Dog - Best Jobs and Working Partners

Best Jobs for Dog

Lawyers, judges, organizers, teachers, doctors, civil servants, programmers, advertising planners, bloggers…


Suitable Occupation Fields for Dog

Animation Industry

The Dog people are fond of cartoon from an early age. They usually spend a lot of time on it, and their love for cartoon have never decreased. If they can be engaged in animation-related work, they will certainly do well with their enthusiasm.

Advertising Industry

Chinese zodiac Dog people have many ideas in their minds, so they are especially suitable for such jobs as advertising and marketing. They have their own opinions on advertising. In their spare time, they will also take the initiative to pay attention to the customers’ favors, and collect the good cases.

Jobs Requiring Creativity and Planning Abilities

The Dog people have a wild creative ideas. Watching those unconstrained ideas come true slowly, they will feel very satisfied. Therefore, jobs requiring creative ideas and planning abilities will make them feel that they have realized their own value.

We-Media Industry

When dealing with work, people with Chinese zodiac Dog never will be careless. They will definitely finish the plan they have made for themselves on time every day and will never promise anything they cannot achieve in their work. Therefore, in the era of the we-media, the Dog people will become representatives of the industry through their own efforts.

Judicial Work

The Dog are very honest and will deal with the problem with a fair attitude. They will also protect themselves from violation strictly. Therefore, they are suitable for judicial work, such as judges, lawyers, interviewers, etc.


Jobs Not Suitable For Dog

The Dog people is not very suitable to be a telephone operator. Because they are generally honest and do not know how to please others with words.


Working Partners for Dog

Best Working Partners

Tiger, Rabbit & Horse
As long as the Dog people cooperates with one of them, their career will be successful.

Good Working Partners

Monkey & Rooster
The three of them must work together to make achievement. For example, without the Rooster's participation, the cooperation between the Dog and the Monkey would not be so smooth.

Bad Working Partners

Ox, Dragon & Sheep
Chinese zodiac Dog and the Dragon have opposite personalities, tempers and values, so their cooperation is very discordant. The Dog, the Ox and the Sheep are all self-centered, they do not trust each other, and may hurt each other, which eventually led to the breakup of the cooperative relationship.


How to Work Happily

The Dog people are very enterprising. They work hard and earnestly and hope to achieve success through their own efforts someday. However, they always feel that their superiors suppress their talents, and their colleagues usually take credit for something they did. Therefore, they treat their work more and more negatively and even begin to complain about everything endlessly.

They should keep a common heart and face up to setbacks in workplace. Instead of complaining about everything or blaming others, they might redouble their efforts to gain the approval and appreciation of their superiors.

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