Pig - Luck Prediction by Month 2022


Pigs’ 2022 luck prediction by month has quite a few ups and downs. 

Their luck in career is generally good, in spite of pressures from supervisors or leaders in the first half year and some annoying competitors in the later half. They may also get to know some talented and helpful persons from work. Thanks to the good performance, they may be awarded with higher salary. Remember to save some for rainy days. The single Pigs are very likely to make a boyfriend or girlfriend, especially in March, May, September and December. The horoscope says there will be no big problems in health, except possible minor diseases in January, September and October. 
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Pig Fortune in 2022

  Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The months shown below are lunar months, with Georgian dates marked (month/day/year).


(02/01/2022 – 03/02/2022)

Entering a new Chinese year, people with Chinese zodiac Pig will probably make an achievement in work, but it requires them to work harder. Their luck prediction in relationship is great as it says they may meet some talented persons and make friends with them. This month, they may intend to attend more social activities and spend more on enjoying life, which may bring them financial pressure at the end of the month. The romantic relationship is likely to be stable. However, if they would not like to spend time in maintaining it, it may develop towards the bad direction. For the elders or those lack of exercise, they may suffer from some minor diseases. Females are advised to keep a good mood and don’t give themselves too much pressure, otherwise endocrine disorder may knock the door.


(03/03/2022 – 03/31/2022)

It is a lucky month for Pigs to cooperate with others and show talents in work. Some of their friends may bring them cooperation opportunities. Meanwhile, someone may appear to compete with them. Sometimes, they may be in bad temper and do not like to be restricted. If they cannot adjust it timely, conflicts will happen between them and their supervisors. This month, it is likely they will spend more than before. In the first half of the month, their love relationship intends to be stable. However, in the later half, they may quarrel with their lover over different opinions. There will be no big health problem for them in February. 


(04/01/2022 – 04/30/2022)

Pigs’ love fortune in March of Chinese lunar calendar is good. There is a great chance for the single ones to meet a rational and tolerant person attracting them. Those in love will also enjoy happiness with their lover. But the horoscope in career is plain. They may not make big progress, but their talent helps them solve problems and difficulties easily. Their income in March may not increase, so they may feel a little pressured. Be more diligent and the financial situation will change. Their health horoscope is at a middle level, too. Do not spend too much time playing, ensure enough sleep and have meals on time, so as to stay away from illness.


(05/01/2022 – 05/29/2022)

The Pigs’ luck prediction in April of 2022 says it is a good month for them to engage in marketing and planning. But stay calm and don’t be impulsive, otherwise they may meet many obstacles and difficulties. It is not a lucky month to buy lotteries and make investment. Their love horoscope goes downward this month. The single ones may make a fool of themselves in front of the opposite sex, while the married ones should care more about and spend more time with their partners. Their health horoscope goes upward as they are likely to do more exercise, which is good to their body.


(05/30/2022 – 06/28/2022)

As a whole, May is a lucky month for Pigs. They will probably achieve big progress in the cooperation project, marketing and planning, which help raise their income. They may also obtain some extra income from investment. The relationship with others is harmonious. The singles ones may meet their Mr. or Mrs. Right for the first time and have the first date. The horoscope in health is just so-so. As they attend more social activities, they may drink more. Learn to say no and control the quantity of alcohol. Do not stay up too late and have enough sleep.


(06/29/2022 – 07/28/2022)

In June, Pigs may work together with their leaders to finish the projects from government. Although the work probably will go well, they may feel restricted and pressured. Learn to relax, keep a good mood and do some exercise to relieve pressure and stay healthy. Luckily, they are likely to get paid with more salary. This month, they may meet a charming opposite sex with the same interests with them, who may turn to be their lover later. For the married ones, there will be no much ups and downs in their family life. 


(07/29/2022 – 08/26/2022)

According to the prediction, Pigs may meet and get help from some resourceful or powerful persons in July. But they may feel pressured and bothered as those persons always give opinions. Also, they may feel unhappy and annoyed as the elder family members intend to stop their certain hobbies. Disturbed by these, they may be in bad mood and have poor appetite, which is harmful to health. Learn to relieve them and make a trip if possible. Their income may not change too much, so spend money in a planned way. Their partner may be emotional this month; be more tolerant and allow them to complain at home.


