According to Rooster luck prediction in 2022, their wealth fortune is bad in July. In one hand, their chance to make money may be robbed off by others; in the other hand, they may lose money because of some unreliable friends. Fortunately, their career fortune is good and they won’t meet too many difficulties. Be low-key after achieving the goals to avoid jealousness from workmates. Because of their tough personality, their lovers may feel oppressive and Roosters are advised to think more for the other half in this month. Although the physical status is good, they are suggested to follow a healthy life routine.


(08/27/2022 – 09/25/2022)

Chinese zodiac luck prediction tells that people born in the year of the Rooster will get support from some powerful persons in the 8th lunar month. Even though, they themselves need to make efforts to complete the work task on time. Although blessed with good wealth fortune, they need to be flexible and follow the change to earn more. The relationship with their lover is harmonious but they may not be satisfied with that. They are eager for passion and romance. Tell the true needs to the partners and create some surprises for each other from time to time. For students, it’s a lucky month to pass various tests.


(09/26/2022 – 10/24/2022)

Offending some villains unconsciously, their work may be disturbed and to repair the mistakes, they need to spend some extra money. Also, do not get involved in the real estate industry and always obey the rules and regulations of the country, otherwise they may get into big troubles. Because people with Rooster sign of Chinese zodiac have many things to handle this month, they will have less time accompanying their lover. Tell them the situation in advance, otherwise they may feel being neglected and angry. Eat less cold food to avoid enterogastric diseases in September of Chinese lunar calendar.  


(10/25/2022 – 11/23/2022)

People born in the year of the Rooster can make good performance if they work hard and seize every chance to show their talents and abilities in October. They may be in bad mood more often and spend more in shopping to make themselves happy. Adjust the mood timely by doing exercise or traveling, not only for the safety of their wallet, but also for the health of their body. Luckily, they care more about their lover than before this month, which make the relationship closer and in turn, their lover can comfort them a lot when they are in bad mood. It is also possible for the singles to fall in love and start dating. 


(11/24/2022 – 12/22/2022)

In the second last lunar month of 2022, they may be tripped by obstacles in work because of their laziness and self-indulgence. The poor performance in work is likely to make them unhappy and in bad temper, which will influence their relationship with workmates and friends. In family, they may also be negative to deal with the conflicts with their families and make the atmosphere bad. Thankfully, these are only prediction. Roosters may learn the lesson beforehand and try their best to avoid them happening. The 2022 luck prediction by month also indicates they will spend too much in their hobbies and delicious food this month.


(12/23/2022 – 01/21/2023)

According to Rooster luck prediction in 2022, they will be lucky in cooperating with others in work and passing examinations and tests. But they may be disturbed by others easily and cannot focus on what they care. This month, they may also need to attend more social activities, which will cost them more meanwhile provide them more opportunities to make new friends and get rid of the single status. Being active this month, their relationship with the partner is sweet. The health fortune is fine. Just pay more attention to personal hygiene to stay away from skin diseases. 
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Questions & Answers on Rooster\s Luck Prediction by Month 2022
Asked by James from CANADA | May. 10, 2021 15:59Reply
My luck in 2021
D.O.B.: August 3, 1981 (Lunar Calendar)
I am going through 2 big events now.
When and how will they end?
Answers (2)
Answered by Bailey | May. 16, 2021 20:50

You should keep the positive attitude. The prediction shows that the overall situation would change into a better stage in the second half of the year.
Answered by Chessy kessy | Jul. 17, 2021 16:00

February 10
Asked by Anastasia from GREECE | Mar. 26, 2021 10:20Reply
Should I accept a new job offer or stay in my current job?
I was born on the 8th of August 1981 and I am working with my current employer for the last 3 years.
I have been offered a new job to another company. Should I accept it ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Emery | Mar. 28, 2021 20:46

According to the prediction, it would be ok for you to change the job or stay in the current job. Both of these two choice can bring you good luck because you have enough abilities and intelligence. Don't worry.
Asked by Heidi S. Montejo from PHILIPPINES | Feb. 02, 2021 04:12Reply
What can you say about my career forecasts?
I was born on April 15, 1969. My fear is my job. I want to have a stable job because as a single mother it is very hard to raise your kid alone and pay the monthly bills, aside from buying your food and other basic needs nothing is free.
Answers (3)
Answered by Erica | Feb. 07, 2021 18:26

Don't worry. The situation would change into a much better stage this year. You should keep the positive attitude. You would find a stable job in the first half of the year. :)
Answered by Lovleen kaur | Feb. 18, 2021 20:13

My name is lovleen Kaur born October 10 1969 at 1000 am and 10 minutes. I lost my job because of Covid, when I am gonna get another job , which month ? Plz and thanks
Answered by Carrie | Feb. 21, 2021 15:44

June, August and October are lucky months for you.
Asked by PN from CAMBODIA | Jan. 31, 2021 19:24Reply
Hello! My date of birth was May 29, 1981. What are all about the whole year for career, weath, etc?
Answers (1)
Answered by Sally | Feb. 07, 2021 18:24

Your Chinese zodiac is Rooster. If you keep the modest attitude at work, then you would obtain the chances for promotion. There is no big problem in your love life and wealth. But you should pay attention to your health. Regular physical examinations are necessary.
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