Pig’s Personality by Blood Types

Pig with Blood Type O

Personality Traits: Energetic & Adventurous

 Strong Points: With blood type O, people born in the Year of the Pig are pure, kindhearted and energetic. They always follow their unique way of doing things no matter what other people say. Although they are not good at observing trivial things in daily life, they don't doubt family members or friends. They can keep a broad-minded attitude towards injustices and misunderstandings. Most of them won't show weakness when meeting difficulties. They seldom rely on others' help. Instead, they are totally independent. They usually have detailed and organized plans in mind. They have hopeful attitudes most of the time, which can always bring positive influences to people around. Thus, most of them are likely to become excellent leaders.

 Weak Points: Although they always fight for their final goals with full enthusiasm, they cannot accept others’ suggestions easily. Meanwhile, their outspoken personalities may hurt someone. Sometimes, they will behave stubbornly. Perhaps they may make similar mistakes several times. Generally speaking, keeping a cautious attitude is correct. However, their excessive cautiousness may let them miss appropriate chances, especially for investment.

 Love: When they fall in love with someone, they dare to express their affection. Most of them will make full use of their romantic characteristic to attract the opposite sex. They are willing to show themselves to the one they love. After getting married, they will treat partners like before. Honest and kind personalities can give enough sense of security to their lovers. However, they are easily entangled with small things in love life. Their soul mates need to have more patience.

 Suggestion: According to Chinese zodiac and blood type analysis, they are advised to become more decisive in their career in order to catch golden chances. Taking more actions to achieve success is important. Otherwise, many nice plans are wasted. In daily life, try to express own feelings in some euphemistic ways. Besides, some of them are easily cheated because of their honest and simple characteristics. Thus, they are suggested to keep an eye on other people’s demands.

Pig with Blood Type A

Personality Traits: Honest & Good-natured

 Strong Points: People with Chinese zodiac Pig and blood type A are kind to surrounding people. They always have a high responsibility towards their work. They always win prestige among friends because they often provide necessary help silently. Bosses can always deliver important tasks to them. Although their intelligence wouldn’t be found quickly, their assiduous attitude helps them win appreciations from others. They are not good at joining in social activities. However, their inner sincerity easily influences people around. Most of them always have surprising willpower and endurance to face obstacles in life. They can accumulate experience in their early ages, which will bring several positive effects in the future.

 Weak Points: In general, their biggest shortcoming is lack of creativity and initiative. Most of them don’t have the ability to find an easier way to complete things. They usually need a strong motivational power that can push them all the time. They cannot grasp the key points and always pay a lot of attention on trivial details, which often leads to inefficiency. Sometimes, excessive forbearance will make some of them become rude and unreasonable.

 Love: They have good luck in love relationships. Most of them won’t do anything that would hurt the relationship. In daily life, they always show fully consideration to their lovers. After establishing a stable love life, they are romantic and often prepare surprises according to their soul mates’ preferences. The relationship could be sweet and everlasting. However, at the beginning of dates, maybe they will behave unconfident and shy. Even though other people drop a hint about developing a relationship, their hesitation may make them miss the opportunities.

 Suggestion: They are suggested to keep their conscientious and attentive characteristics no matter in work or love life. Meanwhile, listening to other people’s suggestions is also important. It will change their stubborn personality. When meeting some conflicts, tolerating others blindly is not the effective solution. They are advised to express own opinions bravely. In addition, they should have enough confidence to pursue sweet marriage. Don’t be upset about the temporary loneliness.

Pig with Blood Type B

Personality Traits: Candid & Generous

 Strong Points: Most of them are bold to try new things in daily life. They don’t like completing work tasks sloppily. People with Chinese zodiac Pig sign and Blood Type B always have artless hearts that they are not willing to compete with other people. In general, they don’t tell lies to people only if there are some exceptional circumstances. They are generous and open minded. They are born optimists that could bring good luck in their own life. Although they have enviable intelligence and outstanding abilities, they still keep a modest attitude and accept useful suggestions. In the public area, they usually behave decently and diplomatically, which makes many people sit up and take notice.

 Weak Points: Those born in the Year of the Pig are not good at observing other people’s psychologies. In most situations, they speak to others without careful consideration, which would hurt somebody unintentionally. Sometimes, they may behave impatiently when making important decisions. Lack of consideration may lead to some losses in their career. In addition, only having creative ideas are not enough. They need to make detailed and practical plans. Success should be achieved step by step. Don’t become short-tempered.

 Love: When they fall in love with someone, most of them will use all romantic methods to pursue their lovers. They are willing to make efforts without reward. Their charm always attracts many of the opposite sex. Generally speaking, they are suitable for finding a partner with gentle, considerate, clear and out-going characters. This combination will cover the shortage. They can encourage each other and enhance the trust in a short time.

 Suggestion: People with this zodiac sign and blood type B are suggested to learn the arts of talking. Sometimes, expressing opinions in an excessively direct way is not an efficient communication. Try to speak more euphemistically. In work, they need to keep a serious and scrupulous attitude towards every task because carelessness would lead to irreparable losses.

