1983 Chinese Zodiac - Water Pig

Which type of Pig are people born in 1983 Chinese Zodiac year?

According to Chinese zodiac, 1983 is the year of the Pig, and on the basis of Chinese Five Elements, the year of 1983 belongs to Water. So the people born in 1983 is the Water Pig.

Chinese calendar is primarily a lunar calendar, according to which only people born from February 13 to December 31 in 1983 are the Water Pig, those born from January 1 to February 12 in 1983 are Water Dog. 

Lucky Signs for 1983 Water Pig

 Lucky Numbers: 1, 6

 Lucky Colors: black, dark green

2020 Horoscope for Water Pig Born in 1983 Chinese Zodiac Year

The luck for Pigs born in 1983 is not so good in 2020 in most aspects. Pay attention to their minor illness, and don’t be lazy.

The Pig fortune prediction in 2020 indicates that those born in 1983 can get rid of the chaos at work and seek to make a breakthrough. No matter how bad the situation is, persistence can help them overcome some difficulties.

They should know that an extravagant lifestyle is a hinder to save money, so they take part-time jobs or make some investments to earn extra money. They can get much wealth in 2020. It would be better if someone help them. They may have not a few good ideas to earn money. But they need to put their thought into practice. Don’t daydream without any practical actions.

In love, they are likely to brood over their past relationships so that there is few opportunities to develop a new one. Those who have married should handle love admiration from outside properly. Don’t hurt the feeling of their partners who have been through a rough time with them. They shouldn’t be pensive all the time.

As for their health, there won’t be big problems occurred to them. But sleepless, angular cheilitis, endocrine dyscrasia or other common illnesses might fall on them. Don’t eat much fat food, have a light diet and insist on doing sports.

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​2021 Horoscope for Water Pig Born in 1983

Pig fortune in 2021 predicts that Water Pigs born in 1983 will live a peaceful life this year, because big change seldom takes place. As a faithful and experienced staff member, Water Pigs will have high salary and free from financial problems. At home, they’ll try their best to be a perfect mother/father, and make every minute spent with their children valuable. 

Thanks to Water Pig people’s accumulated experience, in 2021, most of them are adroit at tackling professional problems and handling relationships with their co-workers. However, nothing challenging is equal to little room to improve. If they want to promote their expertise, they should actively participate in on-job training or job rotation.

Water Pig’s monthly salary is enough to afford a comfortable life. Furthermore, they have the habit of making spending plans to ensure every expense within their means. To sum up, it is unlikely for them to face financial problems in 2021.

In addition, the love relationship of people born in 1983 remains the same this year. Unattached Pig people should better put aside the plan of ending singlehood, because their efforts might be in vain. As for married people, they will shift their focus from work to family in the year of 2021. Many interesting family activities, such as cooking and camping, will create happy childhood memories for their kids. 

Another piece of good news from Pig fortune prediction in 2021 is that Water Pig people are very healthy this year. Some of them begin to enjoy low-fat food and regular exercise in daily life, which is conducive to a better circulatory system.

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Personality Traits of the 1983 Water Pig

People with 1983 Chinese zodiac Pig are a gentle, modest and blunt person, and they cannot tolerate others to beat around the bush. They are very persistent and can make unremitting efforts towards their goals. Although they lack some talents, they are willing to insist in order to succeed and can succeed via hard working. They have dual personalities and are easily influenced by others. They are responsible but very stubborn. Even if they make wrong decisions to do something, they will not stop until get big troubles.

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The career of the Water Pig born in 1983 is relatively smooth. For office workers, they can get promoted very quickly without any twists and turns, and it is easy to be promoted to the management position of the company. However, it should be noted that more efforts should be made in interpersonal relationships so as to make their career more prosperous. 

For businessmen, it may be difficult to start a business in the early days, but if they stick to it, their companies will develop very well and someone may help them in their businesses due to their unique vision and humble attitude.

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They live a happy life with good adequate food all their lives. For office workers, wages increase rapidly with the rise of rank. In the middle age, their wages are basically much higher than those in the same industry. For businessmen, not only should they focus on the development of enterprises, but also pay attention to the investment market, where they may have very good returns. But remember to investigate before each investment.

