1995 Chinese Zodiac - Wood Pig

Which type of Pig are people born in 1995 Chinese Zodiac year?

1995 Chinese zodiac is Pig and according to Five Elements, people born in 1995 with Chinese zodiac Pig are Wood Pig. To be specific, people born from January 31 to December 31 in 1995 are Wood Pig. Those born from January 1 to 30 in 1995 are Wood Dog.

Lucky Signs for 1995 Wood Pig

 Lucky Numbers: 6, 9

 Lucky Colors: gray, white, green

2019 Horoscope for Wood Pig Born in 1995

People born in 1995 are 24 years old in 2019, which is an age full of vigorous energy. And it is also the Ben Ming Nian for Pig people. According to Chinese tradition, one’s horoscope is usually not very good in his or her Ben Ming Nian. However, the overall luck will be relatively good throughout the coming Pig year for those born in 1995. Even if they encounter setbacks, they will think of ways to deal with them. 

However, attention should be paid to emotional regulation and control. All the things can be improved if they have a calm mood. They need to grasp opportunities by themselves, and to be positive both in their careers and loves. In terms of work, their situation will improve a lot, and they should seek for opportunities actively.

2020 Horoscope for Wood Pig Born in 1995

Based on Pig fortune in 2020, people with Chinese Pig zodiac will be challenged by unfavorable relationships in their workplace. The busy work will make them burned out and have no time to maintain a virtuous relationship with their colleagues. In this way, they may offend their colleagues and affect their future. Those businessmen born in 1995 should be aware of the cost inflation in order to prevent them from being at a deadlock. With unlimited spending and social spending, office workers will face rising expenditure.

The bipolar trend of love and relationship is that unless they get married to their partners. Otherwise, breakups are possible. They might suffer cold, fever or other ailments, but serious diseases will never befall them in 2020. They should form the habits of workout regularly to defend illnesses.

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Personality Traits of the 1995 Chinese Zodiac Pig

The Wood Pig are simple, honest and lovely. They are sympathetic and understanding to other people's problems. And their kindness makes them easy to get along with others. They have an optimistic liberal attitude to life. Therefore, they do not keep any worries or setbacks in mind. 

However, because of their quick temper, they are easier to give up halfway. So, it is necessary for them to finish everything according to their plans. And their generous personality determines their habit of costing money in a haphazard way. They should try to cultivate the habit of saving money just in case of any unpleasant happenings. In addition, Wood Pig are lack of flexibility, and it is best not to invest too much in trade.

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The Wood Pig born in 1995 has a relatively plain career. For office workers, they may not achieve much in career. But based on hard working, they can live a stable life and have no worries about food and clothing. 

For entrepreneurs, the process of starting a business has not been very smooth. There may be many difficulties in the early start, but it will get better and better. There may be many challenges, but as long as they go through these things, they will make a big hit.

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People with Chinese zodiac Pig have always had good fortune luck. They will have their first bucket of gold around the age of 25. In their middle ages, their financial fortunes will get better. So they must grasp their opportunities. Once they have passed the age of 40, the financial situation become relatively stable, because of their personality of being easily satisfied.

But they are easy to lose money because of their generous personality. There are some snobs who want to hold the wealth for their own. So they must distinguish the people around them carefully.

Love and Relationships

The love and relationships of the Wood Pig are relatively good. Because there are many lucks in love affairs, it is easy for them to meet the Mr. / Mrs. Right. But also because of this reason, they may get married late as it takes time for them to pick one. 

After marriage, the relationship between them and their partners will be very good and they can generally live a happy family life. But they need to keep their noses clean after marriage, or it is easy to have extramarital affairs.

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The Wood Pig should avoid staying up late for a long time, overeating, playing mobile phone at night and sitting for a long time without exercise when they were young. For the sake of the health in old age, they should exercise regularly as much as possible, and they'd better make a complete diet and exercise plan.

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Asked by Myra from INDIA | Feb. 04, 2019 11:29Reply
My DOB is 24 November 1995, I do have a thing for Korean people.
Is it in my future to find my soul mate there? How is Korea for me in general?
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Answered by Mia from AUSTRALIA | Feb. 12, 2019 00:11

Well, I'm sorry there is no related indication about that, but maybe you can try to make friends with some Korean boys. Good luck to you!
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