Pig - Best Jobs and Working Partners

Best Jobs for Pig

Veterinarians, foresters, teachers, civil servants, policemen, doctors, breeders, professors, artists…


Suitable Occupation Fields for Pig

Animal Husbandry

The Pig people are more suitable for animal husbandry than others and can be good veterinarians and foresters. Because this kind of work can let them stay with animals, plants and the nature, which is the plain and simple life that the Pig dream of everyday.

Public Services

People with Chinese zodiac Pig are not willing to compete with others, so they are not recommended to engage in business circles, but to become a teacher or engage in some public career like civil servants and policemen. Benefiting from their honesty, they will make extremely outstanding performance in these occupations.

Medical Field

People born in the year of the Pig are very responsible and honest. They will feel accomplished when they cure difficult and complicated diseases or overcome medical difficulties. So they have great potential to become an excellent doctor to fulfill their dreams.

Agriculture Industry

Agriculture is a very extensive and promising industry, and it plays an important role in a country’s economy. The Pig are meticulous, resourceful, industrious and patient, very suitable for exerting their talents in agriculture.

Artistic Field

Chinese zodiac Pig are intelligent and eager to learn. Most of them study very diligently and they are born with the love of art. These characteristics will enable them to display their talents in fields such as painter and singer. However, they need to explore in specialized fields to achieve great results.


Jobs Not Suitable For Pig

The most unsuitable occupation for Chinese zodiac Pig is scientific researcher. Because they want to live a free life and not suitable for a scheduled and rigorous life.

Their character also determines that people born in the year of the Pig are not suitable to engage in the highly competitive industry like commerce. It is not because their physical strength and energy are inferior to others, but because their character is difficult to integrate into the complex social relations.


Working Partners for Pig

Best Working Partners

Tiger, Rabbit & Sheep
The Pig people only need to cooperate with anyone of the three zodiac signs to make great achievements in career.

Good Working Partners

Rat & Ox
The three of them must work together to get the final success. Otherwise, it will have the opposite effect.

Bad Working Partners

Snake, Monkey & Pig
The Pig people have a large difference with these three people in character, temper, thinking and values. Therefore, they should try their best to avoid cooperating with them.


How to Achieve Success

The Pig people are used to relying on others and they love fantasying, but not all dreams can be realized in real life, so they may begin to complain about life. In fact, the Pig are very talented, but they are a little lazy and not diligent enough, because they are always live in their own dreams.

It is suggested that they do things down-to-earth, adjust their mentality, cultivate their perseverance and work hard. Only in this way can their ideas be realized as soon as possible.

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Is dictor suitable proffesion for aries 16 april 2007
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Yeah, it's a good job for you. Good luck~
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