Pig - Fortune in 2022

Pig Fortune in 2022

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 11

Overall Luck:

According to Chinese zodiac predication, the Pig fortune in 2022 is just so-so. People born in the year of the Pig will probably meet many obstacles and difficulties, but can overcome them with positive attitudes. Try to be tolerant and avoid quarreling with others. Everything will go better and better gradually. 

However, Pig fortune prediction in 2022 indicates “good” in some other aspects. Their talents and skills will be known by more workmates. They can earn more if work harder and think more; but be careful when lending money to others and reduce expenditure on entertainment. Single males can attract some single females with their charm and finally make a girlfriend. For those pursuing studies or further studies, they will have clear minds, which help them get good scores in examinations. 

Pig Fortune in 2022


Talents and skills unveil, busier than before, little chance of promotion

In 2022, Chinese zodiac Pig people will have chances to engage in many projects. During the process, their talents, knowledge and skills will be fully unveiled; their working abilities will be greatly improved and they will meet more workmates and get along well with them. Meantime, they may be very busy and need to work for longer time than before. Unfortunately, the possibilities for advancement is low in this year and they need to make more efforts. 


Higher possibility of making more money, decrease unnecessary cost

Pig’s wealth fortune in 2022 is good. If they work harder and think more, they can achieve favorable income. But it may take some time and sometimes they cannot see hopes temporarily. 

Be careful when borrowing or lending money, especially when lending money to unreliable people. Don’t be obsessed by certain games or funny things, which may cost a lot and cause financial pressures. For businessmen born in the year of the Pig, they will have more ideas to make money, especially those born in autumn and winter. But they’d better avoid some necessary social activities to save money. 

Love and Relationships

Single males are likely to make a girlfriend; females should care more about their lover

With good communication skills or proper attitudes and behaviors, the single male Pigs can easily make good impressions on single females, so they are likely to make a girlfriend in 2022. The fortune in love relationship for single females are not as good as their male peers. They need to be more rational and gentle, and should not over pursuit freedom; otherwise the males may think them not suitable for marriage and stay away from them. 

For married people or those in a relationship, they may make some new friends with the opposite sex; but it will not influence their love relationship very much. Females should spend more time staying with and caring about their husband or boyfriend.  

Be positive to maintain social relationships, which can bring Pig fortune in 2022 in other aspects. 
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Watch out for unexpected injuries, stomach and cardiovascular diseases

People with Pig sign of Chinese zodiac should stay away from dangerous sports and activities and not travel to the wild forests in 2022. When traveling, watch out for some unexpected injuries, some of which may lead to bleed and disable at the worst. For kids, they should especially be careful of skin injuries and stomachache. For the elders, they should also pay attention to their heart and cerebral vessels to avoid cardiovascular diseases. When driving, obey the traffic rules always.

Luck Prediction for Pigs Born in Different Years

Age: 3

Parents need to make more efforts to take care of the 3 years old, because they are curious about new stuff, but too young to tell bad from good. Only in this way, the parents can protect them from the injuries predicted in the 2022 horoscope. The little Pigs are also good at learning new skills, rules and knowledge. In daily life, parents should also help them develop good living habits: do not over eat; enjoy meals regularly; stay over from junk food… 
Age: 15

Students born in 2017 may experience both ups and downs in 2022. Their luck in study is good, which helps them make progress and obtain higher grades if they can study hard. But their attention may be drew away at times by other things, which does no good to their study. In 2022, they may make some new friends, but the relation with old friends needs more effort to be maintained. Fortunately, the relation with families is stable and sweet. Do not attend dangerous sports to avoid injuries. 
Age: 27

In 2022, people born in 1995 year of the Pig will get more chances to show their abilities in work. They may also get help from resourceful or powerful persons. Seize the chances, work hard and they be promoted soon. At least, it will bring them higher salary. But watch out as some bad guys may make troubles. For the singles, it is a lucky year to make a girlfriend or boyfriend and those in love relationships may get married. As the luck in health is not so good, they’d better take themselves with more effort. 
Age: 39

