2018 Chinese Zodiac - Earth Dog

Which type of Dog are people born in 2018 Chinese zodiac year?

According to Chinese Zodiac, the year of 2018 belongs to the Dog year, and this Dog year has the Earth element based on Chinese Five Elements. Therefore, people born in 2018 Chinese zodiac year are the Earth Dog.

As Chinese zodiac is based on lunar calendar, the 2018 Earth Dog year actually starts from February 16, 2018 to February 4, 2019 in Gregorian calendar, and people who born from January 1 to February 17 in 2018 are the Fire Rooster.


Lucky Signs for 2018 Earth Dog

 Lucky Numbers:  0, 5

 Lucky Colors: yellow, green


2023 Horoscope for Earth Dog Born in 2018

People born in 2018 year of the Dog would enjoy their childhood happily in 2023. Their parents would earn abundant income, buying them not only delicious food, but also various toys. However, parents should learn to refuse their unreasonable requirements, and guide them to control their desire and emotion, so as to develop their good personalities. Some of them may start to go to kindergarten, which would ensure them to enjoy a more colorful life. In the case, parents should help them learn how to get along well with classmates. Even if they would not go to kindergarten, parents should take them out more often, for them to meet more people. If possible, make some trips in weekends or holidays and help them broaden the horizon. Their health luck is average. Be careful when the weather changes greatly.

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Personality Traits of the 2018 Chinese Zodiac Earth Dog

People with Chinese zodiac Dog born in 2018 are persistent and determined and will never give up halfway in doing things. They are full of love and compassion; they like animals, and will lend help in time when friends meet difficulties. In addition, the Earth Dog are very frank, lively and active, and they are also very sensitive in heart. They know how to respect others and will never force others to accept their opinions.

However, they are very stubborn sometimes. When they are in a bad mood, no matter how hard others try to persuade and comfort them, it will have no effect. The 2018 Fire Dog are over independent that they do not like others to interfere in their own lives. Moreover, they have a strong sense of self-protection, so they will not trust others easily.

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The Fire Dog born in 2018 have a serious and responsible working attitude, so it is easy for them to make achievements. At the same time, they are very intelligent and suitable for starting their own businesses. They can always capture important information in the market faster and apply it to their business, and get greater benefits. But they will miss some opportunities due to their impatience, which is their shortcoming that needs to be corrected.

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Chinese zodiac Dog people will have a good wealth luck in their life. They are destined to be helped by some people. Since middle age, they will have some power. If they make good use of it, they will gain more wealth and greatly improve their life. However, it must be remembered that power must be exercised within the scope permitted by law and no illegal acts should be committed.


Love and Relationships

The love fortune for people born in the 2018 year of the Dog is not very ideal. Because they are lively; at the beginning of each relationship, both of them will be very happy. But after being together for a long time, they will become irritable and impatient, and it is easy for their lover to break up with them because they can't stand it. Therefore, it is suggested that the Fire Dog should learn to control their temper, and learn to think from lover's perspective. As long as they overcome these problems, they will eventually have a happy marriage.

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Dog people born in 2018 have a healthy body and they are not easy to get sick. However, good living habits should be cultivated since childhood. Early to bed and early to rise is good for health. Do not be fussy about food and try to eat more fruits and vegetables.

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Questions & Answers on 2018 Chinese Zodiac - Earth Dog
Asked by Joanne Australia | Sep. 02, 2020 03:54Reply
Also what months you are born in is also an influence
I was born in April 1962 water tiger also tiger passing through the forest ? There is tiger roaring ,tiger attacking ?as with all signs same year different months different agender?
Answers (1)
Answered by Gabriel | Sep. 02, 2020 19:42

There are also Earth, Metal, Wood and Fire Tiger. Different birth years decide the different the five elements.
Asked by Isa from UK | Jul. 29, 2020 09:06Reply
On Earth Dog born 2018 or Fire Dog ??
Can someone please check for all the wording on DOG - for all aspect born in 2018 - as it is marked as EARTH DOG not FIRE Dog and in the description it refers all the time to Fire Dog which makes the meaning questionable if the description is for the fire Dog!?? Or is it a typo ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Norah from DENMARK | Aug. 06, 2020 02:35

Maybe it is the typo. Because people born in 2018 is Earth Dog.
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