Tiger - Destiny by Birth Month

Best Birth Months for Tiger

January, February, March, April, July, August

 Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Click to check your birth month in Chinese lunar calendar.

Born in January

Tiger people born in January are blessed by God and can be lucky the whole lifetime. Their birth family is rich and they are respected by others and will not be subject to the control of others. They have pure personalities and strong will. With the help of the elders, their career path develops well.

Born in February

People born in February of the year of the Tiger are loyal, filial and have amazing talents and abilities. In work, they can be both team leaders and a model of others, thus loved and respected. They are able to do earth-shattering big business.

Born in March

Tigers born in March, their early years may be poor and difficult. But the life since youth or middle ages starts to get better relying on their innate ingenuity. Whatever they do, they may get unexpected good results. If working in the government, their position may get higher and higher.

Born in April

Tiger people born in April may have supports from dignitaries, thus can succeed in their career. They can live a free, prosperous and smooth lifetime with little annoyances and troubles. The descendants are also nice to them.

Born in May

The ancestral accumulation of Tiger people born in May may be thin and they need to rely on themselves to make the life get better. They are courageous, tough, and adept with both literature and military affairs, hence can make great contributions to the society and achieve the power of superior. However, they are also grumpy, which make them offend and dispute with others easily. 

Born in June

They are kind-hearted and willing to help others. They may have a big ambition. But with no effective support and financial accumulations, it is difficult to come true. Their life path may twist and turn ups and downs and they themselves can hardly become famous.

Born in July

There is little chance for them to be born into a rich family, so the early years of Tiger people born in July may be difficult. By middle ages, they may achieve success in career through their perseverance and energetic characteristics and hard working. They are willing to help others and do things with all their efforts.

Born in August

People born in August in the year of the Tiger get little help from their parents due to the shallow ancestral base. But fortunately, relying on good luck, useful help from others, and their own wisdom and talent, their life gradually flourishes, and they themselves get famous and respected by others.

Born in September

Tigers born in September are smart, flexible and knowledgeable. However, they are unrealistic, acquire knowledge mechanically, would not like to depend on themselves but others, think highly of themselves and care for nobody, so they may meet lots of difficulties and troubles. This leads them to think there is no platform to use their talent and complain alone. If they learn to rely on themselves and start to be independent and hard working, success can be at the turnings.

Born in October

People with Chinese zodiac Tiger born in October are smart, loyal, gentle, and elegant. Due to their poor destiny, they may not achieve success if doing things independently. They should have a partner to corporate with. Otherwise, they may live a busy life but achieve nothing.

Born in November

As to Tiger people born in November, they may have a difficult and busy lifetime. Hardly get effective support from others and not good at uniting with others, it is difficult for them to succeed in career. But their life as a whole has no big disasters. If their birth hours are good, the destiny can be different.

Born in December

Tigers born in December may meet many frustrations and bad guys. The possibility to get help from others is not big, so they may live a plain life. Be careful and cautious, try to make more friends and unit with workmates, they may have a good career.

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You would have a high possibility to obtain a stable full time job because of your outstanding abilities. You should have more confidence about yourself.
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Oh, maybe you should give your partner the second chance. The prediction shows that you two still have chances to get together.
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It's predicted that you can make some breakthroughs in your career this year. If you have some outstanding performance, you would also obtain several chances for promotion.
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I want to be CEO. I hate it soo much when someone tells me what to do. But I still listen.
Will Chinese parents like my zodiac? Because there’s a lot of parents who go off these zodiacs. My lunar calendar is 3/09
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Hi, you need to tell which year you were born. People will not dislike any zodiac. If you want to be CEO, just start to be hard working from now. Good luck!
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