(08/27/2022 – 09/25/2022)

Talking about career, people born in the year of the Pig will have opportunities to find a new job, get a salary rise, receive a promotion or pass professional examinations and tests. It is likely someone will offer a hand when Pigs’ are in difficulties. But still, it requires their own efforts to make them come true. Although they may earn more than before this month, it’s better to save some for the rainy days other than spending all at ease. In August, they can get along well with their partner and be closer with them. Their health condition is good. Keep exercising and good sleeping and dining habits.


(09/26/2022 – 10/24/2022)

For single Pigs, they may fall in love with someone stubborn but kind-hearted in September. Those in love relationship gets to know how to take care of their lover and think from their point of views. As for work, it is predicted that they will do a great job and get high scores in professional tests, hence get a salary rise or promotion, especially those in real estate industry or financial industry. There may be some minor diseases falling on them. Take enough rest and follow the doctor's advice, they can recover soon. 


(10/25/2022 – 11/23/2022)

With the support from some reliable people, Pigs can perform well when cooperating with others and making plans and designs this month. But they need to make more efforts and spend more energies. Whatever, no pains, no gains. Their hard work will be paid by higher income. In October, they are likely to make some friends like-minded with them. As they spend more time working and making friends, their partner may feel being ignored. Do pay attention to their emotions. The health horoscope is good. If gets ill, go to see doctor in time and there will be no big problem.


(11/24/2022 – 12/22/2022)

In November, Pigs’ performance in work may be plain and they should be careful about the competitors, although their influence is limited. The prediction in love fortune is good for singles. They may meet someone charming, rational and smart and have dates, which leads to cost out of plan. For married people, their family life will neither be passionate nor dull. Do not just stay at home. Go out to have some dates to enhance the romantic relationship. The wealth fortune is not so good. At the end of the month, they may need to live on the previous savings. It is advised to spend money in a planned way and take care of themselves to avoid extra cost in hospitals. 


(12/23/2022 – 01/21/2023)

Bothered by competitors a lot, their work may not go well in the first half month. Fortunately, someone will appear to help them out in the later half month. In December, they may make more efforts to achieve higher income, but it seems not work well. Keep a plain life and do not waste money. Be positive and the singles will have chances to make a girlfriend or boyfriend. For those in love or married people, they feel satisfied about their love relationship most of the time. As their health horoscope is on a downward trend, they need to pay more attention to their body changes and adjust the dressings according to weather timely. 
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Questions & Answers on Pig\s Luck Prediction by Month 2022
Asked by Victoria from GERMANY | Jan. 22, 2021 13:20Reply
I'm Victoria. I am a Wood Pig, born on January 10, 1996.
The last few years have been very troublesome, so I'd like to know: What does my future in regards to career and love hold? Will it improve?
Answers (2)
Answered by Avery | Feb. 01, 2021 00:16

The situation would be much better that last year. You will find several golden chances in career. You should catch them and have good performance. About love life, March, May, August, September and November are auspicious ones for you.
Answered by Ghee8732 | Jun. 02, 2021 06:52

Yes it will improve only when you believe in it.
Asked by aileen from PHILIPPINES | Nov. 11, 2020 08:26Reply
I'm Aileen, I was born on November 22,1983 year of the pig. What is My future career and business?
Answers (1)
Answered by Adama | Nov. 15, 2020 23:19

The prediction shows that there would have several good changes in your career and business. You would meet several lucky stars who would provide some help.
Asked by chandra mohan from INDIA | Jul. 22, 2020 09:10Reply
career prosprctus?
name;chandra mohan
time:2.00 am
Due to lockdown getting jobs become difficulty now.I want to
do Work from home.can i be successful in this?DO you see
more diffculties next ox year? thank yu.
Answers (1)
Answered by Ida from GERMANY | Jul. 27, 2020 00:53

It is predicted that the situation would change into a better stage in the following months. Don't worry.
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