1970 Chinese Zodiac - Metal Dog

Which type of Dog are people born in 1970 Chinese Zodiac Year?

Dog is the 1970 Chinese zodiac sign, and according to Chinese Five Elements, Metal is the element for the year 1970. So people born in are Metal Dog. To clarify them in Gregorian calendar, people born from February 6 to December 31 in 1970 are the Metal Dog, and people born from January 1 to February 5 in 1970 belong to the previous Earth Rooster.


Lucky Signs for 1970 Metal Dog

 Lucky Numbers:  2, 7

 Lucky Color: red

2020 Horoscope for Metal Dog Born in 1970

Though minor disturbances may occur in 2020, people born in 1970 are generally lucky in both career and wealth. Metal Dogs will have steady incomes and accumulate a considerable fortune at the end of 2020.

Thanks to some helpful people, in 2020, Metal Dogs are possible to have job promotion and higher salary on account of their hard work and smooth cooperation with others. In case of interpersonal problems, Metal Dogs need to be amiable when getting along with others. For those who engage in real estate or medical undertakings, the period from March to July could be relatively favorable to make important decisions. In October and November, Metal Dogs should bear in mind not to set unachievable standard for themselves and their partners. Once they do, make adjustment as soon as possible.

In 2020, Metal Dogs will feel a little bit tense when they repay loans for house and car. But don’t worry, they will establish and maintain a solid relationship with others, who could introduce them some lucrative businesses in return. But watch out for money scams.

In the first half of 2020, male Metal Dogs should better stay away from the women outside and focus on managing the marriage in a proper way. Mutual recognition and praise between couples are of great help. In the second half of the year, a few male and female Metal Dogs are likely to begin a new relationship.

In 2020, pulmonary disease could be a trouble for Metal Dogs born in 1970. Thus, they’d better give up smoking and sleeping late. Regular examination of lung is suggested. Also, frequent excursions to countryside are helpful to relieve the disease. Driving absorbedly to avoid car accidents.

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Personality Traits of the 1970 Chinese Zodiac Metal Dog

The Chinese zodiac Metal Dog are cautious and have strong self-esteem. No matter what they do, they always rely on their own efforts other than others, and they never give up until reach their goals. In addition, they are honest, simple and reliable. They will spare no effort to help their friends when they are in trouble.

But the Dog people born in 1970 have a bad temper and their mood is unstable. They are so stubborn that they are unwilling to accept other people's opinions and suggestions. Moreover, they are rather pessimistic and always think of things in a bad way.

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People with Chinese zodiac Dog born in 1970 have a good career fortune in the latter half of their life. They would like to make some achievements in their career, but it is difficult to realize because they lack the help from others. However, they will be helped by someone in their 50s, from when their career fortune starts to rise, and their leaders will gradually entrust them with important tasks. And their excellent working ability will also help them to solve difficult problems.

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The fortune luck for the Metal Dog changes from bad to good. For office workers, they can get a good salary as long as they finish their work on time. For entrepreneurs, there is no problem with the products they produce, but they are not very sensitive to changes in the market, so they cannot make too much profit. However, benefiting from the stable customer base, there is no need to worry too much. It is suggested that they can give their surplus money to trusted people or organizations to manage their investments.


Love and Relationships

People born in 1970 year of the Dog value the family very much and they can live a happy life with their spouse. Because they are sensitive and caring, they are very considerate of their spouse and give them more care when they are in a bad mood. At the same time, they also pour a lot of love into their children and grandchildren. The family's life is happy and harmonious.

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They may suffer from insomnia or poor sleep for a long time, which will not only not delay the progress of work, but also damage their health. They are advised to take a warm bath before going to bed and go to bed early every day, they also should better turn off their computers and cell phones earlier. In addition, they should get rid of bad habits, such as drinking too much.

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