Pig - Luck Prediction by Month 2019 & 2020


Luck Prediction by Month 2019

As for 2019 luck prediction by month, people of Pig sign are predicted to have an unsteady life in 2019, which is the Zodiac Year of Birth (Ben Ming Nian) for them. There will surely be some rare opportunities in career, which could be indicative of big advances at work. However, in the meantime, they need to keep a low profile to avoid colleagues’ gossips, which might affect their career development more or less. The prediction also shows a large chance of obtaining more income, but their financial condition might still step into an awkward situation because of a lot of dispensable expenses. For single people, March and May are lucky months for them to pursue a romantic relationship. However, the health condition in both mentally and physically must be a major concern for people of Pig sign.
 See general introduction to Pig Fortune in 2019.
Pig Fortune in 2019

  Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The months shown below are lunar months, with Georgian dates marked (month/day/year).


(02/05/2019 – 03/06/2019)

Generally speaking, the fortune for People of Chinese zodiac Pig may not be very ideal at the beginning of the year. It is advised them to keep a low profile in career and be tolerant toward colleagues. Try not to haggle over some trifles with co-workers. As for wealth, steadily growing products are advised and they should avoid high-risk investments.


(03/07/2019 – 04/04/2019)

According to Pig luck prediction in 2019, they can expect easy time in the second lunar month. Although there could be obstacles blocking their way, they can always get out of the mess with the help of some experienced people. Thus it is suggested Pig people to put more efforts in their works, because of which they can obtain appreciation from their superiors and gain great improvements in career. Besides, they need to save money in case of large amount of expenses.


(04/05/2019 – 05/04/2019)

Chinese zodiac Pig’s luck in career could be quite favorable in March. During this lucky month, it is predicted that their leadership can have a full show and thereby win them a chance to take charge in a team. Even so, it is still necessary for them to keep a moderate attitude when dealing with colleagues. Besides, they can also expect a big advance in love life. Single people might have a large possibility to start a relationship in this month.


(05/05/2019 – 06/02/2019)

According to Pig’s luck in 2019, they might be bothered by healthy issues and personal safety in the fourth lunar month. Females need to pay special attention to their body, especially pregnant women; make sure to take medical treatment in standard hospitals, instead of irregular clinics. Males should avoid having physical conflicts to prevent getting injured.


(06/03/2019 – 07/02/2019)

In the fifth lunar month of 2019, the physical condition is still a major concern for them. People taking high-risk occupations should make sure to do their job with full protection measures and a good body condition. On the other hand, ordinary workers might engage in labor disputes in this month. Once it happens, it is advised them to safeguard their own rights and interests through legal approach.


(07/03/2019 – 07/31/2019)

Based on 2019 luck prediction by month, people of Chinese zodiac Pig sign should have a strong desire to make purchases and might make ends meet. To avoid that, it is highly suggested them to buy less clothes, reduce the times going to beauty salon, or travel less… In addition to saving money, they also need to work hard for an increase in incomes. There may have several quarrels in the love relationship. More communications and understandings can help a lot.


(08/01/2019 – 08/29/2019)

They people could have a hard time in interpersonal relationship in the seventh lunar month. In the company, they are very likely to involve in quarrels with colleagues and superiors over some disagreements, or have an unhappy cooperation with partners or investors. They may also haggle over trifles with neighbors or family members, which might level up to physical conflicts.


(08/30/2019 – 09/28/2019)

This month, they would have to face intense competitions at work, as the company is very likely to recruit many professionals. The Pig's luck in 2019 indicates that there could be a large possibility of being fired because of the pale working performance if not taking it serious. Besides, they could also encounter some adjustments at work which requires them to learn some unfamiliar things in a short time.


(09/29/2019 – 10/27/2019)

Based on the Pig luck prediction in 2019, people of Chinese zodiac Pig sign need to pay much attention to their love life, or it might end up with a breakup in the 9th lunar month. To avoid that, it is suggested them to solve conflicts and disagreements in time and give each other more care and patience. For those having been married for a few years, maintaining a harmonious and passionate love relationship is still a lesson they need to work on. The hit is to prepare surprises and romantic events for their lovers to keep the love fresh. It is still worth mentioning that a careless love life is based on a favorable material basis, so both sides of the couple should put great efforts in their works for more incomes for the family.


(10/28/2019 – 11/25/2019)

Being too demanding on themselves, they might feel extremely stressful by comparing themselves with others. Therefore, keeping a peace of mind should be the key to go through this month. Reading books is also a nice way to not only enrich the knowledge, but also make their spare time meaningful. Also, do not shoulder all the troubles alone; it could be wiser to seek help from friends and family.


