1983 Chinese Zodiac - Water Pig

Which type of Pig are people born in 1983 Chinese Zodiac year?

According to Chinese zodiac, 1983 is the year of the Pig, and on the basis of Chinese Five Elements, the year of 1983 belongs to Water. So the people born in 1983 is the Water Pig.

Chinese calendar is primarily a lunar calendar, according to which only people born from February 13 to December 31 in 1983 are the Water Pig, those born from January 1 to February 12 in 1983 are Water Dog. 

Lucky Signs for 1983 Water Pig

 Lucky Numbers: 1, 6

 Lucky Colors: black, dark green

2023 Horoscope for Water Pig Born in 1983

The 2023 horoscope says people born in 1983 year of the Pig would make a big progress at work benefiting from their rich experience, great talents and hardworking; and their salary is likely to rise a little. However, they are not blessed by too much luck in term of wealth, so do not invest too much or in one basket. Be tolerant to their lover. When having different opinions, do not argue for a result; instead, discuss calmly to figure out the final decisions. Their kids intend to perform well in school and they would be proud of them. If possible, arrange some trips to enhance the intimacy between family members. As for the singles, they may need to wait for longer time to meet their Mr. or Mrs. Right. Considering health, they would not encounter serious problems. Even though, pay attention to health care in daily life.

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Personality Traits of the 1983 Water Pig

People with 1983 Chinese zodiac Pig are a gentle, modest and blunt person, and they cannot tolerate others to beat around the bush. They are very persistent and can make unremitting efforts towards their goals. Although they lack some talents, they are willing to insist in order to succeed and can succeed via hard working. They have dual personalities and are easily influenced by others. They are responsible but very stubborn. Even if they make wrong decisions to do something, they will not stop until get big troubles.

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The career of the Water Pig born in 1983 is relatively smooth. For office workers, they can get promoted very quickly without any twists and turns, and it is easy to be promoted to the management position of the company. However, it should be noted that more efforts should be made in interpersonal relationships so as to make their career more prosperous. 

For businessmen, it may be difficult to start a business in the early days, but if they stick to it, their companies will develop very well and someone may help them in their businesses due to their unique vision and humble attitude.

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They live a happy life with good adequate food all their lives. For office workers, wages increase rapidly with the rise of rank. In the middle age, their wages are basically much higher than those in the same industry. For businessmen, not only should they focus on the development of enterprises, but also pay attention to the investment market, where they may have very good returns. But remember to investigate before each investment.

Love and Relationships

The love and relationships of their whole lives are rather tortuous. Although it is easy to for them to meet the right person when they are young and get married soon. But after marriage, there may be frequent quarrels with partners, and the quarrels will not stop until their children grow up. It is suggested that they need to talk to their lovers regularly and do not keep things in mind.

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Their physical condition is relatively good, but they often stay up late and work overtime. After a long time, gastrointestinal problems may occur and immunity may decline. Drivers should pay attention to the road conditions and the surrounding environment and remember not to drive too fast or drunk drive. People who often travel for business need to keep the commonly used drugs in stock to prevent the occurrence of acclimatization and dizziness. To improve body conditions, outdoor sports in daily life are indispensable.

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Questions & Answers on 1983 Chinese Zodiac - Water Pig
Asked by Teresa Hurlstone from CAYMAN ISLAND | May. 24, 2022 19:39Reply
Year of the Pig Love, and Marriage Compatibility
I was born in the year of the pig(1983), and I'd like to know which of the other zodiac signs am I the most romantically compatible with?
Answers (3)
Answered by Dave | May. 30, 2022 00:11

Your best matches are Tiger, Rabbit and Sheep.
Answered by Mdlc | Aug. 21, 2022 14:38

Sheep… i am 17 years merried with my Man and we are almost 25 years together.. i was born on May 1983 and he was July 1979…
Answered by Lesly | Jul. 31, 2023 23:27

I am born in May and my husband the last day of June. We are true soul mates . Married 13 years and counting
Asked by HA from NIGERIA | Oct. 22, 2021 04:16Reply
My own problem is relationship.
my own problem is relationship. Those woman who came to my side is the people who older than me. And when I got married more than 4 years now I never get a child. I'm okay with my job.
Answers (1)
Answered by Andrew | Oct. 25, 2021 10:53

Although you don't have a child, the marriage life won't be influenced a lot. Actually you are a kind person. No matter happens, you should always keep the positive attitude.
Asked by shevaun from AUSTRALIA | Jul. 05, 2021 06:19Reply
Will i start making better choices? prosper and be happy? or will l always struggle & sad?
Answers (2)
Answered by Jennifer from USA | Jul. 11, 2021 23:12

This year your fortune will gradually improve so that you will start making better choices.
Answered by Obi-John Kenobi(no relatiion) | May. 26, 2022 10:29

Think very carefully about decisions you make in the month of June. They will have long lasting implications...either very beneficial or quite disastrous, depending entirely upon whether you make wise choices. Remember...two later is better than one now. Also, expect to meet a very beautiful partner later in 2022. Make your feelings known because there will be another with the same intentions very soon after your encounter. The ball is in your court and its your match to win...but only if you are bold and decisive. A great leap forward often requires taking two steps back...but sometimes, all that is required is the will to jump.
Asked by S from INDIA | Mar. 16, 2021 03:42Reply
Career, Job
DOB: 14.08.1983. I am highly qualified educated, but haven't got the job of my desire. Not at all happy with jobs I have been receiving since last 10 years. Salary is very very low despite having best degrees. Why am I in such a situation ? When will I get the satisfied job ?
Answers (4)
Answered by Betty | Mar. 22, 2021 02:07

You should keep the positive attitude. The situation would change into a better stage in the year of 2021. You can make some breakthroughs in career. Or you can start your own business.
Answered by S | Jun. 01, 2021 22:38

Thanks for the reply. I have applied for 8 jobs during last 8 weeks. But I haven't got any positive response from any application. In fact I am ill since one and half months. Could you please tell me during what period I have good chance of getting the job of my desire ? My financial situation is not that good. The current job is neither going to improve my current situation not it is satisfactory.
Answered by Violet | Jun. 06, 2021 22:40

Dear, August and November are lucky months for you to find a job.
Answered by Akeem Olawale | Oct. 22, 2021 04:07

My advice for you is that you should try to start your own business. Because most water children don't work under person. Try and get your personal business even if is water you sell you will make mush money.
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