Dog - Fortune in 2020 & 2021

Dog Fortune in 2020

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Fortune in 2020

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 8

Overall Luck:

Dog fortune prediction in 2020 is almost the same as last year, and there is no large ups and downs during this period of time.

Chinese Zodiac Dogs, who are engaged in marketing planning, financial, water conservatory or catering projects, will be profitable and get position improvements. Meanwhile, they will encounter some troubles or bad things, but it is easy to tackle. Male zodiac Dogs will have some fortune in the love relationship. They needs to take the initiative to grasp the opportunities; otherwise, they will lose it.

Dog Fortune in 2020


Great performances and welfare improvements, golden chances

According to Dog horoscope in 2020, Dog sign of Chinese zodiac in career will be great. The position will be enhanced and there will be more chances to follow their own wills to finish the tasks. In addition, some people can also gain golden opportunities for job promotion. They are advised to work harder and harder. Then they will meet some lucky things. Thus, in one day, their efforts would be appreciated by the bosses and leaders. For officer workers, the welfare benefits will be promoted and the task will be finished more easily.


Certain Profit, stable income

Dog sign of Chinese zodiac will have good fortune on wealth in 2020, especially for those who are engaged in designing, financial and hardware projects. Don’t be aggressive on investments and beware of possible troubles for business people. Sometimes, listening to other people’s suggestions will help them avoid unnecessary mistakes. In daily life, although they can earn some money from lottery tickets, do not rely on these things.

Love and Relationships

More chances for single males, keep harmonious marriage life

The Dog fortune in 2020 indicates that single males will have more fortune for love and they are recommended to take the initiative to show their talents and grasp the opportunities timely. The chances for Dog girls are relatively less. Therefore they need to pursue or express affection of boys bravely. In addition, joining in more social activities on weekends is also an effective way to find true love. People who get married or have partners need to coordinate their relationship with their partners. Do not involved into the complicated interpersonal relationship.
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Moisturize skin in summer, watch out for gastrointestinal problems

Chinese zodiac Dog will be have a normal fortune in health aspect in 2020. However, the skin will be sensitive in summer. Thus they need to avoid exposure and moisturizing. Pay attention to the gastrointestinal problems, have regular diet and keep away from unclean food. Elder people should be careful about blood pressure problems. They can also have more interesting outdoor activities in spare time in order to get some relaxation.

Luck Prediction for Dogs Born in Different Years

Age: 2

Generally speaking, Dog people at this age would have a smooth year in 2020. Their parents can make full use of time to help them cultivate hobbies and nice living habits. The prediction shows that there won’t have serious illness during this period of time. 
Age: 14

Children born in 2006 will have good academic performance but their characteristics will easy to be unsociable this year. They can participate in some after-school classes so as to expand the circle of friends and make hearts open and cheerful. In this way, they can also cultivate more hobbies and interests. Besides, pay attention to some accidental injuries.
Age: 26

2020 will be a year of hard work for Wood Dogs born in 1994. They are preoccupied with study or career, thus not likely to start a new relationship. Nevertheless, it is hopeful that their efforts will pay off in the form of promotion or a bigger market share. Facing the tight daily schedule, Wood Dogs need to keep a balance between work and relaxation, in case chronical fatigue would occur.
Age: 38

Dog horoscope in 2020 will have chances to get higher position and salary improvements, but there are some obstacles. They need to wait patiently and keep the modest attitude. Merchants should seek new products that adapt to the market and prevent their careers from stagnating. Married people will face some love problems. In daily life, they should take the initiative to care about their partners. People in stable love relationship are suitable to get married this year.
Age: 50

Dog sign of Chinese zodiac will be great in career this year. Be careful with interpersonal relationships to prevent offending some people. They are easy to encounter money scams, so don’t have illusions about high-yield projects. They don’t have good safety fortune and are prone to accidents. Therefore, be careful when driving and do not fatigue driving.
Age: 62

For people born in 1982, there will be a bad fortune and some obstacles in 2020. They can host birthday party, purchase a new house, hold a wedding for children or other happy things to resolve the unfortunate signs. It will also be a good choice to attend others’ wedding receptions. In addition, don’t gossip behind their backs. Be careful of investment scams and stay away from unfamiliar territory. Don’t be tempted by promises of high returns.
Age: 74

According to the Dog fortune in 2020, Dog people aged 74 might have poor health. Pay attention to gastrointestinal problems and have light diet. In ordinary life, they can play chess and do some physical exercises to avoid mental retardation. They have to assume the roles of mediating family conflicts, paying attention to establishing their own authorities and upholding a fair attitude to judge family chores.

