Dog - Destiny by Birth Month

Best Birth Months for Dog:

January, March, August, September, December

 Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Click to check your birth month in Chinese lunar calendar.

Born in January

People with Chinese zodiac Dog born in January are honest. They can get help and care from parents and live a care free life. Their life time is also safe without big dangers. However, as they are too honest, it is difficult for them to make a big develop in career. A steady and comfortable job may be more suitable for them.

Born in February

Their life may be full of both happiness and sadness. They are brave, but too self-concerned and often bully others for pleasure. They may have lots of troubles during their lifetime, but with the help from others, they can live a safe life in general.

Born in March

People born in March in Chinese year of the Dog can live a happy life. They are clever, talented and have an inquiring mind, based on which they may find good source of income. They may get lots of help from friends and achieve a great success in career.

Born in April

They are gentle and faithful. They do not have big life goals and are easy to be content with their current life conditions. Although the ancestors left little for them, they can live a peaceful and care free life under the care of parents and with the help from kin.

Born in May

Dog people born in May are tough and never do harmful things to others. In early life, their career develops slowly but can support the family; in middle ages, the good luck comes and their career begins to develop fast and wealth rolls in; their late life is glorious but they can hardly rely on their kids.

Born in June

People with birth month in June in year of the Dog are ambitious and talented, but lacking of good luck, it is hard for them to realize their goals in early ages. In middle ages, the good luck falls on them and they may obtain both fame and fortune since then. However, they may have a quick tongue and never bother to hide what they think, which may make people around unhappy.

Born in July

This group of people are pure and neither too tough nor too weak. They may live a hard early life and their career may not be settled down until their 35 or 36 years old. The career develops fast in their 40’s, get steady in 50’s, and prosper in their late life.

Born in August

Born in August with Chinese zodiac Dog, people may live a happy and glorious life. They are clever, capable and talented. With the help from last generations and others, their career may develop fast, bringing them lots of wealth. However, they may offend others impulsively, leading to subtle influence to their career.

Born in September

They are decisive, wise, and talented, and have big life goals. With the efficient help from others, they can get a high position in work. But as they are too tough, or stubborn to certain extend, they may make some big mistakes in work. As a whole, they can live a rich life.

Born in October

Dog people born in this month are honest, talented and hard working. However, with no help from brothers, sisters, and other kin and being lack of good luck and good chances, their career may go several ups and downs. It may be not until their late life that the good luck falls on them and their life starts to prosper.

Born in November

They are grumpy, straightforward, talented, broad-minded and not afraid of evil persons and things. Without supportive brothers and sisters, they need to rely on themselves to make a living. However, they are not very good at gathering money and their life may encounter several ups and downs.

Born in December

They are born blessed. With the help from last generations and friends, they can live a rich life even if do not work hard. However, they are not lazy person and would like to make efforts to have their own career, in which they can succeed in their 40’s and make lots of money.

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