2019 Chinese Zodiac - Earth Pig

Which type of Pig are people born in 2019 Chinese zodiac year?

2019 is the year of the Pig, which is the last animal sign in Chinese zodiac. And it is the Earth year based on Chinese Five Elements. Therefore, people born in 2019 are Earth Pig. 

Chinese zodiac is based on lunar calendar. In Gregorian calendar, the Earth Pigs are born from February 5 to December 31 in 2019; those who born from January 1 to February 4 in 2019 are Earth Dogs. 

Lucky Signs for 2019 Earth Pig

 Lucky Numbers: 2, 9

 Lucky Colors: golden yellow, black

2022 Horoscope for Earth Pig Born in 2019

At the age of 3, Pigs born in 2019 has no much worries and annoys yet and only know to play and eat. But according to the horoscope, their parents should take good care of them in daily lives, for they are curious about new stuff and eager to try on their own, during which they may get injured. In addition, parents of three-year-old should not let them eat too much or irregularly, which may cause them gastrointestinal diseases.

The study ability of 3 years old increases dramatically, so parents can teach them some new skills, knowledge, as well as various rules, which will be very helpful in their future life. But do not push them too hard and do it step by step. 

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Personality Traits of the 2019 Earth Pig

Babies born in 2019 Chinese Zodiac year are very smart, kind, honest and lovely. They have patience, resolution and kind heart on everything. They are full of energy and do their best to work well. Therefore, people have full confidence in their success. They like to make friends and are popular among their friends, because they are outgoing, honest and sympathetic, and usually believe in others.

However, sometimes they have a bad temper. They are stubborn and conservative, which causes them lack of imagination and a little short-sighted. Also, they are very emotional, and have a changeable temper sometimes.

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The Earth Pig born in 2019 have a relatively successful career throughout their lives. When they grow up, most of them have ambitions in their career, and like to start a business. 

For office workers, although it is difficult to achieve a very high rank and position, they can live a comfortable life. Their career has been steadily rising and they will not be laid off or imposed cuts. After middle age, they will basically become a manager of the enterprise. 

For businessmen, their enterprises are gradually expanding and will not face big problems basically. But sometimes their laziness may bring some troubles to their careers. So make sure to be diligent in career.

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Because of their hard working, people with Chinese zodiac Pig born in 2019 generally have good fortune. They like study financial management skills, and have both strong capabilities and good opportunities, so they are easy to succeed in investment market and can make big money one step ahead of others. 

However, it is easy to leave people the impression of wasting money because of their consumptive habits and generous personality. Every generation in their families has a different understanding of money, which makes it easy to quarrel. Therefore, family relations must be well maintained, which can help them to gather more money.

Love and Relationships

Love and relationships for people born in 2019 year of the Pig are not very good. When they are single, they may have to go through some ups and downs to get together with the right person. And they may need to have several love relationships before they finally meet the Mr. or Mrs. Right. 

After getting married, they will face many temptations. It is suggested that in the face of temptation, they must stick to their original heart and communicate with their lovers more. Do not give the other man/ woman chances to destroy their loves.

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The Earth Pig born in 2019 have to avoid getting stomachache problems. For those people who have suffered from stomach diseases for a long time, they should pay more attention to their physical changes. Having meals on time is the key to ensure stomach health. For those who are already receiving treatment, the best medicine is to cooperate with their doctors with pleasure. It is not good for them to recover if they have a sad mood all the time.

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Is my year actually lucky?
I want to know if my year will be actually lucky
Date:July 30th 2007
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Answered by Tina from AUSTRALIA | Feb. 13, 2019 19:34

Hi, this year is lucky for you and you may have a good performance in school. You are still very young and pay attention to maintain a good relationship with classmates. Good luck!
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