Which Type of 'Dog' Are You?

-- Character and Fortune Analysis by Five Elements


Wood Dog (1934, 1994)

 Personality: Affecting by both Chinese zodiac and Five Elements, Wood Dogs are kind, friendly and stable in character. They are very enterprising for their future, and their wisdom and eloquence make them good leaders. They are well aware of their capability and strengths. They would like to live a thrifty and plain life, but over calculating may make them lose friends.

 Career: They are very persistent in career. Once having a goal, they would achieve them no matter how hard it is. They are suitable to have jobs that need patience and persistence; in this way, their potentials can be dug out. In workplace, they cannot withstand injustice and unfairness. If they get help from others, they will reward as much as possible.

 Wealth: They have nice fortune in wealth, with major income from their salary. When they are young, they are kind of thrifty, which helps them save a big amount of money. However, they are mean in money, caring much about small benefit, which may make them lose friends.

 Love: They are frank and straightforward, but faithful in love. Once they fall in love, they will be fully devoted, and would ask the other for the same way back. Both males and females can harvest a pleasant relationship eventually.

 Health: As they are always in a stressful condition, they may encounter some mental sickness. They could make a short trip or have some outdoor activities to release pressure.

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Fire Dog (1946, 2006)

 Personality: People born in the Fire Dog Years are loyal, generous and faithful to people. They seems to be a bit introverted and timid, so they have a few friends. Females with Chinese zodiac sign of Dog are upright and warm-hearted, and they can make some true friends in life. Most of them are outspoken, so they may offend someone unconsciously. If they establish more confidence, they could be excellent leaders.

 Career: They believe they are peace lovers in destiny, and they resent people playing tricks behind. They are also not suitable for work with too much competition, while jobs related with art are fit for them. They lack independence and sense of security, tending to rely on others when meeting troubles in work. Their attitude towards work may be easily affected by awkward relationships with colleagues.

 Wealth: The wealth fortune is nice throughout their life. They could save a great amount of money through their hard working. As long as they make a budget and reduce unnecessary expenditure, the stable income could support them to live a better-off life. If they earn some easy and fast money, it’s better to purchase some real estate for investment.

 Love: Dogs with Fire sign of Chinese Five Elements are not good at expressing love, as they are very direct and aggressive. Actually their heart is pure and soft. If they learn to stand in each other’s shoes, they could be truly loved.

 Health: They should reduce the intake of junk food, or they may get some digestive diseases.

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Earth Dog (1958, 2018)

 Personality: Earth Dogs are generous, broad-minded and patient. They are considerate to view things standing in other people’s shoes. Industrious and modest, they are people of principle, discipline and responsibility. They are not afraid of authorities; on the contrary, they are willing to make challenges to them.

 Career: Their career is quite average when they are young. They need to make accomplishments based on a down condition. After middle age, their fortune in career could take a turn for the better. Workplace of competition is not fit for them, as their personality may be frustrated by office politics.

 Wealth: There is no big rise and fall for their luck of wealth. Relying on themselves, they could make a fortune if seizing chances, but money may also flow out quickly. If they cultivate the sense of saving money, they could live a well-off life. Meanwhile, they should avoid having money issues with friends, which brings them no good.

 Love: They are faithful in every relationship. Although not good at expressing their inner feelings, they could meet active, loyal and devoted lovers. In marriage life, they seem to be a bit rigid, without romantic ideas, which may bother their life partners.

 Health: There is no severe problem on their health, but they still need to take exercise to keep fit.

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Metal Dog (1910, 1970)

 Personality: Dog people with Chinese Five Elements sign of Metal are outgoing, straightforward, conservative and realistic. Although they keep in low profile at most of time, they like to dress nicely out of vanity. When their friends meet problems, they usually provide help without hesitation. Besides, they are of high esteem and diligence, unwilling to rely on others.

 Career: As they are very independent in character, they will not count on others' assistance. In addition to intelligence, they could give brilliant performance in career. They are cautious, careful and prudent in work; their high motivation drives them not to give up. In team work, they can do well in their own part, and also be glad to help others.

 Wealth: Their destiny in wealth is really flourishing and stable, without big rise and fall. They have a good habit of making savings, which helps them accumulate a big amount of money. However, they prefer to live a simple and thrifty life. Farsighted, they are good at long-term financing, which may bring them good fortune.

 Love: Male Metal Dogs are usually handsome, while females are elegant. Both of them are attractive to opposite sex. They have dream-like fantasy about love and romance, but when love falls on them, they are sometimes not brave enough to seize it.

 Health: They are in sub-health status, and may get common sickness frequently. They need to take more exercise to build up the immunity.

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Water Dog (1922, 1982)

 Personality: Influenced by the Five Elements sign of Water, they are outgoing and responsible. When facing adversity, they seem to be optimistic, positive, dynamic and aspiring. A kind heart is shinning point of them, which helps them expand their social net. They love thinking and analyzing, with far eyesight towards future life.

 Career: They are open-minded, but conservative in actions. In work, they lack enthusiasm and decisiveness. When making choices, they need to take a long time for hesitation. Their thought and actions are inconsistent, so some of their plans cannot be carried out. If they can take others’ advice modestly, they could make progress soon.

 Wealth: They work hard at adulthood, but the income flows out quickly. Towards middle age, they can get assistance from sophisticated people, and may seize the chance to make a fortune. They could make good use of their savings and make reasonable budget. Thus, they are seldom bothered by money issues.

 Love: When falling in love with someone, they will dedicate themselves in the relationship. They may be easily restrained by love and romance, which even affect their career sometimes. However, some may neglect their love because of trifles in life.

 Health: During their 20s, they may get sprained or fall injuries. Therefore, they should avoid some high-risk activities, such as rock climbing, diving or parachuting.

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Questions & Answers on Dog Character and Fortune by Five Elements
Asked by Nicole from USA | Sep. 29, 2020 08:53Reply
Water Dog Born 1982
I’d like to know when and how my love life with get better as well as when and how I will become financially stable again?
Answers (1)
Answered by Anna | Sep. 29, 2020 20:47

According to the prediction, November and December are two auspicious months for your love and wealth. Good luck!
Asked by Esau Cocklen from SOUTH AFRICA | Jan. 15, 2019 12:52Reply
What business/career path should I focus on?
I'm born on 06 August 1987. I am a male.
Answers (1)
Answered by Anne from USA | Jan. 15, 2019 19:58

Hi, it's hard to predict and you are suggested to decide according to your interests and specialties. A background or a market survey is very necessary when you choose the career path. Good luck!
Asked by Risha from GERMANY | Jul. 25, 2018 12:31Reply
I’m a Water Dog born in March and need advice!What business/career path should I focus on?
My husband is a Pig, my son a dragon, daughter a horse and son a rooster. I need direction and advice
Answers (1)
Answered by Abner from USA | Jul. 25, 2018 19:14

You can start your business about education, such as opening a training school.
Asked by Shirleen Lee from SINGAPORE | May. 18, 2018 19:19Reply
Career for Water Ox lacking wood elements in names
My husband & I are both Water Ox. A Fengshui master said my husband has fire & I have earth & we both lack wood elements. What business would suit both of us?
Answers (1)
Answered by Julian from USA | May. 21, 2018 01:50

You can start your business on agriculture and real estate. At the same time, you should do your business in the southern areas.
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