Pig - Fortune in 2021

Pig Fortune in 2021

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 12

Overall Luck:

Pig fortune in 2021 shows that their luck in every aspect will fluctuate dramatically by month, especially during the first half the year, which explains why their overall luck falls behind other Chinese zodiacs. 

Nevertheless, the chart below also has positive signs. In the latter half of 2021, people who belong to Chinese zodiac Pig are likely to meet their compatible partners and even embrace married life. Also, a few with financial acumen will probably double their money with ease. In contrast, Pig people should pay attention to the changes in their career and health this year. Owing to frequent business trips, they may feel exhausted both physically and mentally. Much worse, some of them would take overeating as a way to release stress, but only to gain overweight and suffer digestive diseases.

Pig Fortune in 2021


Tired of the status quo, meet lucky stars

According to Pig fortune prediction in 2021, though they seem to be busy in work all year round, few of them will make substantial progresses. The major reason is that the tasks assigned to them are trivial and dull, leaving them little space to improve job proficiency. Accordingly, some may quit the job soon. Considering the unstable market environment in 2021, some people are also at the risk of being laid off. As for Pig entrepreneurs, their career luck is just so-so. When they face financial shortages or other external threats, resourceful people will come to provide some help. Nevertheless, their hard work will let them only break even instead of earn a lot.


Think twice before lending money, get benefits from robust stock market

People with the Pig sign of Chinese zodiac will have neither too good nor too bad wealth fortune in 2021. Young people and blue-collar workers may not save a lot of money this year because their salary simply covers daily expenditures. Fortunately, as long as they avoid buying high-end products or lending money to others on impulse, they won’t experience serious financial problems. In contrast, Pig investors are blessed with more luck. At the end of 2021, they may gain enviable profit from the bullish stock market or the financial products with high return rate.

Love and Relationships

Abandon unrealistic standards, prepare for wedding

In 2021, though single Pig people themselves are not in a haste finding a partner, their friends and family love to play the role as matchmaker. However, as mentioned in Pig fortune in 2021, others’ help don’t ensure that single Pig people will meet their ideal type that quickly. Many of them may face a difficult start for girls set unreasonably high standards for their boyfriend, whereas boys are particular about their girlfriend’s look. Actually, once they become more realistic, they will quickly meet the one whom they are destined to fall in love with. Besides, in 2021, some Pig people may put wedding ceremony on the agenda. Though the preparation is laborious, it is worth it.
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Young people become obese, prevent relapsing disease

People with Chinese zodiac Pig sign seems to be lacking in health fortune in 2021. Due to the high fat diet and the irregular work and rest schedule, young people are likely to be obese and have acute digestive diseases. Also, since insufficient sleep weakens human’s immune system, some Pig people may easily catch a cold as temperature drops. Elderly people should pay special attention to health this year because the seizure of their underlying diseases is totally preventable. They should stick to a well-balanced diet every day and take physical examinations twice a year.

Luck Prediction for Pigs Born in Different Years

Age: 2

Despite minor problems in physical health, people born in 2019 have fairly good fortune in 2021. When cooking meals for 2-year-old baby, parents should make sure that protein, carbohydrate, vitamin and minerals are all included. Besides, this year, Pig babies should be familiar with the habits such as brushing teeth and washing hands. The shaping of their personalities also matters. In order to raise an independent, responsible and caring child, Pig babies’ parents can let them do simple chores and instill the concept of right and wrong in them.
Age: 14

Based on Pig fortune prediction in 2021, people born in 2007 will live a very happy life this year. Many of them have an inquiring mind and never consider learning knowledge a daily struggle. Accordingly, they will be under little academic pressure at school. Another good news is that Pig teenagers will make a lot of new friends this year on account of their common interests, and they will do their best to manage the friendship. By the way, some round teenagers should give up the idea of going on a diet, because malnutrition will stop them from growing taller.
Age: 26

