1947 Chinese Zodiac - Fire Pig

Which type of Pig are people born in 1947 Chinese Zodiac year?

In Chinese zodiac calendar, 1947 is the year of the Pig. Also, according to the Chinese Five Elements, 1947 is a year of Fire. So, people born in 1947 is the Fire Pig. Put it in another way under the Gregorian calendar, if you were born from Jan.22nd to Dec.31st in 1947, you belong to Fire Pig; if you were born from Jan.1st to Jan 21st in 1947, your zodiac is Fire Dog of the previous year.

Lucky Signs for 1947 Fire Pig

 Lucky Numbers: 2, 7, 8

 Lucky Colors: yellow, grey, white

2020 Horoscope for Fire Pig Born in 1947

Fire Pigs born in 1947 went through a hard time in 2019. Fortunately, 2020 is a year of good luck. Though facing or already in the retirement, they can still earn an amount of money from lottery or investment. In addition, there isn’t much change to their marriage. But they need to keep an eye on their health, especially the digestive problems.
Though people born in 1947 Chinese zodiac year are ambitious during their manhood, they are not obsessed with power. They are clearly aware that it’s time for young generation to take control. So, in 2020, those Fire Pigs still in position may choose to retire and enjoy their peaceful life.
In 2020, Fire Pigs born in 1947 are the luckiest in terms of wealth. Some people may win the lottery from times to times and finally save a considerable amount of money. For those who are engage in investment, they can have the feedback instantly. Anyway, Fire Pigs are flush in 2020 and likely to spend money in nice food and clothes to improve their living standards. Bear in mind that stay away from gamble.
In 2020, the Fire Pig’s marriage is becoming less passionate but more mutual-dependent. Fire Pigs should control themselves and not easily lose temper. Once the problem occurs, their spouse at most of the time show great tolerance and understanding. So, Fire Pigs should value your beloved one.
Fire Pigs are likely to suffer digestive diseases in 2020. So avoid having too much cold food or seafood. Regular exercise is of great help to maintain a good body condition.

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2021 Horoscope for Fire Pig Born in 1947

Fire Pig people’s retirement life is never dull when they indulge in their hobbies such as gardening or painting, according to the Pig fortune in 2021. Besides, thanks to their offspring’s company, Fire Pig people are able to go on vocation from time to time, which is good for their immunity and mental health.

Since most people born in 1947 already enjoy the retirement life, their career fortune in 2021 presents itself in other aspects, their hobbies for example. Many Fire Pig people are engrossed in singing, painting or fishing, and they are able to make new friends of the same interests. In addition, speaking of their luck in wealth, Fire Pig people should leave behind the idea of saving money, but spend on what they like to enjoy life.

What is more, since their children never evade their filial responsibility, Fire Pig people will be well looked after and seldom feel lonely. As for those who live with their grandchildren, they love to keep pace with the younger generation and respect their way of thinking to the full. 

Longevity is another keyword in Pig fortune prediction in 2021. Considering that Fire People are clearly aware of the significance of doing exercises and eating healthy, they will be in good condition on the whole.

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Personality Traits of the 1947 Chinese Zodiac Pig

People born in 1947 are loyal, integral, confident and straightforward. However, they may encounter failure for the lack of flexibility when dealing with problems. But take it easy, their supportive friends will always stand by them. Moreover, Fire Pigs are good at expressing their love to their family. They are the sort of people who are dedicated to family without asking for anything in return.

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Ambitious Fire Pigs are very likely to develop their advantages and eventually set up their own companies. Their reliable partners and families often give advice to Fire Pigs, and they are willing to adopt the useful ones. Considering such striking entrepreneurship, many Fire Pigs can have very successful career.

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People born in 1947 Chinese zodiac Pig year have a great possibility to accumulate a fortune by virtue of their career. So, though not the silver-spoons, Fire Pigs will live a good life through their hard work and perseverance. Moreover, their integrity can attract lots of good friends. So others’ support also plays an important role when Fire Pigs make money.

Love and Relationships

Generally, in a romantic relationship, Fire Pigs often play a more active role. They aren’t shy when they chase others or express their affection. However, once the relationship becomes closer, Fire Pigs occasionally vent anger on their lover. So people born in 1947 should learn to control their ill temper.

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People born in 1947 Chinese zodiac Pig year should be wary of the disease on two aspects, digestive system and respiratory system. So, they’d better avoid eating cold food, and drinking too much alcohol. Also, wear enough warm clothes when going out in chilly weather. The continual cough should not be ignored because it could be a signal of asthma.

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