2007 Chinese Zodiac - Fire Pig

Which type of Pig are people born in 2007 Chinese Zodiac year?

2007 is the year of the Pig according to Chinese zodiac. Furthermore, in Chinese Five Elements, it is Fire Pig year. 

As Chinese zodiac follows lunar calendar, this fire Pig year is from February 18, 2007 to February 6, 2008. Those who born from January 1 to February 17 in 2007 are Chinese zodiac Fire Dog. 

Lucky Signs for 2007 Fire Pig

 Lucky Numbers: 0, 7

 Lucky Colors: dark green

2019 Horoscope for Fire Pig Born in 2007

People born in 2007 is 12 years old in 2019, which is at the beginning of their lives. It is the Ben Ming Nian for the Pig people, which is a year things do not go well according to Chinese tradition. But the 2007 Fire Pigs have very good luck in 2019. 

Because of their born intelligence, the Fire Pig can absorb knowledge very fast. In 2019, their performance in school will become better and better and distinguish themselves in the examinations, reaching the top place in all subjects. Even if they don't study too hard, they will not have bad scores.

2020 Horoscope for Fire Pig Born in 2007

Although their grades in learning fail to meet the expectation from parents and teachers, they still need enough encouragement. Sometimes, criticism can make things worse. Their parents should give them more encouragement and help them to become confident. They are likely to get fewer pocket money because their naughty character will make parents annoying, even if it is not a serious problem. If they want their parents to give them more pocket money, they should learn to be well-behaved, especially, in front of their parents.

Those born in 2007 might feel lonely and rebel psychology makes them more resistance to the outside world. They should try to communicate with friends and take advice from parents so that they can see love & relationship in a better way. Staying up late online will upset their physical balance and result in endocrine dyscrasia.

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Personality Traits of the 2007 Chinese Zodiac Pig

People with 2007 Chinese zodiac Pig are persons with very strong vitality. They are so motivated and enterprising that they will start doing something immediately once they want to. Even if there are many difficulties, they will stick to it. But they lack patience and are too eager for success, which makes them stop halfway sometimes.

They get along very well with their friends, and listen to others patiently, so they have a good popularity. The Fire Pig are frank and honest, but lack flexibility, so they will encounter some troubles. But they are confident and popular among the people, and can get help from others. They are also talented in dealing with economic problems and never waste money. So they can make diversified investments to increase capital value.

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The Fire Pig have a good luck in their careers. They have their own opinions in business and have a strong desire for advancement, so they are likely to succeed in their career at an earlier time. If they can find a suitable partner in their career, they can make a bigger achievement.

But they should better overcome their laziness and outspokenness, otherwise they will offend others easily and cause blocks for their career.

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The Fire Pig actually have no idea of money when they are teenagers, and always spend money on meaningless things. So they do not have much fortune at this time. In their 20 to 30s, they are always a lavish spender. If someone borrows money from them, they will definitely take it out without hesitation, so everyone likes to borrow money or things from them, which leads themselves to be in troubles. In middle ages, they begin to realize the importance of money, start to change the habit of spending money without stint. In their whole lives, because of their bad habit, they have no extra savings and can only lead unexceptional lives. But if they can learn some knowledge about financial management and develop good consumption habits, they can also accumulate a lot of wealth.

Love and Relationships

The love and relationships of the Fire Pig are relatively good. They are generous, and willing to tolerate their partners, understand them, and make concessions in the marriage, so their marriages can be very harmonious and happy.

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There may be some problems with their health in their lives. Especially during the years with bad luck, they are easier to get sick. If don't handle it well, they will be easily troubled by illness, which will affect their future lives. Therefore, in order to live a healthy life, they should keep calm even if in troubles and exercise regularly.

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