Dog Fortune in 2021

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Fortune in 2021

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 4

Overall Luck:

Dog fortune in 2021 shows that Dog people’s merits will outweigh demerits this year. Though they may be confronted with a variety of problems, people born with the Dog sign of Chinese zodiac never flinch or shirk their responsibilities. It is their composure, loyalty and the optimistic attitude that contribute to their over achievements in career and wealth this year. In terms of their love life, Dog people should make prudent decisions when starting a relationship or stepping into marriage. Speaking of health fortune, youngsters need to kick the habit of staying up late while elderly people can start to take health care products.

Dog Fortune in 2021


Efficient communication, professional self-improvement

According to the Dog fortune prediction in 2021, Dog people’s success at work is largely due to their skillful communication with others. Since they can easily get their ideas across, they are unlikely to face misunderstandings from their colleagues or subordinates, which speeds up the completion of plan. What is more, Chinese zodiac Dogs seldom feel conceited but seek every opportunity to improve their professional capabilities. No wonder some of them will get promotion or pay raise in 2021. By the way, as for Dog undergraduates who are going to enter a workplace, they needn’t set unduly high standards for their first job but regard it as a transition period from a student to a working newbie.


Certain Profit, stable income

Their wealth fortune is pretty good in 2021. Hardworking Dog people can save an amount of money owing to the pay rise or the bonus from their main job. Also, entrepreneurs of the Dog sign of Chinese zodiac will run a profitable business this year and are not likely to go bankruptcy or undergo financial fraud. In addition, those who invest in promising industries may have their money double at the end of 2021. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that women should carefully create their consumption plan. The ideal situation is that they can save a small amount of money every month.

Love and Relationships

Cautiously choose the ideal match, solve conflicts actively

As said by Dog fortune in 2021, their luck in love and relationship is neither too good nor too bad, largely depending on their subjective consciousness. It is recommended that single people should not start a relationship in haste but prudently consider their compatibility first. As for those who already have a girlfriend or boyfriend, they need to play an active role in solving conflicts this year. During a fight, if they adopt the silent treatment as their partner does, this relationship will be on the verge of collapse. Besides, others need to remember that the recipe for a happy marriage includes mutual understanding and the resistance to external temptations.
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Get enough rest, take precautions against recurrent diseases

The health fortune for people of the Chinese zodiac dog is just so-so. Students and employees are recommended to increase their efficiency during the daytime and leave themselves enough rest in the evening. Under no circumstances do they get used to staying up late or working overtime. Elderly people should raise their awareness to guard against recurrent diseases. Apart from a balanced diet and enough exercise, equal attention should be paid to physical examination and health care products. By the way, in case of any injury or accident, Dog kids and elderly people should better go outside under others’ company.

Luck Prediction for Dogs Born in Different Years

Age: 3

As predicted in the Dog fortune in 2021, children born in 2018 may suffer a lot owing to their weak immune system. Given that they may frequently fall ill this year, their parents should better prepare some OTC drugs at home to deal with acute diarrhea or fever. More importantly, digestible and nutritious foods are helpful to strengthen Dog children’s body. Besides, since 3-year-old children are at a crucial stage of language development, their parents need to talk with them more often and encourage them to express their feelings in words. 
Age: 15

According to the Dog fortune in 2021, people born in 2006 will experience many common problems in adolescence. They begin to spend more time in dressing themselves or pester their parents to buy fashionable products. It is important for their parents not to overreact to these changes but express understanding all the time. Besides, once Dog teenagers have a conflict with others at school, they’d better to resolve it quickly and directly, otherwise it will become a distraction which interferes with their academic performance.
Age: 27

