Tiger’s Personality by Blood Types

Tiger with Blood Type O

Personality Traits: Frank & Adventurous

 Strong Points: People born in the Year of the Tiger are optimistic, confident, kind, ingenuous and sincere. Because of their strong self-confidence, they are very independent and never go with the tide. They have a deep sense of justice and a feeling of honor. They are brave enough to fight against injustice and help those who are weak. They do whatever they can to defend their honor and beliefs. They prefer to make friends with many people and make use of them to serve their own in turn.

 Weak Points: Due to their strong self-confidence, they seldom accept opinions from others, making people believe that they are obstinate and self-opinionated. Therefore, their colleagues always keep a distance from them. Although they have many friends, they don’t have intimate ones to have heart-to-heart talks because they easily forget their old friends upon finding new ones.

 Love: People with Chinese zodiac Tiger and blood type O are fickle lovers who always abandon the old for the new. They insist on confessing their love in their own way, for example, sending their lovers a bundle of red roses in public. They don't care whether their lovers love or hate their way of confession.

 Suggestion: They should be sincere and frank to the people they love. A reliable friend is much better than a dozens of acquaintances. In relationship, they should take the responsibility willingly. They should also learn to listen to concerns of others and think in a different perspective.

Tiger with Blood Type A

Personality Traits: Persistent & Suspicious

 Strong Points: Tiger persons in with blood type A usually display positive and negative characters. Their positive characteristics include openness, sociability and optimism. They are warm-hearted, and ready to help others without hesitation. They have strong desire for success. Therefore, they never let the opportunities slip away. They can make success no matter what professions they take because they are sociable, bold and careful. Endurance enables them to be outstanding in career. They are also loyal in relationship, and weigh more on friends and family than money.

 Weak Points: They are, sometimes, negative, impressing others with dejected feeling. Meanwhile, they receive criticism negatively. A Tiger’s personality is normally suspicious in nature. They hate being neglected and despised and become petty despicable once being deceived. Revenge is thought to be the only way out. They are at times very rash in making hasty decisions and are known to have both thoughts at the same time. As contradictory as it seems to be, these are their characteristics.

 Love: The male people born in the Year of the Tiger with A-type blood are popular among their female friends. However, they never flirt or have close contact with them. They tend to be faithful to their loved ones once they fall in love and seek only serious and dependable persons with stable personality as their life partners. They can live a comfortable life after marriage.

 Suggestion: Generally speaking, Tiger people with blood type A should marry serious and dependable men or women because these people can tolerate their sentimental character and ease their depression. They need to learn to finance their wealth well. In general, they don’t have any health problems. However, they should pay attention to potential digestive diseases like gastritis and duodenal ulcer.

Tiger with Blood Type B

Personality Traits: Conservative & Confident

 Strong Points:  Persons with B-type blood face up to life in an optimistic manner. They can recover quickly even though being deceived many times or meeting with many setbacks. They are not scheming and crafty. Instead, they are willing to share everything with people around. They have a miraculous power to befriend others quickly. They have unique creativity, so they can do a good job in planning and designing. They are also good at making money to make life comfortable.

 Weak Points: Making plans is not their forte but they rather do what they are told to do without hesitation. Although they make friends with many people but many of their friends are disreputable and unreliable. Their life might be hard because they suffer from failures many times. They are less concentrated when doing their work, and can be easily distracted by new things.

 Love: They are likely to date other girls behind their girlfriend or wife because of the amorous nature. Once they fall in love with someone, they give love unreservedly. Calm and prudent Ox, crafty Rabbit and Snake people are best matches, for their sociability advantage would be helpful for people born in the Year of Tiger to develop their career.

 Suggestion: They don’t cherish and accumulate wealth. Once they have money, they spend it all on entertainment. It is better to save some money for the unexpected need in case. Their health will be damaged if they are obsessed with entertainment, so it is suggested to keep a well-regulated life.

Tiger with Blood Type AB

Personality Traits: Realistic & Optimistic

 Strong Points: They are optimistic, confident, generous and right-minded. This group of people will do everything to help their friends in need. However, they can hardly get help from others when getting in troubles themselves. They are perseverant and thus will never stop until achieving their goals.

 Weak Points: Because they are overly confident, they often ignore feelings of others and force them to accept their arrangements. They prefer to measure others’ corn by their bushel, which make people feel uncomfortable.

 Love: They become autocratic when meeting someone they like. They show affection directly and do not care if the same is reciprocated. They usually get married at late ages. They are capricious before getting married. However, they become mature and domestic after marriage.

 Suggestion: It is advised to be less aggressive, and more tolerant. Over confidence will result in the failure that they do not want to face. Take a modest attitude. It is better not switch jobs frequently, which is bad for the career development.

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Questions & Answers on Tiger Personality by Blood Types
Asked by Raquel Stevenson from UNITED STATES | Feb. 04, 2018 15:17Reply
I'm a female tiger. divorced, widow, been single for 26 years. when will I meet someone?
Answers (1)
Answered by Caden from CANADA | Feb. 04, 2018 20:39

Hey, Ethan, of course you will still have opportunities to find your soul mate. It is predicted that you may fall in love with someone in the middle of the year, especially in June. Good luck!
Asked by JC from PHILIPPINES | Jan. 18, 2018 02:46Reply
Hi, I would like to know what will happen in my career in 2018. My Birthday is December 21, 1986.
Thank you very much.
Answers (1)
Answered by Freda from FRANCE | Jan. 18, 2018 20:48

Generally speaking, 2018 will bring good luck for you. You may get some money because you always have strong talents and abilities. Frequent physical exercises and a balanced diet will bring positive influence.
Asked by David from GHANA | Dec. 10, 2017 19:38Reply
i was born on 4th April 1986, what is career in life and my lucky numbers?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ella from NEW ZEALAND | Dec. 11, 2017 01:57

According to the Chinese zodiac prediction, your lucky numbers are 1, 3 and 4. Generally speaking, your career will be stable in the year of Dog. Although there may only a few chances to get a promotion, maybe you can make some wise investments next year. It is suggested to work harder and harder. Keeping a harmonious relationship with colleagues. Good luck!
Asked by Alireza from IRAN | Dec. 01, 2017 13:46Reply
how can we solve our problems as a couple?
I am a boy born on6november1974 and my girlfriend is born on 20 novembet 1985 , are we good couple in marriage? And how can wr solve our problems ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ainsley from DENMARK | Dec. 03, 2017 21:07

Well, to be honest, you can find the shinning points on each other and learn from it. You will have a large chance to be best partners to take advantage of each other’s resources. In the future life, you are suggested to add more fun, such as travelling or joining social activities together. :)
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