1971 Chinese Zodiac - Metal Pig

Which type of Pig are people born in 1971 Chinese zodiac year?

1971 Chinese zodiac is the Pig and Pig people born in this year belong to Metal Pig. To identify them according to Gregorian calendar, people born from January 27 to December 31 in 1971 are Metal Pig and people born from January 1 to 26 in 1971 belong to Metal Dog. 

Lucky Signs for 1971 Metal Pig

 Lucky Numbers: 0, 5

 Lucky Colors: yellow, brown, green, white

2023 Horoscope for Metal Pig Born in 1971

In 2023, people born in 1971 year of the Pig should be cautious of the traps from competitors, in case they ruin their hard working. In spare time, keep learning new skills and knowledge to enhance their competitiveness. In general, their performance in workplace would be at an average level. Accordingly, their salary would not rise a lot; but they may earn a little from other ways. In other words, they could live a well-off life as before. In term of love, they would be intimate with their husband or wife, although disputes may arise between them occasionally. Their health fortune is not good. When making business trips, bring some medicine in case of stomach discomforts caused by non-acclimatization to the new place. Also, do not drink too much alcohol and have enough sleep. 

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Personality Traits of the 1971 Metal Pig

They are broad-minded, friendly, brave, and kind. They have their own ideas, do not change their thoughts and interests affected by others. They are very helpful and usually can take good care of their friends.

But they are a little lazy and are not positive enough. They often do things without thinking and always like to simplify the seriousness of things. And they are usually weaken in communicating with others.

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The career fortune of the people born in the 1971 year of the Pig is relatively good. For office workers, they may have many opportunities to travel and study abroad which enables them to get promoted rapidly in the workplace when they are young. And they may become managers after 30 years old under normal circumstances.

For entrepreneurs, they have unique vision in investment, and can often reap more benefits. Therefore, their enterprises can become bigger and stronger. After their 40s, their enterprises can reach its peak.

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The fortune luck of the 1971 Metal Pig is also relatively good. For office workers, because of their hard work, they can accumulate a large amount of money. So they can buy houses and cars in the early age. After middle age, with the increase of wage, their wealth may accumulate faster and faster.

For entrepreneurs, their businesses develop in a stable way. Their unique vision makes them develop better in investment, which can enable them to accumulate a large amount of wealth. Most of them can live a rich life.

Love and Relationships

The 1971 Meatal Pig have a smooth and steady love life. When they are single, they have many suitors, so they have rich dating experiences at an early age. After getting married, there are still many temptations around them, and there may be some twists and turns. But after the age of 30, they can get along with their lovers harmoniously. 

By the way, when getting along with lovers, never keep everything in hearts, which is only bad to relationships. It is important to communicate with each other.

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Compared with their career and wealth, the health for people with Chinese zodiac Pig born in 1971 is not very good. There will be some health problems like gastrointestinal problems and cardiovascular diseases. So they should pay more attention to their physical conditions and do more physical exercises to prevent diseases from disturbing their lives.

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