1958 Chinese Zodiac - Earth Dog

Which type of Dog are people born in 1958 Chinese Zodiac year?

Referring to Chinese Five Elements, the year of 1958 is the Earth year. And according to Chinese Zodiac, 1958 belongs to the year of the Dog. Therefore, people born in 1958 are the Earth Dog.

Chinese zodiac follows lunar calendar, which is different from Gregorian calendar. To count in the Gregorian calendar, the 1958 Chinese Earth Dragon year is from February 18, 1958 to February 7, 1959. And those people who born from January 1 to February 17 in 1958 have the previous Fire Rooster sign.


Lucky Signs for 1958 Earth Dog

 Lucky Numbers:  5, 6

 Lucky Color: blue, orange

2020 Horoscope for 1958 Earth Dog

The Dog people born in 1958 will have more difficulties in doing things in 2020, especially in their career, which will usher in a bottleneck period. It also sees that it is more frequently for Dog people to feel tired this year. However, as long as they can adjust their state and mood in time, it is not too difficult to solve the problems.

In 2020, the career luck of the 1958 Earth Dog is not very good. Dog people who are still working this year will encounter many troubles, and their work tasks will not be reduced as they get older, instead their workload will be even greater this year. It will be more difficult for businessmen to expand their business in 2020. If they don't change the operation system in time, the enterprise may end up soon. Therefore, they can learn experiences from other enterprises to help their own enterprises.

In the year of 2020, the wealth luck of people with Chinese zodiac Dog born in 1958 is very good. They can choose to invest and manage their finances this year after careful investigation, and they are likely to have a huge windfall.

For the Earth people born in 1958, they will enjoy family harmony and family happiness in the year of 2020. There will not be too many conflicts with their spouses. Since they have been with their loved ones all their lives, they are very familiar with and can understand each other. Even if there are some conflicts and quarrels, they can make up soon. In addition, the couple can choose to travel together to enhance their feelings.

The 1958 Dog people may have a poor health condition in 2020. For a long time, they did not like to go to the hospital. Even if they were sick, they only took medicine at home and did not seek help from doctors. However, they had better go to the hospital regularly for physical examination to have a more comprehensive understanding of their physical condition. At the same time, they should keep their personal cleanliness and hygiene, and their homes should be ventilated frequently so as not to be easily infected with germs.

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Personality Traits of the 1958 Chinese Zodiac Earth Dog

People with Chinese zodiac Dog born in the year of 1958 have the ability to think carefully and cautiously. They like to pursue perfection and do things seriously. Therefore, they usually treat people and things with strict and serious attitude.

However, because they are narrow-minded and like to be arbitrary, it is easy for them to quarrel with the people around them and it is difficult for them to get along well with others peacefully. If they can face up to and correct their shortcomings, they are still likely to make many good friends with their own efforts.

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One of the greatest weaknesses of the Dog people born in 1958 is their indecision. They often hesitate and cannot make decisions in time when facing some important things, thus missing good opportunities. Therefore, it is suggested that they learn to figure out key points and make decisions in time before the opportunity leaves, so as to improve their career.

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The Earth Dog can live a relatively rich life, and they are destined to have noble help. When they encounter some big problems, some people will often appear to help and guide them. If they make good use of these help, they will gain more wealth and greatly improve their current life. However, it must be remembered that when pursuing fortune, one must not do anything illegal out of the scope permitted by law, otherwise one will only ruin their lives.


Love and Relationships

Compared with wealth fortune, the love fortune of the Dog people born in 1958 is not very good. Because of their lively personality, at the beginning of each relationship, both of them and the opposite sex will be very happy. But as time pass by, they are likely to become impatient, causing the partner can't stand them and leave. Therefore, it is suggested that they learn to be persistent and patient in love relationship, and learn to think from other's perspective.

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The physical condition is pretty good for the 1958 Earth Dog. Although they may not suffer from serious diseases the whole life, they should also pay attention to common diseases such as cold, fever, etc. In addition, exercise is one of the most useful way to enhance immunity.

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