As they will have good luck in work in 2022, Pigs born in 1983 are advised to perform well and work hard, which can bring them praise from supervisors and salary rise. In addition to satisfying salary, the income from lottery and investment is also possible. After being married for years, their family life has been more and more harmonious. But be cautious of villains outside, who may hurt your good impressions on others. Exercise regularly and stay away from crowded places to avoid being infected with epidemic diseases. 
Age: 51

In 2022, it is very likely Pigs will do great in work and get a salary rise. For self-employed ones, it can also be a prosperous year; so seize the chance, roll up the sleeves and work hard. Their family life is harmonious as a whole. They and their partners can understand each other and conflicts seldom occur. The kids respect them and like to communicate with them. However, it may require more effort from them to maintain the friendship. Their health condition is fine, in spite of some minor illness; but watch out for traffic accidents. 
Age: 63

As most people born in 1959 have retired, they will have more time to stay with partners, visit friends and travel. However, more time with partners may lead to more conflicts with them, mostly over trifles. Be tolerant and as a whole, their family life is peaceful. When traveling, take care of the luggage in case of missing and do not go to dangerous places or attend dangerous activities.
Age: 75

Although it’s time to get retired, some Pigs born in 1947 are still eager to work, which make them satisfied and they will have good luck cooperating with others in technical problems and making plans. For those living alone, go out to make some new friends, so as not to feel lonely. As the ability to make money decreases, they’d better not spend money at ease like before. They are healthy generally despite stomachache sometimes. 

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Questions & Answers on Pig\s Fortune in 2022
Asked by Jane Iris from ENGLAND | Jul. 25, 2021 02:58Reply
I would like to know what to do.
I feel like I am gaining weight no matter how much I exercise but I cant go on a diet because as it states above, 2007 born teens with the Zodiac animal Pig will not grow tall if they diet and I really need to grow tall and lose weight. However I want to do them without losing time so I can focus on my studies as well. What should I do?
Answers (2)
Answered by Sarah | Jul. 26, 2021 19:32

Jane, you can drink more milk and eat more eggs to grow tall. At the same time, just try to eat less staple food.
Answered by Akuna | Jun. 20, 2022 19:35

You just need to get rid of toxins to get your body fired up to burn calories that’s all it is, eat more fruits veggies drink tons of water. Cut out garbage food and garbage drinks, weight will melt off
Asked by Septi from INDONESIA | Jul. 22, 2021 01:28Reply
About changing working place
My dob 15 september 1995. I have started my job in support center company for a month now , actually it's a fun job but it's hard to find new customer, that's why i'm feeling so stressful. and I have got another job offer in fashion brand company should i change my job or keep working in support center ? i can't make any decision by myself for now. since i always make a bad decision.
Answers (2)
Answered by Mindy | Jul. 26, 2021 19:30

I advise you to go to the fasion brand company. Changes always mean challenges but also opportunities.
Answered by Jen Kenobi | May. 26, 2022 10:34

Think very carefully about decisions you make in the month of June. They will have long lasting implications...either very beneficial or quite disastrous, depending entirely upon whether you make wise choices. Remember...two later is better than one now. Also, expect to meet a very beautiful partner later in 2022. Make your feelings known because there will be another with the same intentions very soon after your encounter. The ball is in your court and its your match to win...but only if you are bold and decisive. A great leap forward often requires taking two steps back...but sometimes, all that is required is the will to jump.
Asked by Bhai from INDIA | Jul. 03, 2021 06:08Reply
Financial Gain
My DOB is 9th April 1983. I want to know about my wealth life, Can I get gain from share trading.
Thank you
Answers (2)
Answered by Easton | Jul. 05, 2021 00:02

It's predicted that you can earn some extra money. But you shouldn't rely on it. You still need to accumulate wealth step by step.
Answered by 123q | Jan. 29, 2022 22:36

You are year of the Rooster and wealth in your life is smooth. You be can an office worker, or wages fits perfectly for your sign. After getting some money, you will have a larger expenditure, so then it is difficult for you to save money.
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