1998 Chinese Zodiac - Earth Tiger

Which type of Tiger are people born in 1998 Chinese zodiac year?

According to Chinese Zodiac, 1998 is the year of the Tiger, and it belongs to the Earth based on Chinese Five Elements. Therefore, people born in 1998 Chinese zodiac year are the Earth Tiger.

As Chinese zodiac is based on lunar calendar, the Earth Tiger are born from January 28, 1998 to February 15, 1999, and people who born from January 1 to January 27 in 1998 are Fire Ox.

Lucky Signs for 1998 Earth Tiger

 Lucky Numbers: 3, 9

 Lucky Colors: green, blue, golden yellow


2020 Horoscope for Earth Tiger Born in 1998

The Tiger people born in 1998 would make progresses in learning and they could do a good job in their study. For those new graduates, they have not decided what to do and are easily affected by others. So in career, it is not very satisfying and they may be cheated. But remember to make friends carefully and keep a good state of mind.

In 2020, their wealth fortune is stable. If they work hard and be careful when working, they may get more salary. And Tigers are likely to get unexpected fortune though amount is not too much. They may win the lottery or the stock they buy may rise.

They would be interested in a wide range of things, which may make them ignore their parents and do harm to the relationship with parents. They should tell their parents what they are thinking about in honest, keep talking with their parents and listen to advices from them. In love relationship, they are likely to attract more pursuers and meet one better than present lovers. At this moment, they need to think twice before make decisions.

Without bad habits, their health is pretty good in 2020. Even they have been in working, their life is still regular. But because of inevitable social intercourse, their stomach may turn bad. So pay attention to it in daily life. Beside, protect their heads and hands well and avoid doing strenuous exercise.

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2021 Horoscope for Earth Tiger Born in 1998

Tiger people born in 1998 can put their talents to good use in their work and get good results. Although their performance at work is very good, they can still do things low-key and respect others at work. Those who are still studying will also get good grades by making full use of their intelligence.

Generally speaking, they don’t need to worry about financial matters because the Tiger’s wealth fortune is not bad based on Chinese zodiac luck prediction. In addition to meet their daily needs, their money can still have surplus. In 2021, they are more likely to get some windfall. For example, they may draw prizes in the lottery at the mall. However, don’t rely on it. Accumulating wealth step by step is the practical way.

In 2021, Earth Tiger people can focus on their love relationships as they don’t need to worry too much about work. They will have a large chance to meet someone they really like and have a sweet relationship. People with a partner should also be more tolerant of each other’s shortcomings so that the relationship will last longer. In ordinary life, they can try to have more social activities with family members to improve the relationship. 

Although young Tigers are strong and resistant, they still should pay more attention to their health in 2021. Try not to stay up late, otherwise it will cause great harm to the body condition. If they want to have an enviable physical condition, they need to keep exercising and have a healthy diet habit. 

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Personality Traits of the 1998 Chinese Zodiac Earth Tiger

People born in 1998 year of the Tiger are kind-hearted, helpful, generous, so they are absolutely reliable friends. They are extremely clever, confident, ambitious and full of entrepreneurship.

However, most of them are irascible, violent and mercurial. Their desires are so strong, which can even be described as greedy. And they are too proud to care about their partners.

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The Earth Tiger often desire to succeed in work. They do their best in their field and always devote 100% of their energy to the work. The most important opportunity in their life may come in their middle ages, which requires them to grasp it themselves and show their best to make full use of it. If they use it well, they will surely become successful.

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People born in 1998 Chinses zodiac year have the strong ability to make money, and they are also good at saving money. Therefore, they are able to make a fortune in their early years. Do not be greedy and do not take money too seriously. Do some charities when they have sufficient funds, which can improve their future fortune luck.


Love and Relationships

The Earth Tiger may be born with beautiful appearance, so they can be quite popular among the opposite sex in their youth. They can meet a soulmate who will accompany them all their lives, but they need to spend more time with their lover. Also, be faithful to the lover and keep a good distance from other opposite sex.

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The Earth Tiger born in 1998 enjoy taking part in recreational activities and parties when they are young. After a long time, it may easily cause energy overdraft, respiratory system inflammation, digestive system disorders and other problems. So, they should keep a good living habit. It is suggested to get up early to do some exercises in the morning. And avoid go to places where air does not circulate frequently, such as karaoke bars and pubs.

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Questions & Answers on 1998 Chinese Zodiac - Earth Tiger
Asked by Gus from U.S | Jun. 17, 2020 01:10Reply
What is good sign earth tiger finds good match ? I want a respectful partner
I'm patient and pure hearted, hard working and ambitious. But no luck in love. Any good partner signs compatible with mine ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Isabelle from FRANCE | Jun. 22, 2020 01:07

Don't worry. According to the prediction, September, October and December are auspicious months for you to find true love. You will definitely find an interesting person. Don't worry.
Asked by Disha from USA | May. 10, 2020 19:19Reply
Im an earth Tiger, 28th march 1998
I have a partner his birthdate is 21st April 1997, he is a perfect match or not?
Also Im a student and this month facing a lot of un necessary issues which should have not arised and I am looking for for job opportunities as well, what would be the right time I would acquire it?
Answers (1)
Answered by Sophia from CANADA | May. 17, 2020 22:42

The prediction indicates that you are born to be a good match. You should have more confidence about the relationship. And it says that you would have a large chance to find a stable job. Don't worry.
Asked by Amrit from NEPAL | May. 10, 2020 12:20Reply
i was born on 20 june 1998 and i was curious about my career??
Answers (3)
Answered by Catherine from UNITED KINGDOM | May. 10, 2020 18:48

You are born with Chinese zodiac Tiger sign. It is predicted you would find several golden opportunities to develop your career in the second half of the year. You may find several lucky stars who can provide some necessary help. Good luck!
Answered by Amrit from NEPAL | May. 15, 2020 06:18

not only about career in 2020 but also in whole life?
Answered by Catherine | May. 17, 2020 22:37

Generally speaking, there won't have many ups and downs in your life in 2020. Thus don't worry so much. You can set up several goals and achieve them one by one.
Asked by Kim from JENNIE | Apr. 30, 2020 12:19Reply
When will i find a man?
I was born in 1998 Dec 16. Even though I have had crushes, the only guy I truly had feelings for was last year but later I realized that it was just platonic feelings. I’m content being single but I honestly wonder if I would ever be able to date?
Answers (1)
Answered by Adeline from NEW ZEALAND | May. 06, 2020 01:52

Jennie, the prediction shows that you would have a large chance to meet soul mate this year. Thus don't worry. Just follow your heart and true feelings.
Asked by Dina from CZECH | Jan. 24, 2020 16:50Reply
Finding love
I am Earth iger, August 16,1998. I have been vey unlucky in love in the year 2019, active persuers losing interest etc, moving away, do you think that I might find love in2020?
Answers (1)
Answered by Stephen from UNITED KINGDOM | Feb. 03, 2020 17:03

Dina, 2020 would be a good year for you. You can have more outdoor activities and make more friends. Expanding the social circle will help you find the soul mate.
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