1959 Chinese Zodiac - Earth Pig

Which type of Pig are people born in 1959 Chinese zodiac year?

1959 in Chinese zodiac calendar is the year of the Pig. Considering the Chinese Five Elements, this year also features the Earth element. That’s why people born in 1959 are called the Earth Pig. In Gregorian calendar, people born from Feb. 8th to Dec. 31st in 1959 are Earth Pigs; as for those born from Jan. 1st to Feb. 7th in 1959, their zodiac is the Earth Dog.

Lucky Signs for 1959 Earth Pig

 Lucky Numbers: 5, 6

 Lucky Colors: black, dark blue

2020 Horoscope for Earth Pig Born in 1959 Chinese Zodiac Year

Generally, in 2020, Earth Pigs born in 1959 have a stable career and marriage. Mental workers, especially who are engage in arts design are likely to earn a fortune at the end of this year. Attention should be paid to interpersonal relationships and health problems such as high blood pressure.
Due to the hard work over the past a few decades, experienced Earth Pigs will attract many followers in the work place and are able to wield more power in 2020. Designers, writers and engineers will probably accomplish their most representative work this year. However, they may offend others for speaking in a straightforward way. So it’s suggested to be more patient and caring when cooperating with others.
1959 Earth Pigs may make a large amount of money this year. But they lack the ability of managing their wealth with caution. Some of them may squander money in entertaining business partners and some may be involved into usury. Much worse, some could be defrauded out of money by vile person. In case the mentioned above could happen, people born in 1959 Chinese zodiac year are recommended to handle their fortune more cautiously.
Earth Pigs still enjoy a peaceful marriage with their spouse in 2020. Good news is that they are probably to meet their grandchildren this year.
As a result from eating and drinking too much, 1959 Earth Pigs may suffer high blood pressure and high blood lipid in 2020. So, they should improve their eating habit and reduce drinking alcohol. Poor sleep quality could be another issue. Once they find having trouble falling asleep, seek medical treatment as early as possible before it turns into complete insomnia.

 Pig Fortune in 2020

Personality Traits of the 1959 Earth Pig

Earth Pigs born in 1959 Chinese zodiac year show a strong sense of responsibility. In terms of work, they are punctual and able to handle their assignments carefully. In terms of interpersonal relationships, they always support their friends unconditionally and many of their friends will help them in return at crucial points. Though with good intention, Earth Pigs may occasionally offend others due to the brusque manner. But once people get along with them for a long time, they will understand the Earth Pigs and be attracted by their personal charisma.

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People born in 1959 the year of the Pig generally have a stable and decent job. They needn’t worry about lay-off or pay cuts. Their superiors often appreciate their diligence and loyalty. So the promotion to the management level is just a matter of time. As for the entrepreneurs, their businesses are more likely to develop steadily instead of by leaps and bounds.

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1959 Earth Pig employees get increasing payments in accordance with their accumulated experience in the job. And it’s easy for them to live a stable and comfortable life. Entrepreneurs born in 1959 year of the Pig may start to accumulate wealth in their late middle age and own a fortune when they’re older. No matter employees or entrepreneurs, Earth Pigs born in 1959 Chinese zodiac year should stay away from financial speculation and better focus on the investment with low risks.

Love and Relationships

It may take a lot of time and energy for 1959 Earth Pigs to meet their Mr. /Miss Right. But it is this experience that makes them know what kind of person suits them so that they can cherish their spouse better. Their stable marriage life benefits from regular communication and mutual support with the other half.

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People born in 1959 Chinese zodiac year don’t care too much about their diet. Due to the excessive intake of greasy food and alcohol, they are more susceptible to high blood pressure, heart disease and bladder problem.

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