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Best Age to Start a Business for Pig

40-50 years old

Best Business and Career Fields for Pig


The most important thing for the success of a restaurant is the appearance and taste of the food. People born in the year of the Pig like eating very much and they are very particular about food, so they are able to provide delicious and beautiful food to others. Whether they cook in person or invite a chef to cook, the food will certainly be loved by the guests as long as they feel it’s OK. Therefore, if Chinese zodiac Pig open a restaurant, it will definitely attract a lot of customers.


Chinese zodiac Pig are gentle and seldom lose their temper. Even if they feel anger about others occasionally, they would like to tolerate in order to let bad things end as soon as possible. In addition, they are simple and honest and have no desire for personal gain. Therefore, they are suitable to run a charity organization to engage in social charity or welfare undertakings.

Cram school

The Pig people are magnanimous. If other people make mistakes, they will forgive them and not to blame them. In addition, they are patient and kind to others. If they can put this patience into education, they can definitely be successful.


Sole Proprietorship or Partnership

The Pig people like thinking and have novel ideas. They also have the ability to plan and coordinate the overall situation. At the same time, they are good at dealing with interpersonal relationships and they are popular among customers and other people. Therefore, Chinese zodiac Pig can start their own businesses independently.

However, they would rather work only a few hours a day and spend other time enjoying life if possible. They want to give their work to others and go out to experience life by themselves. Therefore, they need an industrious partner to share their work. The partner need not be too smart, but they must be hard working, and have the ability to handle affairs to complement with each other.


Business and Career Partners for Pig

 Rat: Can be corporative
The Pig always have good luck in wealth, so the Rat are willing to cooperate with them.

 Ox: Great Partner
The Pig are very useful to the Ox, and the Ox are very satisfied with their working ability. So they are good partners.

 Tiger: Can be corporative
They can only cooperate for a short time. Because the Tiger often exert pressure on the Pig unconsciously, and the Pig have limited endurance.

 Rabbit: Good Partner
The Rabbit is smart and capable, while the Pig always have a good wealth fortune. So their cooperation is very beneficial.

 Dragon: Best Partner
But the Dragon should hold their temper a little and spend more energy in business affairs.

 Snake: Can be corporative
The Snake may play tricks on the Pig, but most of time only hurt themselves, and cannot pose a threat to the Pig's career.

 Horse: Uncooperative
Because their ways of thinking and goals are different.

 Sheep: Good Partner
Their cooperation is beneficial to both of them. They have a lot in common, so they can achieve success together easily.

 Monkey: Can be corporative
They can cooperate together. Under normal circumstances, the Monkey are more likely to show their cooperation intention because they usually gain more benefits from the corporation.

 Rooster: Uncooperative
There is no profit for them to cooperate together.

 Dog: Can be corporative
They can cooperate in most businesses. But the Dog must calculate daily expenses carefully, do not cause their partner’s dissatisfaction.

 Pig: Best Partner
Both of them have a good luck in wealth, so they can make big fortune together.


Advice on Business Investment and Financial Management

People born in the year of the Pig should not borrow money from friends, relatives and even banks to make investments based on unofficial information. Unreliable investment information may bring no benefits and even lead to the loss of their principal. It is suggested that when doing investment, Chinese zodiac Pig should not be greedy.

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