(11/26/2019 – 12/25/2019)

They could still be bothered by pressures especially from career based on the Pig luck prediction in 2019. It is suggested them to leave the office for a while and take trips with family or friends for a total relaxation, and then return to the workplace in a confident manner. The fortune in love life will be favorable during this period of time.


(12/26/2019 – 01/24/2020)

According to Chinese zodiac luck prediction, the last lunar month might not be a very smooth time for people of Pig sign. Everything seems to be difficult, and sometimes there would be mean people playing tricks on them. Therefore, it could be a vital hint for them to keep a low profile in the company and try to maintain the status quo.


Luck Prediction by Month 2020

Although little fluctuation appears, the general trend of People with Chinese Pig zodiac will be on the rise in 2020. If they manage their incomes well and avoid splurging, they will accumulate a round sum of money at the end of this year. Their careers are on track. When they put in more efforts on work, most of them can get quite good results.

According to the Pig luck prediction in 2020, Love and relationship would be just so-so. For those who are still single, they won’t be easy to find true love. Generally speaking, there is no serious illnesses in 2020, but they still need to form a good diet and routine schedule for a healthier physical condition.
 See general introduction to Pig Fortune in 2020.
Pig Fortune in 2020

  Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The months shown below are lunar months, with Georgian dates marked (month/day/year).


(01/25/2020 – 02/22/2020)

The 2020 luck prediction by month shows that people with Chinese zodiac Pig would have a just so-so fortune. Their frequent quarrels with their partners will make their friends and family members annoying. It is predicted that they will spend a lot of money on red envelopes and gifts, which is the main reason for their shortage of funds. In this case, they must learn how to live a frugal life. Otherwise, the absence of money will become an obstacle to their entrepreneurship.


(02/23/2020 – 03/23/2020)

According to Pig luck prediction in 2020, the fortune of Pig people in February is on the rise. They will see significant improvements of productivity in their workplaces. What motivate them to work harder are their positive attitude and confidence. These are solid foundation for being entrusted with more important tasks. In this lunar month, the physical health won’t going well so that proper physical exercises are necessary.


(03/24/2020 – 04/22/2020)

It is predicted that the wealth will change into a better stage in the 3rd Chinese lunar month. It will become much easier for them to earn money. They might come across some chances involving money-making, but they should keep in mind that there is no such thing as free lunch. Hard-working is the only access to success. Their upward health conditions and wealth trend underpin them to struggle in the career further.


(04/23/2020 – 05/22/2020)

They will go through a tough April based on 2020 luck prediction by month. All aspects of their lives will going downhill. In the workplace, Pig people would have disagreements and contradictions with their colleagues when working on a cooperative tasks and projects. They should maintain good communications with co-workers in order to minimize the probability of damaging the interests of the company. They should be aware of the importance of regular exercises, which helps them get some relaxation.


(05/23/2020 – 06/20/2020)

The luck trend will enjoy a light rise in May. They will meet several lucky stars who can help them a lot at work. Therefore, their main task is to improve themselves under the guidance of these lucky stars and try to learn new skills that would be useful in the future. Those married Pig people will face estrangement with their lovers due to the lack of communication and busy work issues. They should be more careful when crossing the road to avoid traffic accident.


(06/21/2020 – 07/20/2020)

The wealth tend is not so well in June. It is risky for them to make some investments. They are not advised to put all their money in one basket, even if they are confident of their abilities in investment. Otherwise, severe damages might occur. Their social relationships will become better because they communicate more with their colleagues. They are favored by their superiors so that their suggestions about work are likely to be accepted.


(07/21/2020 – 08/18/2020)

The Pig's luck in 2020 indicates that all lucky trend of Pig people will be on a decline. The love and relationship is the one that may decrease the most. Many tests like love affairs and parental interference in their marriage will challenge them, causing frequent quarrels and cold wars between couples. Office workers need to work harder and harder instead of sitting all day. Eating more green vegetables and fresh fish can increase the nutrients they need for their bodies.


(08/19/2020 – 09/16/2020)

According to the 2020 luck prediction by month, August is a turning point. People with Chinese zodiac Pig in business community are advised to do business in catering, tourism, or apparel industries, which will bring them much more wealth. With the blessing of luck, they will have a good chance to win a prize. Pig people, especially those single female ones, are welcomed by the opposite sex. Their tenderness and thoughtfulness will attract the admiration of males in affluent conditions.


