1938 Chinese Zodiac - Earth Tiger

Which type of Tiger are people born in 1938 Chinese zodiac year?

According to Chinese zodiac, 1938 is the year of the Tiger and Rat people born in 1938 are the Earth Tiger based on Chinese Five Elements.

As Chinese zodiac is based on lunar calendar, which has a little different from Gregorian calendar., therefore the Earth Tiger are born from January 31, 1938 to February 18, 1939, and people who born from January 1 to January 30 in 1938 are the previous Chinese zodiac Fire Ox.

Lucky Signs for 1938 Earth Tiger

Lucky numbers: 3, 9

Lucky colors: golden, green

2019 Horoscope for Wood Tiger Born in 1938

On the whole, people with Chinese zodiac Tiger born in 1938 may not go well in the year of 2019.

The Tiger people born in 1938 must be extremely cautious in investing. In the year of Chinese zodiac Pig, the Earth Tiger will easily lose money, which is why some of their investment projects often earn nothing. Therefore, they should act conservatively this year and never do any risky investment projects.

The relationship between the Earth Tiger and their spouse is pretty good in 2019. But their spouses may not be in good health this year, they need to take good care of their lover once they feel unwell. In daily life, they can spend more time with their spouse walking after dinner, read newspaper together, etc.

Due to the poor health of their families, the Tiger people in 1938 cannot spend much time with their friends in this year. But they do not need to worry about this, their friends can totally understand them. After all, family is the biggest thing in the rest of their life. Moreover, the Earth Tiger will not spend much time with their friends, because there are many other things waiting for them to deal with, such as take care of their families.

Chinese zodiac Earth Tiger people may in very poor health in 2019. They may get tired easily and are more likely to be in sub-health state. They have a lot of things to do this year, so they often ignore their health problems. It is suggested that in this year, if they feel unwell, they should go to hospital in time and be nursed in a timely manner. Try to share the burdens with others instead of carrying everything alone.

2020 Horoscope for Wood Tiger Born in 1938

The wealth luck for people with Chinese zodiac Tiger born in 1938 is relatively stable. The mean source of income for them is their pension, which will not have great changes in 2020. After decades of work, they have already accumulated a large number of money, so there is no need to be too economical. They should better buy what they want casually as long as it is worthy.

The 1938 Wood Tiger is very lucky in love. It is the most lucky thing that there is someone be with them and grow old with them. When they were young, they did quarrel with their lover sometimes, but it did not affect their feelings. When they get old, they cherish their feelings more.  So their relationship is very harmonious.

In addition, their children and grandchildren are also very filial and will bring fruits, health products and other things to visit them when they are free. Those who are far away from home will also often talk with them through the internet. So their family is also very happy.

The overall physical condition of the Wood Tiger born in 1938 is not bad. But due to the old age, the organs in their body are not as healthy as it was when they were young. Especially, they should pay more attention to the heart problem. Therefore, the Wood Tiger should keep some medicine for heart disease in home and carry some with them, so that they can take it immediately if they feel unwell. In addition, it is necessary to keep a good mood. Their body will become healthier once they are in good mood.

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Personality Traits of the 1938 Chinese Zodiac Earth Tiger

People born in 1938 year of the Tiger are tolerant and have a strong sense of justice. The Earth Tiger are very ambitious, and at the same time they can work hard to realize their ambitions. In addition, they can express their inner thoughts clearly and have good thinking and action abilities. They are clever, helpful, confident and adventurous. Last but not least, the Tiger people are creative, which always bring surprises to the people around them.

However, the Earth Tiger are sometimes impatient, emotional and competitive, and they are eager to win when there are conflicts. They eager to show their profound knowledge to others very much. At the same time, they hate to follow the rules. In addition, because the Earth Tiger have too many ambitions, they sometimes will become too greedy and eventually fail.

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The Earth Tiger born in 1938 have a good fortune in old age. After years of hard work, they have saved a considerable amount of property. But their generous character may be the main reason for their financial losses. When they see other people encounter difficulties, they always want to give their hand to help them, but sometimes they will lose money and even fall into the trap designed by bad guys.

Love and Relationships

The Earth Tiger always have many admirers. But they should keep their distance from other opposite sexes. Fortunately, they have a lover who can accompany them all their lives, but they still need to spend more time trying to manage their marriage. In marriage, they must have a clear mind and give a long-term companionship to their spouse.

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The health condition of the Earth Tiger born in the year of 1938 is not good enough because of their age. As they grow older, they must pay more attention to their health problems. It is suggested that they need to have a light diet and eat less greasy food and sweets. They could go out for a walk on flat roads. Pay more regard to safety when walking out on rainy or snowy days in case of falling down.

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