1994 Chinese Zodiac - Wood Dog

Which type of Dog are people born in 1994 Chinese Zodiac year?

According to Chinese zodiac, the year 1994 has the Dog sign. Moreover, the year has the Wood element based on Chinese Five Elements. In Gregorian calendar, this Wood Dog year starts from February 10, 1994 to January 30, 1995. Therefore, people born in this period are the Wood Dog, and those who born from January 1 to February 9 in 1994 belong to the previous Water Rooster.


Lucky Signs for 1994 Wood Dog

 Lucky Numbers:  3, 8

 Lucky Colors: black, blue


2020 Horoscope for Wood Dog Born in 1994

For people born in 1994, assiduous efforts in career should be made in 2020. They should also adopt a conservative attitude towards investing. As for love fortune, Wood Dogs are not likely to begin a new relationship or get married this year.

In 2020, Wood Dogs should not flinch over the challenges or obstacles in work, but to view them as a golden opportunity to prove the ability. Compared with other people, Wood Dogs will work more diligently and then receive a job promotion in summer. However, it may arouse the jealousy from others. So it is important for Wood Dogs to be low-key and humble.

In 2020, it is not suggested to speculate stocks or gamble. Also, don’t lend money to the relatives or friends if it is beyond the ability. For the Wood Dogs preparing for start-up, the company will probably gain a larger market share than they expected. But remember to run the company legally.

2020 will be a year of hustle and bustle for them. Thus, they are susceptible to chronical fatigue. Also, special attention should be paid to the stomach and car accident.

Many people born in 1994 can’t wait to start love relationship in 2020. However, some of the female Wood Dogs could be cheated, even defrauded of money by hypocrites. Thus, it is advisable to observe your lover in a more comprehensive way. For most of the Wood Dogs, it is not likely to get married in 2020.

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Personality Traits of the 1994 Chinese Zodiac Wood Dog

People with Chinese zodiac Dog born in 1994 are honest, reliable and polite. They always try their best to repay the care and help from others. They are born with a sense of justice. When they encounter something unfair, they will protest loudly.

But sometimes, the Wood Dog are too upright and outspoken to be acceptable by others. They are a little touchy, and often keep small things in mind. In addition, they lack their own opinions when thinking about problems and are easily influenced by other people.

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People born in 1994 year of the Dog go smoothly in their career path. They try their best to do what they want to do no matter how many difficulties they may encounter. If they are engaged in work that requires patience and continuity, they can bring their potential into full play. At the same time, their characteristics and attitude to work will gain the trust of leaders and bring them opportunities for promotion. In addition, they are very suitable for starting a business of their own. They can easily get through the early stage of entrepreneurship which is very difficult.

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Dog people born in 1994 have a good wealth fortune. Although most of them will not become millionaires, they often have the opportunities to make small fortune. They could get a stable salary because of their excellent working ability. In addition, their good luck will often make them get unexpected wealth. But they are not good at financial management. It is suggested that they should not invest casually when they have spare money. They can save their money or buy something that can appreciate in value.


Love and Relationships

The Wood Dog born in 1994 have a straightforward and frank attitude towards love. They always express their feelings with 100% sincerity and hope others can give corresponding responses. In love, they are relatively inflexible and passive, and they are not a romantic people. Therefore, they should learn to take the initiative and create some small romance for their lovers, which will make their relationship more harmonious.

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Chinese zodiac Dog have a good health condition in their life. Luckily enough, they will not suffer from big health problems. But they should pay attention to their diet: do not eat too much meat but more vegetables and fruits. In addition, they should get rid of the bad habit of staying up late as soon as possible.

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