(09/17/2020 – 10/16/2020)

There is a steady trend in all aspects of Pig people in September according to Chinese zodiac luck prediction. For those who start a business will see a good career fortune when they put their hearts and efforts in it. Be careful in business dealing, sign personal contract, and guard against despicable around them.


(10/17/2020 – 11/14/2020)

In love and relationship, they are more willing to communicate with their partners and get understanding from their partners. There is something wrong with their physical conditions, so that those have been troubled by illness should pay attention to their health care in particular, preventing them from the recurrence of old disease.


(11/15/2020 – 12/14/2020)

The Chinese zodiac luck prediction indicates that November is a lucky month for them. There is no big volatility because they have achieved great grades in their careers. They may become more and more satisfied with their income levels. They can try to do some relatively safe investments and accumulate experience gradually.


(12/15/2020 – 01/12/2021)

The overall luck is pretty good in December expect for health state. Health care should be put on the agenda. Besides, they need to exercise more to enhance physical fitness. During this lucky month, Single Pig men will meet the right person in their lives. If they can treat their boyfriends or girlfriends well and don’t cheat, this relationship will get closer and closer.
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Questions & Answers on Pig\s Luck Prediction by Month 2019 & 2020
Asked by Vali from PERU | Jul. 15, 2019 12:40Reply
Are we destined to be soulmates? A male 09/13/1985 and a female 12/13/1983
Answers (1)
Answered by John from UNITED KINGDOM | Jul. 21, 2019 23:44

Conflicts seldom occur in your marriage life. Both of you are willing to make compromise with each other. Your relationship will be sweet and everlasting. :)
Asked by Gemmi from CANADA | May. 22, 2019 00:02Reply
born 1971 - career direction?
I am wondering if I should quit my job due to increase in workload 3x, lack of recognition and fair compensation. My employer keeps telling me that I need to prove myself by taking on more tasks alluding to a promotion in the future. My sense is that I am being used. I feel that if the tasks are on my plate and tight deadlines, I like to do a proper job. I am not sure if there is light at the end of the tunnel. What should I do?
Answers (3)
Answered by Michael from UNITED KINGDOM | May. 23, 2019 20:43

Although 2019 is the Ben Ming Nian for you, you can still make some changes. It will be ok for you to find another job. New work environment will be much easier to bring nice promotion chances.
Answered by Kim from CANADA | May. 29, 2019 04:00

Hi I think you should keep a low profile and just do the work cause this year is not so great at least you still have a job. At the end you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Answered by Al from PHILIPPINED | Jun. 02, 2019 14:41

Yeah you need to be in low profile. We both do feel the same way dude. I know your feelings too. I just keep myself focus on the work. Its true thats its not our year but lets just do what is important lets not distract ourselves what other said to us. Work work work
Asked by Cae from SOUTH AFRICA | May. 09, 2019 13:35Reply
Born on 30 december 1995
want to resign at my current work. Do you think im making a mistake?
Answers (1)
Answered by Christopher from FRANCE | May. 09, 2019 23:45

If you felt the job is not suitable for you, it will be ok for you to change the current job. Actually, you have outstanding personal abilities. Thus don't be upset. Just know what you want to do. Learn more things in order to adapt for the future job.
Asked by Mae from PHILIPPINES | May. 05, 2019 20:37Reply
Born in February 12, 1995
Is finding a new career this year lucky for me?
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Answered by Chadwick from DENMARK | May. 09, 2019 01:27

Yes, it will be ok for you to start own business. You have kind personal characteristics. Thus you may receive the surrounding people's help. Although there may face several difficulties at the beginning, you will handle them. Don't worry.
Asked by AIREEN COLUMBANO from PHILIPPINES | Apr. 23, 2019 20:31Reply
I was born on May 1, 1983. I'm planning to quit my job and try my luck abroad (Macao).
Is finding a new job and my career successful? Still single how about my love life? :) Thank you.
Answers (3)
Answered by Anna from USA | Apr. 24, 2019 20:33

Hi, you may gain a lot of chances in career this year and it is likely for you to gain some achievements. Strive for every chance and work hard, it will be lucky for you. Your love fortune is very good and you can be more active when facing someone you like. Good luck!
Answered by Almost depressed from PHILIPPINES | Aug. 18, 2019 20:40

Is it too late to look for other jobs? I am trying to be on low profile and maintaining status quo but it's really hard at this stage.
Answered by Anna | Aug. 19, 2019 00:23

No, you should have more confidence about yourself. And you need to keep the positive attitude towards difficulties. In addition, it is not late for other jobs. The prediction shows that you will finally get some successes.
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