Pig - Love Compatibility

Although People born in the Year of the Pig usually have abundant emotions, they are not willing to expose to others easily. An optimistic mentality may let them get hurt in life. Most of them won't complain to other people.

Generally speaking, the romantic character will enhance their love relationship a lot. Sometimes, they become sensitive. Emotional ups and downs may lead to several quarrels. However, they won't use their bad feelings to influence their soul mates.
Pig's Compatibility with 12 Zodiac Animals

Male Pigs in Love

Responsible, romantic, loyal

Men with Chinese zodiac Pig sign always desire a romantic and passionate marriage in their whole life. They often behave shy to chase the person they love. Sometimes, they may miss the appropriate opportunities. Once they get married, they will try their best to support the family. Most of them can be totally loyal to their wives. However, most of them are not good at expressing their feelings, which may lead to some misunderstandings from wives and children. 

Female Pigs in Love

Independent, lovely, quiet

In other people's eyes, females born in the Year of the Pig are gentle, kindhearted, and pretty, which can always arouse men's desire of protection. In addition, they also have inwardly steady and reassuring characteristics. They are good at showing consideration for their soul mates in married life. Most of them can always find more time to stay with family members and create a relaxed atmosphere. All these advantages can bring enough sense of security to partners.

How to get along with Pigs?

Most people with Chinese zodiac Pig don't pay much attention to trivial things in life. Born pure characteristics help them win harmonious interpersonal relationships. They are willing to judge others in private. However, they can easily get angry sometimes. Negative emotions won't influence them for a long time. Because of their candid personality, they may hurt someone in conversation by using unsuitable words. The surrounding people are advised to show more tolerance and enough patience.

Love Compatibility in Marriage

The detailed Chinese zodiac analysis shows that they are likely to fall in love with people in signs of Tiger, Rabbit and Sheep. These couples share common interests and have high love compatibility. Most of them will gain a perfect and harmonious marriage life. However, they are not compatible with Snake or Monkey people. Large differences in living habits and values will lead to divergences in marriage.

Best Matches for Pig Men

Tiger They are born to be perfect lovers. Both of them can show enough patience and understanding to deal with the difficulties in married life.
Rabbit Common gentle and considerate personalities always make their marriage sweeter than other matches. They have an enviable born tacit agreement.
Rooster They can cooperate well in work and marriage. They won’t ignore the family because of busy work. Relaxing family life will help them gain everlasting marriage.

Bad Matches for Pig Men

Ox  They totally don't have common interests and values towards life, which always lead to quarrels and arguments. Both of them want to control the married life. Thus they always use aggressive words to hurt each other.
Dragon One is too considerate, and the other is careless. The obvious difference make them cannot stay with each other anymore. This combination cannot be happy and sweet in marriage.
Snake They can always see the shortcomings of their soul mates. Snake ladies may pursue high-quality life style and have high demands, which let men feel pressured.

Best Matches for Pig Ladies

Horse Both of them are loyal to family. After getting married, they don’t do immoral things to harm the love relationship. They have common goals to support the family and keep similar values to fight against the difficulties.
Sheep In general, there are only a few conflicts in marriage. The family atmospheres are always relaxing and harmonious. Sheep men are born with romantic manners and creative ideas that bring some fresh feelings.
Dog They can live with each other in peace. Although there are some differences in personality, it arouses Dog men’s curiosity to know their soul mates more. Both of them don’t mind shortcomings. In their eyes, the partners are the perfect people in the world.

Bad Matches for Pig Ladies

Monkey They are not willing to trust their partners. Lots of misunderstandings and suspicions make the relationship change into a bad direction. They don’t have enough time to communicate with each other. Thus, when meeting difficulties, one even don’t know the true inner ideas of the other.
Rooster Roosters always keep a conscientious attitude towards every aspect in life. The high desire of control makes others feel nervous and anxious. This combination may have a small possibility to obtain an everlasting marriage.

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Questions & Answers on Pig\s Love Compatibility
Asked by Alex from USA | Apr. 21, 2023 06:47Reply
What does good match or enemy mean?
Can someone clarify the precise meaning of good match or enemy?
Such as:

Are they going to betray me later on in the relationship?

Was I meant for someone else?

Is the compatibility half and half 50/50 chance?

Are they secretly hating on me?

Wil they cheat on me with someone else?

What does good match or enemy really mean?
Answers (1)
Answered by Amada | Apr. 22, 2023 20:51

The good match implies the two can be good partner for each other while enemy implies the two may have lots of conflicts. As for the loyalty to the lover, it is not a matter of match or not; it's more about one's moral quality. If cannot get along well, just break up before starting a new relationship.
Asked by Teresa Hurlstone from CAYMAN ISLANDS | May. 25, 2022 22:01Reply
Year of the Sheep,or Year of the Goat?
Is the Year of the Sheep,and the Year of the Goat the exact same thing,or two very different things? Which zodiac sign does 1992 belong to?
Answers (1)
Answered by Coco | May. 30, 2022 00:13

Year of the Sheep and year of the goat is the same thing. Those born on and before Feb.3, 1992 have Sheep sign while those after have Monkey sign.
Asked by Cecilia from AUSTRALIA | Feb. 16, 2021 19:25Reply
Is has feelings for and do have a chance to be a real couple
Im Cecilia 14/08/983 and I’m dating for 4 months with a John 19/06/1983. But he doesn’t want to have serious relationship with me. Can has possible that one day he gonna love me. And only him he’s the one who helps me to face all my fears. Because at the moment I’m scared to have new relationship with other guy because of my abusive previous relationship.
Answers (5)
Answered by Mike | Feb. 17, 2021 11:04

You guys should just be friends and try to appreciate how he adds to your life. You will find a better romantic match, but this could be a wonderful friendship! Don't expect love, but you should have good times when you are together.
Answered by Maka | Feb. 22, 2021 16:02

Do what's best for yourself, especially in your own healing. If it hurts to chase him, honor yourself by not chasing him. If he's the kind that knows what he wants, it may be pointless to try to change his mind. I understand though, I'm a pig year and my last relationship was abusive as well.. I found the best, most attractive thing one can do is always do what's best for yourself. If you do that, and keep high standards, good people will come naturally. Good people are attracted to strength. Abusive people are attracted to wounds.
Answered by Serena | May. 07, 2021 06:49

Maybe don’t reply on a stupid zodiac and go with your gut feelings.
Answered by Ana | Feb. 02, 2022 01:13

I developed a crush on a man who didn’t want a serious relationship at the time. It was much better for me after I let him go. I got into a not so great relationship after, but by the time he came around I was already engaged to the love of my life. Don’t be afraid to leave. You’ll find your love.
Answered by Daria | Feb. 19, 2023 15:29

I agree happened the same for Me it took time to heal but finally enjoying life fully being free in love with life and the one I found when I healed myself truly is way a better match that I never even thought about that way before
Asked by Cecilia from AUSTRALIA | Feb. 10, 2021 18:34Reply
Im pig 1983 August and same with the I used to have date and he was June is we have big chances
Boy 19 june 1983
Me 14 August 1983
Answers (1)
Answered by Connie | Feb. 14, 2021 18:21

You have the same notions and goals. The combination will give more space to your career development.
Asked by Queenie from PHILIPPINES | May. 20, 2020 05:45Reply
Born Jan 9, 1996 but still single. Will i find a love partner or something this year?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ainsley from FRANCE | May. 25, 2020 01:37

The possibility would be high. You can join in more social activities and know more people. Also you can find several ways to enhance personal charm. In this way, you can find true love much easier.
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