Love and Relationships

The love and relationships of their whole lives are rather tortuous. Although it is easy to for them to meet the right person when they are young and get married soon. But after marriage, there may be frequent quarrels with partners, and the quarrels will not stop until their children grow up. It is suggested that they need to talk to their lovers regularly and do not keep things in mind.

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Their physical condition is relatively good, but they often stay up late and work overtime. After a long time, gastrointestinal problems may occur and immunity may decline. Drivers should pay attention to the road conditions and the surrounding environment and remember not to drive too fast or drunk drive. People who often travel for business need to keep the commonly used drugs in stock to prevent the occurrence of acclimatization and dizziness. To improve body conditions, outdoor sports in daily life are indispensable.

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Questions & Answers on 1983 Chinese Zodiac - Water Pig
Asked by Andrea Rivas from UNITED STATES | Aug. 29, 2020 03:05Reply
I am a Tiger, 9/17/86..I ruined a great relationship with a Pig, 8-15-83. Is there hope?
I feel like this man and I were meant to be. Things took a turn for the worse after I started a birth control shot, which effected me severely emotionally. I chose to drink instead of communicate to him what I was going through. I’ve acted out of character expressed how sorry and embarrassed I am. What do I need to do to win him back?
Answers (1)
Answered by Adam | Sep. 03, 2020 00:25

I think you should find him and tell him your true feelings. In this way, he may fully understand you. Be brave and win him back!
Asked by VIOLET83 | Aug. 06, 2020 17:30Reply
Hi I'm born 16/11/1983, will I find a good man soon?
Hi, my name is Shendy Russell I'm born 16/11/1983 in Jakarta at 23:27pm.
My current boyfriend is Jaeeun Park born 22/10/1973 in South Korea.

I was married for 13-14 years prior and was together with that one man since I was 16-17yo so in total we were together for 5-6 years before married when I was 21-22yo. Together for 19-20 years but he left home on 12th December '18 and have a girlfriend karla since then.

I have been together with Jaeeun Park (Daniel Park) from 29th May 2020. I feel that he is a violent man. He is gambling and I have been giving him cash around $850 not to mention buying him foods, buying him facial cremes, korean ginseng etc becoz he can't look after himself and becoz he kept loosing his money.

I want to leave him so bad but at the same time I also feel love towards him. a Psychic from two years ago back in 2018 June, she told me she saw me starting my own family at the age of 36, she saw me have a husband and two children and that I live happily. but am now heading 37yo and I haven't found the one man who makes me happy as yet. I have been praying to God too.


1. What is Daniels and my Love compatibility?

2. Will I be able to find a good man to be my husband soon?

Thanks for your help and time I really appreciate this a lot.

Answers (1)
Answered by Micah from FRANCE | Aug. 19, 2020 23:39

1. The prediction shows that your love compatibility would be moderate.
2. You should have more confidence about yourself. Actually, you are an amazing person that deserve better person.
Asked by SassyGal36 from USA | Nov. 14, 2019 05:47Reply
Water pig female(12/8/83)
Is the guy for me what's he's like?
Need accurate answer plz!
Answers (5)
Answered by Lucy from FINLAND | Nov. 14, 2019 18:49

Would you mind providing your birth date?
Answered by Sassygal from USA | Nov. 14, 2019 22:51

Lucy my birthdate was in the topic🤦🏽‍♀️12/8/83
Answered by Lucy | Nov. 18, 2019 00:09

Oh, then you need to provide his birth date. Then I can find the love compatibility index.
Answered by Sassygal36 from USA | Nov. 18, 2019 04:45

Lucy , 2)11/1975?
Answered by Lucy | Nov. 18, 2019 19:09

According to the Chinese zodiac prediction, you two have a high love compatibility index. You are suggested to join in more social activities together. In this way, you love relationship would change into a better stage.
Asked by Jbella from USA | Nov. 09, 2019 19:09Reply
Future guy for water pig female
The guy of my future what Chinese sign is he? I'm a water pig female (12/8/83) and husband material?

Answers (1)
Answered by Donna from FINLAND | Nov. 10, 2019 23:51

According to the prediction, people born with Horse, Sheep and Dog signs can be your good partners in life.
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