Snake - Best Jobs and Working Partners

People born with the Chinese Zodiac Snake are full of tenacity and talent. They have strong sensibility and adaptability, and they can adapt to the surrounding environment quickly and make quick respond according to different situations. At the same time, they know themselves clearly, their innate sixth sense and superhuman insight always enable them to seize the good chance. In the work field, they never flaunt their talents, but work step by step according to their plans. Therefore, they are more likely to have successful career.


Best Occupations for Snake

Artists such as actor/ actress, singer and director and so on are most suitable for the Snake people because they really enjoy the atmosphere in the entertainment industry. And they are suitable to be a designer, beautician, masseuse, counselor, teacher and waiter or waitress. And there will be unexpected gains if they can engage in art work, water - related work or both, such as painter, musician, diver and fisherman and so on. And they also suitable for mental work like politician, teacher, entrepreneur, and psychologist.


Suitable Jobs Fields for Snake

Performing Arts Work

The Snake people are good at making good atmosphere, so the glamorous lifestyle in the entertainment industry is the most suitable job fields for them. Additionally, the strong affinities, open ways of doing things and flexible attitudes make them quickly adapted to the situation. They may gain success easily in the occupations like actor/ actress, singer, director and so on.

Mental work

They have their own workstyle and seldom care others’ judgements. Their sensible feelings and unique personalities make them work in their own ways. Therefore, the Snake people should better choose a job related to mental work such as politician, teacher, entrepreneur, and psychologist and so on.

Artistic work

They seem unconcerned, but nothing escapes his attention. They are talented in artistic work with high IQ level and aesthetic sense. Therefore, the academic work in the fields of art, culture, aesthetics, and literature and so on is very suitable for them.

Management work

People like them, because of their strong mind, once became a manager, can always point out the correct way when their team were in trouble.


Working Partners for Snake

Best Working Partners

Ox, Monkey & Rooster
As long as Snake cooperate with any of them, it will help their career a lot.

Good Working Partners

Snake, Sheep & Horse
They need to cooperate with the three of them at the same time to realize their own value.

Bad Working Partners

Tiger, Monkey & Pig
They will either become rivals with Snake, or they will find it difficult to tolerate each other, or there will be a lot of misunderstandings and contradictions.


How to Work Happily

The Snake people have great wisdom and insight. Their quick responds, keen eyes and excellent social skills help them succeed in many fields. But they should be careful that not to be outsmarted. In addition, the Snake people usually have their own working style, and it is difficult for them to listen to others’ opinions.

If they can solve problems in a calm and dignified manner and listen to others’ thinking, they will make greater achievements.
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