Tiger - Best Jobs and Working Partners

People born in the year of the Tiger have the spirit of adventure and could become great adventurers; also, they would attain true satisfaction if they could do jobs requiring adventurous spirit. Appropriate challenges can push them to success, so competitive works are suitable to them, too.

They show much quicker response and better judgment in dynamic environment so they may not be suitable for jobs that are restricted to a small office desk and have no changes over years. They are also very ambitious but cannot work together with another people with the same zodiac as the Chinese saying goes, “Two tigers can't live on one mountain.”

Being capable and favored by the Goddess of Luck, they are able to get through crisis no matter how bad the situation is. Even though they have a little hope in the heart, they could get back on their feet.

Suitable Occupations for Tiger

Economist, politician, adventurer, and management officer in catering, culture, public service

Best Jobs for Tiger

Political Jobs

People with Chinese zodiac Tiger are expert in playing mind games and language games. They will not be welcomed in business and art circles, but will be like a duck in water to take advantage of their expertise in the political circle. Though this career could be a long and bumpy road, they would consider it as a challenge. Winning is definitely good, but it’s ok to lose. Their desire for control also makes them enjoy themselves in the political circle.

Jobs Related to Police, Procuratorate and Court System

Tiger people have a sense of justice, and would fight against those illegal or unfair groups or events. With their good organization skills, they will be able to reach a high position in these fields and win reputation from people.

Working Partners for Tiger

Best Working Partners

Horse, Dog, Pig
People with these three zodiacs are the best matches for Tiger people in career. Working with any one of them can reach congruence and thus have a great possibility to succeed.

Good Working Partners

Rabbit and Dragon
This partnership effects only when three of them are together because it’s based on the mutual supplement and mutual dependence. Otherwise it will produce opposite effect.

Not Bad Working Partners

Rat and Pig, Snake and Horse
Also, these are two groups with three persons in each. According to the five elements theory, they will have mutual benefit. What’s more, the influence of working with Snake and Horse is not as significant as that with Pig and Rat.

Advice on Career Promotion for Tiger

Tiger people are pushy, which usually brings them many competitors in career. They should make targeted adjustment on their words and behaviors in order to improve the relationship with workmates.

They think highly of their authority and reputation, and sometimes will be over confident on their power and strengths. It’s suggested that they should reach out to colleagues and let go of the extremely conceited thoughts. When confronted with setbacks, it’s more helpful to communicate with others calmly rather than bearing the bad feelings all by themselves.

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Questions & Answers on Tiger - Best Jobs and Working Partners
Asked by Chloe from UNITED KINGDOM | Jul. 19, 2020 04:48Reply
Love and relationship and career
My birthday 27th Nov 1998 Chloe
My lover 1994 28th September what kind of family issue is he going through this year that is making him feeling insecure about and not trxting me back ?

And about my career they said I'm.not welcomed in the art and business circle is it true and why is that can you tell me?
Answers (1)
Answered by Adam from NETHERLANDS | Jul. 19, 2020 23:39

About love relationship, you should have more communication with him and figure out the problem. As for business, you should have more confidence. You need to find the field that you are really interested in. Then just make full use of your intelligence to achieve some successes.
Asked by Chloe Hoo from UNITED KINGDOM | Mar. 22, 2020 13:14Reply
Career and jobs
My birthday is 27th Nov 1999
What kind of job would I be more suitable in 2020?
Answers (1)
Answered by Bernice from DENMARK | Mar. 23, 2020 23:09

Based on the prediction, you are still suggested to find a job that related to your familiar fields. You can have more confidence about yourself. Just keep looking for a job. And you will obtain a good result. :)
Asked by klyn from SINGAPORE | Aug. 08, 2019 08:06Reply
my future
Hi, i was born 01/4/74. i have been very unlucky in my work since last year. now facing many difficulties with my boss. considering resigning. i am a single parent, not sure what to do? where to go?
Answers (2)
Answered by Reagan from UNITED KINGDOM | Aug. 12, 2019 23:08

You are suggested to find another job or you can consider to open own business. The situation in late 2019 or early 2020 would be changed into a better stage. Don't worry.
Answered by Seven from SINGAPORE | Nov. 19, 2019 19:47

Life what you give & return you get ???
Asked by Szuka from MALAYSIA | Apr. 05, 2019 03:44Reply
I am born on 30.6.74. Want to know how my career path and love luck will be in 2019?
I am facing a fair share of hostility and resistance at my current job. Married and separated. Thanks.
Answers (1)
Answered by Lily from AUSTRALIA | Apr. 07, 2019 23:52

In general, your luck in career and love relationship is pretty good. As you feel tired of current job, maybe you can adjust yourself or consider changing a job. In love relationship, things may meet a rising tendency.
Asked by Pk from MALAYSIA | Mar. 01, 2019 06:31Reply
I was born on 01.04.1974. How my career luck this year?how to improve it?
Answers (1)
Answered by Johnny from HUNGARY | Mar. 03, 2019 18:55

Hi, this year is favorable for you and you may meet many good changes, in career, it is possible for you to get a promotion and things are also very smooth in life. You are suggested to avoid some mean people and pay attention to your interpersonal relationship. Good luck!
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