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People with Chinese zodiac Tiger are enterprising and have charisma of leadership. They don’t want to work for others for their entire lives. And they are able to gather and lead a galaxy of talents that are willing to follow him to conquer the world. Once they make up their minds, they will boldly but rationally move forward. All these characteristics decide they are more suitable to work on their own business rather than for others. However, this boldness may make others feel stressful and frightened. They should pay attention to their dress code and speech to lower others’ unsettled emotions.

Best Age to Start a Business for Tiger

Age: 35 – 50

Best Business and Career Field for Tiger

Catering Industry

The overall wealth fortune for people born in year of the Tiger is not very ideal, so they are more suitable for business that could bring a big profit with a small investment. The catering industry is exactly the best fit. In addition, they are usually well-connected people with a relatively wide and steady relationship circle, which is also beneficial in this business.

Outdoor Sports Facilities Field

Tiger people are willing to combine their interests with their business. They love adventures and sports, thus they will be devoted into this field. Though they don’t have any patience in doing business, they won’t resist customers that have same favors as them. It also makes them easier and more convincing to chat with customers on these topics. Furthermore, they could organize outdoor activities within the customer circle to increase their loyalty.

Which one is better for Tiger, sole proprietorship or partnership?

Tiger people are aggressive and decisive. If they could make use of their talents, they could make the optimal choice and achieve it within the shortest time. They don’t need to rely on partners’ opinions to make strategic plans.

Well-educated Tigers are outstanding managers and plan-makers. However, incompetent people are short-sighted and egoistic, leading to wrong decisions and refusal to useful suggestions. This kind of Tiger people are recommended to cooperate with their friends who are intelligent to make up for their radical mind. In this partnership, they should be the ambitious pioneer and the partner should be the counselor and strategist to keep their business safe and developing reasonably.

Business and Career Partners for Tiger

 Rat: Cooperative
They should be cautious that Rats are somehow speculative.

 Ox: Uncooperative
Tiger people cannot stand Ox’s strictness and materialism. The cooperation could be a disaster.

 Tiger: Uncooperative
The result can be bad if both of them are lack for talents in doing business.

 Rabbit: Cooperative
They appreciate each other. But the Rabbit people should be careful with Tiger’s bad temper.

 Dragon: Cooperative
They are the best partner for each other. They are both competent and trust each other.

 Snake: Uncooperative
They will always have disputes in business, until their partnership will end in unpleasant breakup.

 Horse: Cooperative
Though their personalities are not a good fit to each other, common interests would bring them together.

 Sheep: Temporarily cooperative

 Monkey: Cooperative
Tiger should pay attention to the tricky Monkeys and control their aggressiveness.

 Rooster: Uncooperative
Most Roosters are not as capable as Tigers. Cooperation with Rooster people will only make Tigers exhausted.

 Dog: Uncooperative
Their cooperation won’t work in business. But apart from that, they will be a perfect partnership.

 Pig: Cooperative in short-term
Tiger would show threat to the Pig in long-term cooperation without self-awareness.

Advice on Business Investment for Tiger

They should avoid investing in fields they have little knowledge about. Try to keep a healthy connection with others and pay attention to friends’ credit and liability before investing for them. Humbly take the elders’ advice on saving money and investment.

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Questions & Answers on Tiger - Best Business and Career Fields
Asked by Kaokao from PHILIPPINES | May. 06, 2020 08:01Reply
Best business for me i was born january 20, 1986
i want to know whats the best business for me? And how and when will i be rich? My birthdate is january 20, 1986 thank u
Answers (1)
Answered by Eunice from DENMARK | May. 10, 2020 23:01

You are born with Chinese zodiac Ox sign. According to the prediction, the building materials field is the one that suitable for you. You can set up several small goals and achieve them one by one. In this way, you can accumulate wealth step by step.
Asked by Joyce Kee from MALAYSIA | Sep. 28, 2019 07:13Reply
I was born on 3 March 1986. I wish to change a new job next year? Is it a right time for me?
Answers (1)
Answered by Hailey from AUSTRALIA | Sep. 29, 2019 20:17

Yes, Joyce, it will be ok for you to change the job next year. New environment would bring some breakthroughs to you.
Asked by Dina from IRELAND | Feb. 04, 2019 15:00Reply
Born 26-08-1986. Have been offered a job
it's seems too good to be true as it is also part of a dream job. So I am cautious. Is it a favorable year to do this? Also been having problems with my partner and Id like to know if we will be ok or separate.
Answers (1)
Answered by Nancy from NETHERLANDS | Feb. 12, 2019 01:16

The Tiger fortune prediction suggests that you will have a plain fortune in 2019. However, you need to be more cautious about your new job and try to do a specific background survey. Also, you may suffer a setback in love relationship. Try to communicate with your partner and work it out.
Asked by allan from PHILIPPINES | Apr. 09, 2018 02:53Reply
Born March 24 1986. What is the best ideal business for me?
from Mr. ADT The Philippines
Answers (1)
Answered by Liliana from AUSTRALIA | Apr. 10, 2018 21:04

Oh, according to the prediction, you are active and energetic in work. And you are bold to accept new things and decisive to take right actions. You are fully devoted in career and long for success. Thus business related to catering industry and outdoor sports facilities field will be suitable for you.
Asked by Tania Huriwai from AUSTRALIA | Jan. 10, 2018 06:05Reply
Work and buying a home: I was born in the 8th June 1974
Hi: will I have much success in my current job and will I be buying a home this year. Thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Matthew from USA | Jan. 10, 2018 19:50

You are born with Chinese zodiac Tiger sign. You may get some money because you always have smart talents and outstanding abilities. You can also gain fortune from land projects and mining industry. Sometimes you may have some successful cooperation projects brought by your friends. Thus you can plan to buy a house in 2018.
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