People born in 1994 may face many challenges at work in 2021. Since some of them feel it difficult to demonstrate their strength in the current position, they will probably resign and find another job. In another case, some people who are aware of their professional incompetence will further their study or pursue relevant training. Whichever the situation is, they should set aside an amount of money in advance to cover both expected and unexpected expenses in the future.
Age: 39

People born in 1982 are suggested to live a frugal life this year because they lack good fortune in accumulating wealth. More importantly, even though they live on a tight budget, they should not be credulous about the hype of unknown wealth management products. As long as they keep doing the right thing, they will get rid of financial problems sooner or later. Luckily, Dog people born in 1982 are always cheered up by their beloved one this year.
Age: 51

Their Dog fortune in 2021 would have both advantages and disadvantages. Good news is that they are likely to receive a job promotion because of their experience and prestige. Under their leadership, the organization is going to perform well this year. Besides, they will enjoy a closer relationship with their companion and children. However, the bad news is that a considerable amount of money might be out of pocket owing to their unwise investment. So, they’d better to change their mind of investing in risky fields.
Age: 63

63-year-old people who run their own businesses may go through a hard time in 2021. Apart from the external threats in the market, they may fail to reach a consensus with their co-workers on significant decisions. In order to prevent the company from falling apart, Dog people can find a third party as mediator when it is necessary. What is more, in case that the stressful workload would affect their physical health, Dog people can do some exercise to alleviate mental tension. Speaking of wealth and family life, their fortune is fairly good.
Age: 75

Based on the Dog fortune prediction in 2021, retired Dog people will live a peaceful and joyful life this year. Free from any concern in career or wealth, they can indulge in their hobbies and enjoy the harmonious family life. Elderly as they are, they do not give up keeping pace with time and are eager to experience new things. The only thing they should treat with caution is their physical health. A balanced diet, enough sleep and the abstinence from alcohol and nicotine will help them live longer.

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Questions & Answers on Dog\s Fortune in 2020 & 2021
Asked by Metal dog | Sep. 17, 2020 06:09Reply
Female 23 July 1970, will I secure full time job.
Will I secure full time work with a global company? How does my future look in 5-10 years. Love life, retirement and financially stable prediction.
Answers (1)
Answered by Alex | Sep. 21, 2020 02:33

You should have more confidence about yourself. The prediction shows that you still have a high possibility to obtain a full time work with a global company.
Asked by shanna from USA | Sep. 10, 2020 07:50Reply
I was born November 28th 1982 will my health and wealth get better?
Answers (2)
Answered by Jeremiah | Sep. 21, 2020 02:25

Yes, the good news is that the situation of your health and wealth would get much better in the following months. You don't need to worry so much.
Answered by Shanna | Sep. 23, 2020 05:51

Thank you
Asked by istync from PHILIPPINES | Sep. 05, 2020 09:35Reply
born aug 1970 will my retirement be granted this year 2020 and if I going to find a new job
born aug 1970 I requested for early retirement to my job this year aug 2020 just like to know if it will be granted this year 2020 and if I going to have a new job also this year 2020 if my retirement is granted.?
Answers (2)
Answered by Julian | Sep. 07, 2020 00:00

It is predicted that you would have a large chance to get retirement and obtain a new job at the end of 2020. Good luck!
Answered by ristync | Sep. 07, 2020 07:12

thank you so much
Asked by Ador 2015 Philippines | Aug. 29, 2020 08:44Reply
DOB 092870, male dog. My last job nov 2019 Can l get the stable job before the end of this year?
I have to pay my debts and loans, l need to work and earn money for my family.
My wife is working, she’s the only one payIng the house and expenses for the Kids.
Answers (1)
Answered by Joseph | Sep. 03, 2020 00:09

The good news is that from October to December will be your lucky time to find a stable job. During this period of time, you can learn more things to improve personal abilities. In this way, you can pass the interview much easier.
Asked by PY | Aug. 24, 2020 02:22Reply
Job prospects in 2020
My DOB is 28 Aug 1970, female. I not been able to find a job since my contract job ended in March 2020. Will I have any luck in getting a job? And how will my career luck be in 2021?
Answers (1)
Answered by Vivian | Aug. 27, 2020 01:31

Don't worry. You still have chances to find a job because October, November and December are lucky months for you in career. It is suggested to catch the opportunities timely.
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