The 1995 Pig sign of Chinese zodiac would have a mixed blessing. In terms of career fortune, some Pig people have difficulties in adjusting themselves in the new company. Moreover, the complex interpersonal relationship as well as the demanding assignments will make them out of breath. Those who are less resilient may choose to resign. As a result, they are unlikely to earn a lot of money this year. Nevertheless, they are encouraged by their life partners all the time and will get back the hope in life very soon.
Age: 38

The key word of 2021 for people born in 1983 is peaceful, for their fortune in all aspects remains stable. As long as Pig workers keep performing their duty properly in the company, they are likely to receive a pay rise in the latter half of 2021. Subsequently, they will set aside a certain amount of money to purchase promising stocks. Fortunately, they will have pretty good results. Speaking of love fortune, single Pig people may not start a new relationship this year, while married one still enjoy their peaceful marriage.
Age: 50

Pig fortune in 2021 predicts various problems for people born in 1971. It is suggested that they avoid buying unnecessary things this year because both expected and unexpected expenses are waiting for them. Since their children are going to build a family, Pigs born in 1971 feel that it is their duty to offer financial support on wedding ceremony and house purchasing. Moreover, owing to their disregard of exercise and bland diet, endocrine diseases may occur and the relevant medical treatment will cost a lot. Thankfully, it won’t take long for them to recover.
Age: 62

People born in 1959 will go through minor fluctuations this year based on Pig fortune prediction in 2021. Facing retirement, some will be re-employed and some choose to start a sideline job. However, neither of the choices is an easy way to go because competitors are everywhere. In terms of wealth fortune, Pig people are not recommended to engage in investment due to the potential currency depreciation. In fact, they should focus more on their family and health in 2021. If time permits, a family vocation abroad can be carefully planned.
Age: 74

In 2021, people born in 1947 are blessed with good luck. Since there is no distraction of work or money, Pig people will be fully absorbed in their hobbies such as singing, painting and gardening. Also, the peaceful retirement life allows them to spend more time with their family, and some Pig people are willing to take care of their grandchildren this year. More importantly, they are very open and never impose their opinions on the next generation, so family conflicts seldom occur. Lastly, they are healthy on the whole except for minor symptoms of some chronic diseases.

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Questions & Answers on Pig\s Fortune in 2021
Asked by Caren from UNITED KINGDOM | Sep. 06, 2021 05:49Reply
I need to find a project to fulfil me
I work in administration. I could do with some advice as to a project for personal fulfillment as I've lost direction and confidence since my child died. I don't know which way to turn. It could also be a project for financial gain.
Asked by Jane Iris from ENGLAND | Jul. 25, 2021 02:58Reply
I would like to know what to do.
I feel like I am gaining weight no matter how much I exercise but I cant go on a diet because as it states above, 2007 born teens with the Zodiac animal Pig will not grow tall if they diet and I really need to grow tall and lose weight. However I want to do them without losing time so I can focus on my studies as well. What should I do?
Answers (1)
Answered by Sarah | Jul. 26, 2021 19:32

Jane, you can drink more milk and eat more eggs to grow tall. At the same time, just try to eat less staple food.
Asked by Septi from INDONESIA | Jul. 22, 2021 01:28Reply
About changing working place
My dob 15 september 1995. I have started my job in support center company for a month now , actually it's a fun job but it's hard to find new customer, that's why i'm feeling so stressful. and I have got another job offer in fashion brand company should i change my job or keep working in support center ? i can't make any decision by myself for now. since i always make a bad decision.
Answers (1)
Answered by Mindy | Jul. 26, 2021 19:30

I advise you to go to the fasion brand company. Changes always mean challenges but also opportunities.
Asked by Bhai from INDIA | Jul. 03, 2021 06:08Reply
Financial Gain
My DOB is 9th April 1983. I want to know about my wealth life, Can I get gain from share trading.
Thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Easton | Jul. 05, 2021 00:02

It's predicted that you can earn some extra money. But you shouldn't rely on it. You still need to accumulate wealth step by step.
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