Dog - Fortune in 2018

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 9

Overall Luck:

2018 is the Zodiac Year of Birth (Ben Ming Nian) for people born in the Year of the Dog. Generally speaking, Ben Ming Nian doesn’t bring favorable fortune for current year’s zodiac sign in Chinese culture. People believe that Dog people may suffer ups and downs in the Zodiac Birth Year. According to traditional Chinese prediction, they will face several challenges in career and wealth. Although they may get enviable developments with rapid progress, they still need to keep modest all the time. Otherwise, the tense interpersonal relationship will likely do harm to their work and money. The love relationship is insipid in the whole year. As for health, they may be bothered by minor diseases in 2018. Thus they are suggested to have more exercises and join in interesting outdoor activities.

Dog Fortune in 2018


Critical change, new working environment, high efficient work team

Although people with Dog sign of Chinese zodiac are career-minded, they may not find golden chances to get promotion. According to Dog fortune in 2018, they are advised to engage in advanced studies. If they feel nervous and unhappy towards current job, this year would be an appropriate time to establish their own business. They should have more confidence to make decisions. It is predicted that they can finally get big breakthroughs. Besides, they can take vacations and attend parties. Maybe some of them can figure out a better career planning after that.


Unnecessary losses, increased salary, nice investment projects

Chinese zodiac Dog people will obtain a beneficial fortune in wealth. Most of them are suitable to become group leaders. Their insistent and active personal traits will help them catch development opportunities. In the Year of the Dog, they are advised to do several investments related to cultural project or thermal power project. They are accustomed to earning profits by using strategy or even extreme methods. They are suggested to keep a low profile and accept others’ criticisms with modest attitude. It is very important to maintain relaxed and harmonious interpersonal relationships in 2018.

Love and Relationships

Possible marriage, normal love life, less quarrels

They will take the initiative to break through their emotional needs. Although the final result may not very satisfying, they will learn how to express their love timely. For males, the fortune in love and relationship would be normal in 2018. However, it doesn’t mean that they cannot fall in love with someone. It is just a matter of time. For females born with this sign, they are not advised to behave stubbornly and overconfidently in a relationship, which may bring much pressure to their soul mates. Couples can relax the pressure by travelling and chatting with friends.

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Hepatic and gall diseases, anxiety disorder, heart disease

Based on Dog fortune prediction in 2018, they are more likely to have physical injury and hepatobiliary diseases, especially for elder people. They should not be too self-willed and extreme in ordinary life. Staying calm down, thinking much and speaking little will bring good effects to their health situation. In addition, it is suggested to avoid some exploration activities such as climbing mountains, drifting and bungee jumping. Villa resort near river and forest is a wonderful place to take a holiday.

Luck Prediction for Dogs Born in Different Years

Born in 2006
Age: 12
Children born in 2006 with zodiac sign of Dog will have better situation than last year. They will have nice relationship with teachers and schoolmates because of their welcomed characteristics. Their thoughts would obtain the respect and admiration from parents. They are advised to focus on study and pay much attention to the health situation in this year. Appropriate dietary management is necessary. Eat more delicate and well-cooked foods and avoid fat, raw or cold foods in daily life. In this way, they can keep away from stomach diseases.
Born in 1994
Age: 24
Dog fortune in 2018 indicates that most of them will have normal fortune in career and wealth. They are advised to develop their career and accumulate wealth. If they want to do several investments, they need to have careful consideration before making decisions. Pay more attention to the security of account information. In this way, they can prevent fund loss due to malicious fraud. Don’t believe the bank transfer requests of strangers. As for love relationship, they are suggested to behave bravely and actively. They can also enhance their charm to attract the opposite sex.
Born in 1982
Age: 36
They may face several difficulties in the whole year of 2018, especially for their wealth and love relationship. Don’t rely on other ways to earn money. They are advised to work hard and gain stable salary in the Year of the Dog. When facing troubles, most of them can keep a clear mind and make right decisions finally. If they want to change the current job, the best chances will appear in the second half year. Besides, they still need to spend more time staying with family members. Perhaps they will have quarrels with soul mates for the trivial things in daily life. More communications would be the key to solving problems.
Born in 1970
Age: 48
For people born in 1970, their career can reach a better stage with rapid growth. They will make breakthroughs in work by making great efforts. As well, they can make full use of time to learn more related skills and prepare to catch development opportunities. It is predicted that they may get a promotion in the first half year. The fortune in love relationship will be normal. Thus, they are advised to pay more attention to career. As long as they keep cautious attitude towards every detail at work, the final results will be always satisfying in 2018.
Born in 1958
Age: 60
People at the age of 60 will have a changeable year based on Dog fortune prediction in 2018. They will easily get involved in disputes among colleagues. Some of them may be bothered by hepatobiliary diseases and high blood pressure. It is suggested that they enjoy twilight years and pay much attention to their health condition. Taking enough physical exercises and doing regular physical examination are necessary.

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