Pig with Blood Type AB

Personality Traits: Cautious & Meticulous

 Strong Points: Most of them have strong hearts under gentle outward appearances. They always have their own opinions that cannot be easily influenced by other people. They are also not willing to fawn on a rich or powerful person no matter in career or study. They can be favorable employees because of their honest, loyal and outspoken characteristics. They always leave a reliable impression among friends and colleagues. They have a high responsibility and strong will to finish complicated tasks. Besides, if they can catch the development opportunities, most of them are meant to reach higher and bigger achievements.

 Weak Points: Their independence sometimes results in stubbornness. Those people born in the Year of Pig always pay a lot of attention to the first impression of things and other people. If they don't like to do something at the beginning, they won’t like to do in their later life or even whole life. Sometimes, they will ignore other people’s useful suggestions. In this way, perhaps they may miss several true friends and soul mates. As for career, it’s very likely they will miss some golden chances because of their blind refusals.

 Love: Most of them don’t have an acute intuition towards love life. They may hold a slow paced attitude towards relationship development. Generally speaking, their marriage will be sweet and stable because of their humor and considerate personalities. Males are advised to find females with clever, optimistic and virtuous characteristics. For females, men who have outstanding abilities and long-term goals are more suitable.

 Suggestion: They are suggested to deal with problems with a more flexible mind. Don’t be restricted by rules or regulations. Maybe they can try to break traditional opinions and figure out other novel ideas. Although it’s a good thing to have fully independence, they still need to listen to others’ advices and accept criticisms. Some experienced people will guide Pig people into the right way. In this way, they can avoid many losses and save a lot of time.

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Questions & Answers on Pig Personality by Blood Types
Asked by maru from MALAYSIA | Jan. 22, 2018 07:23Reply
Change career or not? DOB is 13 May 1983.
Hi, Im at one of my lowest time of career where stress is almost full. Should I just give up on this career and change to a completely different area? I've been thinking of finding job outside country.
Answers (1)
Answered by Easton from USA | Jan. 22, 2018 21:04

Hey, it will be ok for you to change a career if the stress is almost full. The new work environment will bring you some relaxation. Before finding a new job, you are advised to figure out which job field you like. Then just believe yourself and achieve sucesses.
Asked by 可心 from CHINA | Jan. 04, 2018 07:08Reply
Metal Horse man and a Water Pig Woman
Guy I’m interested in is 1990 Horse and I’m 1983 Pig. He adores my son (2014 Horse) but is there chance he could romantically love me too?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jordyn from POLAND | Jan. 04, 2018 21:11

You are an average couple, for there is no big rise and fall in your lifetime. Although little conflicts happen, you can always find a way to smooth them. You will lead a harmonious and peaceful life, and the relationship is long-lasting. Thus you two will have the chance. Good luck!
Asked by Chantrice Mickel from UNITED STATES | Nov. 13, 2017 16:19Reply
Female Libra Tiger and Male Libra Pig
I was born Sept 26 1986 at 12pm cst in Omaha Ne. My ex boyfriend was born Oct 12 1995 around 11:30am cst in Lafayette, Louisiana. We just broke up and I thought we were supposed be together forever. He says hes stressed and we shoud be friends from now on and that hopefully we'll get back together. Is it the end for us? How do I cleanse and rebirth myself for the better? Losing him is not an option. If I can help it.
Answers (1)
Answered by Emily from UNITED KINGDOM | Nov. 14, 2017 21:50

Well, according to this situation, you are advised to look forward and establish a new relationship. Past is past. You should give him enough time and space to consider. Do not push him. On the weekends, you can join in some social activities and make more friends. Find some ways to relax yourself.
Asked by VICTORIA60 | Mar. 31, 2017 14:20Reply
Female Earth Pig Born 11th September 1959
I am requesting this for my sister. She is looking to purchase a house and move from where she is living. She wants to know (1) when is a good time to move, purchase a new home? (2) Her health is bad is this year a good year to give up employment? (3) When she leaves work will she be able to survive financially? Anything else I need to know please tell me..... Many thanks Victoria
Answers (1)
Answered by Tina from AUSTRIA | Apr. 01, 2017 02:36

1. Based on the Chinese Astrology, both April 12 and April 21 are good time to move to a new house.
2. If her health condition cannot support her work, I think she’d better give up her employment. It may be a good chance to do that.
3. If she has savings, she can survive financially.
Asked by Michelle from PHILIPPINES | Feb. 07, 2017 04:22Reply
Hi! My DOB is 7/22/83, anything you can tell me about my love life and career this year?
Appreciate the response, thank you very much!
Answers (2)
Answered by Debra from SINGAPORE | Feb. 08, 2017 03:19

Career: you can expect good things to happen during changes. If there are chances for you to go on business trip or work in other places, it is suggested you take the chance, it might be good for your later career.
Your love life might just be plain this year. It is advised you focus on work this year and let it be. The one will definitely show up when the timing is right. :)
Answered by Michelle from PHILIPPINES | Feb. 08, 2017 15:47

Thank you Debra for the response :)
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