Tiger - Personality and Characteristics


Powerful, Tough, Dynamic, Mighty

Tigers are accustomed inhabiting vast lands; consequently they have acute senses and sharp eyesight. The tiger is the symbol of power. People born in the Year of the Tiger are quite cautious and energetic. They are also determined and persistent which help them strengthen their leadership.


Determined, Confident, Trustworthy, Frank

Tiger personality is strong-willed. Once they make up their minds, they will not change it easily. They will never regret what they have said. They are born with stateliness and confidence, so they always impress people with an image of power and authority. They are frank in personality, willing to speak out their feelings so they can gain others’ trust easily. They have difficulty accepting failures so they push themselves quite hard to succeed. Full of sense of fairness and justice, they are very capable to straighten out others’ problems warm-heartedly.


Talktive, Stubborn, Agressive, Self-ego

Sometimes, Chinese zodiac tiger personality is either too silent or too talkative. They are over confident in their capability which makes it difficult to do well in team work situations. If their thoughts get rejected, they will realize it in an aggressive way. They are anxious to achieve quick successes and get instant benefits but they are usually frustrated by failures. They love to win, so they tend to argue with people, even on trifles. They lack romance in relationship and like to control all affairs of the family, so their married life can be mundane. With strong self-egoism, they find it hard to make some true friends.


Active, Decisive, Leadership

People of the Year of Tiger are active and energetic in work. They are bold to accept new things and decisive to take right actions. They don’t fear authority, and will point out their boss’s flaws directly. They are fully devoted in career and long for success. Their personality traits are not stable. They may get accomplishments in an early age, but have difficulty in retaining the achievements. Born with leadership, they will be great managers in politics or economy. They are used to making progress on others’ shoulders.

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 Best Jobs for Tigers

Competitive, Acute, Flexible

Tiger people like competitive work and they have acute senses and decisive minds. They can be relied on to give quick responses according to what is happening. They cannot tolerant a stable occupation, for they seek challenges and like to come up with ideas. Therefore, the most suitable jobs for them are manager, politician, economist, police, revolutionist, entrepreneur as well as adventurer


Early Prosperity, Stable Financial Status, Generous

They care little about money, but that does not mean they are poor. Actually, they hope they can have good financial status to support life, but it is not the reason they work hard. The anchor of life is more faith than wealth but they do not mind the access of money. However, they can always live a better-off life because of their capabilities. They are generous, and ready to help people in need at any time. They are not good at saving money, so the best choice for them is to get a stable investment.

Love and Relationships

Delicate, Sentimental, Unstrained

Although their personality is tough, they are delicate in love and even a bit sentimental and tender. They like the feelings of being loved but tend to be over enthusiastic, which can make people feel uncomfortable. Male with Chinese zodiac Tiger have a strong command of the necessary skills to please girls. They don’t keep track of their giving, and expect the other to behave according to their will. Females have a clear sense of right and wrong. They like hunting and thrilling experiences and can be sick of tedious married life. They want to be unrestrained and take control of the whole affairs in family.

Best Matches: Dragon, Horse, Pig
Bad Matches: Ox, Tiger, Snake, Monkey

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Liver Disease, Congestion, Depression

People born in the Year of the Tiger are quite dynamic and emotional. They can get angry easily which may damage the liver. They are also vulnerable to congestion and depression. They are supposed to take good control of their emotions and adjust themselves to be in good condition. Apart from this, they seldom get sick and regular exercise and rest allows them to live a healthy life.

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Questions & Answers on Tiger\s Personality and Characteristics
Asked by V from USA | Sep. 19, 2020 11:59Reply
We are married (female 1992; male 1974) what can we do to help our marriage?
We love each other so much, but 1992 female says things she does not mean sometimes and hurt 1974 male and he becomes closed off. Please advise.
Answers (1)
Answered by Ryan | Sep. 21, 2020 01:03

You should have more discussion about this problem. In daily life, she should show more patience and understanding. Quarreling and those words doesn't the solution of problems.
Asked by XR from SINGAPORE | Sep. 13, 2020 10:06Reply
Hi, I am a female born on 23 July 1998.
Is there any chances that I could find one after I leave my current job?
Answers (1)
Answered by Annabelle | Sep. 13, 2020 23:30

Actually you have enough abilities to obtain much better job. Thus you can be brave to leave the current job. Good luck!
Asked by Marla from USA | Aug. 31, 2020 12:59Reply
I am a Fire Dog (12-09-46) and my guy is Wood Tiger (12-27-74)
He cutoff communication abruptly last week. Will we get back together in the future
Answers (1)
Answered by Brayden | Sep. 02, 2020 23:02

The prediction shows that you two have a normal love compatibility index. If you still like him, I think you should contact him actively and find the problem. In this way, you would have a large chance to get back together.
Asked by Huong T from VIETNAM | Jul. 29, 2020 14:33Reply
Should work at same company
I’m a lady tiger born 1/5/975 2-3 am . lay-off from work at graveyard shift after working 10 years / hate the job because low pay..but company want to rehire me 2 weeks later for differ job. Should I still work same company or find a new place .It’s hard to beUnemployment since Covid pandemic. Pleas help any luck for me?
Answers (1)
Answered by Primrose from CANADA | Aug. 06, 2020 02:44

Well, according to the current situation, you are suggested to change another job. The new work environment will help you make some breakthroughs. Good luck!
Asked by XR from SINGAPORE | Jul. 28, 2020 08:46Reply
Hi I’m born on the 23 July 1998. Any prediction for my studies and changing my career path?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mireille from DENMARK | Aug. 06, 2020 02:32

Generally speaking, there won't have many problems in your studies. If you want to change the career path, you need to choose the one that you are really familiar with. In this way, you can achieve some successes.
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