Which Type of 'Tiger' Are You?

-- Character and Fortune Analysis by Five Elements


Wood Tiger (1914, 1974)

 Personality: People born in the Year of the Tiger with Wood sign of the Five Elements (Wu Xing) possess easygoing character, and they do well in socializing. They are smart and sensible, but they are also a bit pride and arrogant. Before making a judgment, they tend to be crude and rash. Their sense of justice drives them to sympathize with the weak and stretch their helping hands.

 Career: They are born with brilliant intelligence, but they cannot make well use of it. They need to dig out their potential energy after a series of adversities. They are fast learners, and their hard working character will be well recognized by leaders and work fellows. If they want to start a business, they should avoid choosing friends as partners.

 Wealth: Their fortune in wealth is flourishing always. When they get into economic depression, they will come across nice guys. Especially for women Wood Tigers, they could make a big amount of money under the aid of partners. However, their luck in easy money is weak, so they should avoid high-risk investment.

 Love: If they get married at a very young age, they may get a split result. Before marriage, they should get a better understanding about each other. As long as they try to communicate with each other with sincerity, they could enjoy a sweet relationship.

 Health: There is no severe problem on their fitness, but they should give more care to their family members' health condition.

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Fire Tiger (1926, 1986)

 Personality: Fire Tigers seem aggressive and serious, actually they are tender, gentle and considerate to people. Full of uprightness, they are faithful and steadfast. They have strong independence, but weak willpower. They should restrain their greed for money and power in case of getting cheated.

 Career: They are not only talented and capable, but also careful and hardworking in work. They love to show their intelligence in tricky tasks, and most of time they could bring people satisfying results under high efficiency. Meanwhile, they should become more modest, and learn to make progress step by step.

 Wealth: Their lifetime fortune of wealth is superb, and their industriousness and thrift could bring them handsome income, but their fortune in fast money is quite average, so they should avoid boldfaced investment.

 Love: They are always eager to get a sweet and solid relationship, but they may lose chance because of strong egoism. If they try to be more tolerant and thoughtful, they could win others’ heart soon.

 Health: They should pay close attention to their health condition. If any small changes happen, they should go to the hospital immediately.

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Earth Tiger (1938, 1998)

 Personality: For people with Chinese zodiac sign Tiger and Five Elements sign of Earth, ambitious and unstrained character is their signature. They have a tender and kind heart, as they are willing to help people in need selflessly. They are also generous and grateful to people who assist them. With confidence in themselves, they are adventurous to take higher and higher challenges.

 Career: They have high aspiration to career. It is good for them to make a living in a foreign land, and they make great accomplishments. They have faith in themselves, so they are willing to take the risk to open up a new business all the time. In their spare time, they would seek further learning to strengthen their capability.

 Wealth: For people with Chinese Five Elements sign of Earth, they have little awareness of their finance condition, and they are seldom troubled by money issues. If they avoid having money relationship with friends, they will not suffer economic loss. In brief, their luck in finance is nice, but they need to make good use of every cent.

 Love: They have weak sense of responsibility to families, so problems occur frequently on their marriage life. Once a crack happens between them, it’s hard to make it better. They should learn to share the family burden, and give more care to the other half.

 Health: No severe disease could threat their lives, but they should avoid some high-risk outdoor activities.

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Metal Tiger (1950, 2010)

 Personality: According to Chinese zodiac and Five Elements analysis, they are frank and unstrained. With strong will power and durance, they have a positive and passionate attitude towards life. In addition, they are the confident type, with unalterable faith in themselves. Females are most enthusiastic, while men are most hesitant and stubborn.

 Career: Throughout their lifetime, they are in an eager quest of power and career, so most of them could give outstanding performances in career. No matter what kind of work they deal with, they could strive hard and persist long to gain smooth progress.

 Wealth: In general, Metal Tigers’ fortune of money is nice. Their major income comes from their career and investment, which involve much effort. Before 50 years old, their good financial condition can support them to live a well-off life, but the fortune goes down in their later years.

 Love: No mater males or females, they should avoid getting married too early. Their relationship doesn’t go smooth, as men are usually frustrated by others’ emotional changes, and females have trust issues on their husbands.

 Health: If they are addicted to alcohol or smoking, they should pay attention to the health of lung and liver.

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Water Tiger (1962, 2022)

 Personality: Sedate and calm, they are unlike other Tigers in respect of personality traits. They keep a curious heart towards new things, and they get fast learning ability. They are nearly gentle and mild to everyone, doing well in interpersonal relationships. However, they have strong egoism, and they could hardly take others’ advice.

 Career: As they are innovative and curious, they are talented in designing and researching. Thus, they can make remarkable achievements in work related with craft, designing and art. The good luck and back luck in career are half to half, but assistance from friends would bring them a bright prospect.

 Wealth: For Water Tigers, their luck of money is flat in early age, but it takes a turn for the better at middle age. If they do some small business, they can obtain unexpected income. Besides, they usually have a habit of saving money, so they maintain a nice financial status in later years.

 Love: The females usually choose to get married late, and they are usually industrious and virtuous wives. Males are obedient and tolerant to their wives. Effective communication avoids unnecessary squabbles.

 Health: Regular exercise and balanced diet are beneficial to prolong their life.

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Questions & Answers on Tiger Character and Fortune by Five Elements
Asked by IR from CANADA | Jan. 22, 2020 11:46Reply
Should I move my home & family from Calgary to Vancouver in 2020? Is it a favourable year to move?
Hello! I am a male water tiger (DOB: 3rd June 1962). Over last four years, I don't have work in my home city Calgary. Currently, working in Vancouver and my family is in Calgary. Jobs are temporary here in my occupation. For that reason, I don't have the opportunity to move home and family from Calgary to Vancouver. Just wandering if Vancouver is good for me for long term opportunity. Appreciate your answers.

IR from Vancouver, Canada
Answers (1)
Answered by Scott from UNITED KINGDOM | Feb. 03, 2020 17:01

The prediction shows that this year would be good for moving the home to Vancouver. Hope helpful!
Asked by Che from PHILIPPINES | Feb. 09, 2019 13:29Reply
Fire Tiger my 2019 forecast
Hello, I would like to ask my career for 2019 I'm planning to take the English exam for Australia or NZ application as Nurse will I succeed? And for my love life? I'm single, female born July 19, 1986. Thank you
Answers (2)
Answered by Linda from USA | Feb. 12, 2019 00:41

Hi, this year is not very favorable for you no matter in career or love aspect, so it is hard to predict if you can have a smooth exam. However, make a full preparation and believe yourself, you may get what you want. Good luck!
Answered by Hello | Feb. 08, 2021 20:38

Im a metal/gold tiger
Asked by Hulya Ucar from UNITED KINGDOM | Feb. 04, 2019 12:08Reply
Wood Tiger 1974
I'm born 13 November 1974. What will happen in love and career?
Will I get my own home soon?
And be able to get out of a very draining relationship?
Answers (1)
Answered by Lily from CANADA | Feb. 12, 2019 00:34

You can expect some surprises in career aspect and on the other hand, it is possible to see new babies. Anyway, don't be so upset and things will get better this year. Good luck!
Asked by Ha from PAKISTAN | Oct. 06, 2018 12:17Reply
Hi male birthday is June 17 1986 can you give me anything about my near future?
Answers (1)
Answered by Harry from FINLAND | Oct. 09, 2018 19:28

Hi, according to the latest prediction of Chinese zodiac, your fortune is pretty good in 2019 and you may get some good opportunities in career and wealth. Meanwhile, there is a possibility for you to meet your soulmate.
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