2006 Chinese Zodiac - Fire Dog

Which type of Dog are people born in 2006 Chinese zodiac year?

2006 Chinese zodiac sign is Dog and it belongs to the Fire element based on Chinese Five Elements. Therefore, people born in 2006 Chinese zodiac Dog year are the Fire Dog.

The lunar calendar Chinese people follow has some differences with Gregorian calendar. In Gregorian calendar, people born from January 29, 2006 to February 17, 2007 are the Fire Dog, and those who born from January 1 to January 28 in 2006 have the previous Wood Rooster sign.


Lucky Signs for 2006 Fire Dog

 Lucky Numbers:  2, 7

 Lucky Colors: red, brown


2020 Horoscope for Fire Dog Born in 2006

In 2020, people born in 2006 will easily make academic progress, but have trouble getting along with peers. This is because they are not able to adjust themselves to the new environment as quickly as others do. Thus, parents should keep an eye on their mental health.

Fire Dogs are clever and diligent, so it is pretty easy for them to digest the new knowledge. However, they could be too absorbed in study to spend time communicating with their classmates. Before long they may feel isolated and are unwilling to go to school. In case that would happen, parents of the Fire Dogs should encourage them to participate in extra-curricular activities, cultivate more hobbies and actively make new friends.

Fire Dogs also have some wealth luck in 2020. They are likely to win the lottery for several times, though the amount of prize is not that big. Besides, other family members may initiate them with the knowledge of stocks, bonds or insurance, and the Fire Dogs could probably show their financial insight. But keep it in mind that study is the first priority for them in 2020.

For people born in 2006, various minor diseases may continually occur in 2020. Apart from the cold and fever, they may have allergic reaction to something, or sprain their ankle or wrist while doing sports. Mental health could be another thorny issue. They are likely to be strongly anxious about interpersonal relationships. Thus, they need to learn how to seek external help.

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Personality Traits of the 2006 Chinese Zodiac Fire Dog

People born in 2006 year of the Dog are gentle, kind, compassionate, able to put themselves in others’ shoes and give help at the most appropriate time. Therefore, they have a good popularity among friends. Moreover, they are careful and scrupulous, and they always abide by their responsibilities when doing things. They are intelligent, responsive and have strong intuition.

However, the Dog people attach too much importance to theories but lack action and judgment in reality. They are stubborn and always fond of flaunting their superiority before others. In addition, they are not easy to be satisfied.

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People with Chinese zodiac Dog born in 2006 can well complete the work delivered by others. At the initial stage of their career, they should learn to solve problems independently and do not always rely on others. Otherwise they will become lazy and their promotion will become impossible. Besides, because the Dog people are good at dealing with interpersonal relationships, they are more suitable for starting their own businesses, and their luck of doing their own businesses will be relatively good.

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Their wealth fortune in life is quite good. As long as they work hard, they will make considerable salary. Moreover, they will not spend money indiscriminately and will save it in a planned way. But they should better not lend money to others easily. When lend a large amount of money to others, remember to ask for the IOU note.


Love and Relationships

The male Fire Dog born in 2006 are not very active in love. They do not know how to run a love business, nor are they good at expressing inner thoughts. Most of the time, they care about their lover very much, but show a cold attitude, which will easily leads to misunderstandings. Men should learn to show their love bravely.

Females are very loyal to love, they are willing to give everything to their lover. But they should learn to trust their lover and leave them some private space.

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The Dog people born in 2006 need to take good care of their body health in the early age to avoid suffering from joint diseases. At the same time, they need to exercise more to strengthen their disease resistance system. In addition, they should learn to vent their negative emotions rationally. When feel unwell, they should go to hospital in time.

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