Dog - Best Business and Career Fields

Best Age to Start a Business for Dog

20-40 years old


Best Business and Career Fields for Dog

Furniture Store

The Dog people have a strong family concept and they enjoy the warm and comfortable home environment. No one has a better taste than them in home decoration. Engaging in the home furnishing industry can stimulate their talents and unique business minds. With unique taste and pursuing comfort, their goods will definitely be loved by customers.


Building Company

Chinese zodiac Dog are steady, principled and responsible. In the project, they will not cheat others for small profits, and will strictly control the quality and never allow the projects they are responsible for to become jerry-built project. They know that a bad project may kill a lot of people one day whether it is a high-rise building, a bridge or a road. Therefore, they will be successful in the construction industry.


Sole Proprietorship or Partnership

People with Chinese zodiac Dog are good at handling interpersonal relations, public affairs, organizing things and resolving disputes. Therefore, they can run a small business on their own. 

However, they are not good at dealing with large-scale and complicated affairs. They do not have a long-term vision and cannot take everything into account at the same time. When running big business, they need to find more talented partners to help them. And the partner should have rich knowledge, careful planning ability and innovative thinking to make up for their shortage. In partnership, they should better be deputy to assist their partners.


Business and Career Partners for Dog

 Rat: Uncooperative
Their cooperation is generally unpleasant. The Dog people are too idealistic, and it is difficult for them to cooperate successfully

 Ox: Uncooperative
Their personalities are quite different and they often differ in management strategies. Therefore, it is more difficult for them to cooperate.

 Tiger: Can be corporative
They can cooperate together, but they may fight with each other for the profits.

 Rabbit: Best Partner
The Rabbit people are intelligent and objective, which is helpful to the Dog. And the Dog will not betray the Rabbit. Therefore, they are ideal partners.

 Dragon: Can be corporative
The Dog people can see through the Dragon in many things, which will hurt the Dragons' self-esteem, so they are unlikely to cooperate for a long time.

 Snake: Can be corporative
They may cooperate successfully, but don’t give too much hope, because they don’t trust each other.

 Horse: Best Partner
They will cooperate happily. They are all pragmatic, and they often discuss together and help each other.

 Sheep: Uncooperative
It is not easy for them to cooperate. Because the Dog people always feel that they have more important things to do, and the Sheep usually measure the Dog by their own standards.

 Monkey: Can be corporative
Although they can cooperate, the Monkey people are wary of the Dog, and the Dog will never let Monkey get any extra benefits.

 Rooster: Uncooperative
They don't get along very well. The Rooster people are always wary of Dog. Even if they cooperate together and have common interests, they do not regard each other as true friends.

 Dog: Uncooperative
They are not very interested in each other. Also, both of them are not very good at management, so they will easily fail.

 Pig: Can be corporative
They can cooperate. But the Dog are sometimes too generous to others, which will make the Pig people a little unhappy.


Advice on Business Investment and Financial Management

The Dog people should better avoid debt disputes with friends in their life. Usually, it is Dog people who lend money to their friends with good intentions, but they cannot take them back, and finally lead the friendship to break up. Therefore, it is better for them to hold their money and do not lend it to others easily.

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Questions & Answers on Dog - Best Business and Career Fields
Asked by Aks from PHILIPPINES | May. 11, 2020 07:09Reply
We will create a business on December 2020.
Or after ECQ was lifted. I Was born on 12.02.1994 may business partner was born on 03.29.1994. It is a good idea? Our business is food (Dessert).
Answers (1)
Answered by Eira from FRANCE | May. 18, 2020 01:05

Yes, you should be brave to start own business. Just make full use of your intelligence to make some successes!
Asked by Manju from USA | Aug. 29, 2019 09:08Reply
Want to know my comming promotion .
my date of birth is February 1,1982.I m in military now waiting for my promotion.Do I get promotion in coming months within 2019?
Hoping your blessings answers .
Answers (1)
Answered by Thomas from RUSSIA | Sep. 02, 2019 02:10

The prediction indicates that you would find several chances in end 2019 or early 2020. Your bosses will appreciate your great efforts. Thus you need to work harder and harder, having outstanding performance. Good luck!
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