1946 Chinese Zodiac - Fire Dog

Which type of Dog are people born in 1946 Chinese Zodiac Year?

In Chinese calendar, 1946 is the year of the Dog. Besides, referring to Chinese Five Elements, 1946 has the Metal element. So people born in 1946 Chinese zodiac year is Fire Dog. To convert the 1946 Dog year into Gregorian calendar, it was from February 2, 1946 to January 21, 1947. People born from January 1 to February 1 in 1946 belong to the Wood Rooster.

Lucky Signs for 1946 Fire Dog

 Lucky Numbers:  3, 4, 9

 Lucky Color: green, red, purple

2020 Horoscope for 1946 Fire Dog

The overall horoscope in 2020 is not very good for the Fire Dog people born in 1946. They are likely to encounter some problems in many aspects. But they should try to keep a good attitude, which helps things turn better. The Fire Dog should deal with things seriously and pay special attention to their health.

In 2020, their career luck is not very good and they may often feel very tired at work. Although some of the Fire Dog still want to work and don’t want to retire, they will find that it becomes more and more difficult for them to work energetically. Therefore, it is suggested that they retire at a proper time and learn to enjoy their life at home or traveling.

The wealth luck for the 1946 Fire Dog is extremely good in the year of 2020. They will not only receive their children's pension on a frequent basis, but also have a lot of unexpected wealth, some of which is due to their own income and some of which is the profits from their stocks. Therefore, they can boldly try some investment and financial management projects. They are so lucky this year that the results are mostly good.

As usual, the relationship between the Dog people and their lover is pretty smooth. Also, after spending life with each other for decades, they have been very close. However, the frequency of quarrel between them and their spouse is getting higher and higher, and most of the time is because of trivial things. But they will soon make it up.

In 2020, their health and fortune will be good and there will be no major diseases. However, their mentality is not very good. Every time they feel a little uncomfortable, they begin to think about the bad side. So they have to adjust to their mind to live a carefree life.

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Personality Traits of the 1946 Chinese Zodiac Fire Dog

People born in 1946 are determined and have strong sympathy. Moreover, they are brave, modest and easy-going people. They are loyal to their friends and attach great importance to their friends; under normal circumstances, they will help their friends without hesitation.  

However, sometimes the Fire Dog born in 1946 do things blindly and they believe that their reputation is more important than everything. In addition, they have slow-heating personalities, so it takes a long time for them to make a new friend. They like to depend on others and they always worry about the future.

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For 1946 Fire Dog people who is still working, they should better retire and have a good rest at home, because they lack energy to deal with everything correctly and immediately. As for retired Dog people, it is better for them to do something to kill their time, for example, playing Tai Chi or traveling.

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As the 1946 Fire Dog people getting older and older, their wealth luck is becoming better and better. Because they have a miserable experience when they were young, they can better understand how hard it is to make money. Therefore, they always save a penny for a rainy day.


Love and Relationships

The love between people with Chinese zodiac Fire Dog born in 1946 and their spouse is relatively sweet. In addition, they can also get along well with their friends. As time passes by, they have realized that their friends and lover are more important than anything else. Fortunately, it is not too late and they still have time to make up for the regrets.

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1946 Fire Dog’s health condition is pretty good. Their physical quality and health are much better than those of their peers because of their regular exercise. But they must be careful not to exercise too much. What’s more, they’d better stay at home when the weather condition is not good.

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