2013 Chinese Zodiac - Water Snake

Which type of Snake are people born in 2013 Chinese Zodiac year?

Snake is the 2013 Chinese zodiac sign, and it belongs to the Water based on Chinese Five Elements. So the people born in 2013 is the Chinese zodiac Water Snake.

Chinese calendar follows lunar calendar. Referring to Gregorian calendar, people born from February 10, 2013 to January 30, 2014 are the Water Snake, and those who born from January 1 to February 9 in 2013 are the previous Water Dragon.


Lucky Signs for 2013 Water Snake

 Lucky Numbers: 0, 5

 Lucky Colors: yellow, green, white, brown


2019 Horoscope for Water Snake Born in 2013

The overall horoscope for the Water Snake children born in 2013 is not ideal enough.

In the year of the Pig, the Water Snake children may become rebellious and willful and do not follow the instructions of teachers and parents. It is difficult for them to concentrate in class, so they will hardly make progress in their study. To change the situation, they need to listen carefully in class and finish homework on time to make a solid foundation. Remember not to be too headstrong.

In 2019, people born in 2013 year of the snake will have a bad luck in wealth. They may be punished by deducting pocket money for their willfulness, so that they can only spend their own savings to buy something they want, and they will spend all their savings quickly. If they want to get money from their parents, they should be obedient to parents and help them do housework in weekends.

Children born in 2013 may have bad relationships with classmates in 2019. Because of their bad temper, they may fight with other children in the class. Since they have just started school, it is very important to establish a good relationship with their classmates. They should learn to be kind to others to become popular in class.

Their health condition is not very good, either. They may get hurt due to their naughty behaviors. In addition, they should not play close to the water or in a dark and humid environment this year, otherwise they are likely to suffer from serious disasters.

2020 Horoscope for Water Snake Born in 2013

The 2020 Snake zodiac prediction indicates that Snake people born in 2013 should pay more attention to study, the good result in which can bring them appreciation and admiration from teachers and parents. Parents should not put pressure on them because an easy learning environment can bring high efficiency.

They will not have too much pocket money at six-year-old. They will suffer no big disease; however, common discomforts like cold, fever or diarrhea trap them once a while. For their safety, parents should put metal sharp appliances out of their reach.

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Personality Traits of the 2013 Chinese Zodiac Water Snake

People with Chinese zodiac Water snake born in 2013 are lively, active and intelligent. They like to give advice in discussions. They are born with optimism, a kind heart and considerate mind, so that everyone like to make friends with them. They like all beautiful things and they are full of artistic talent. They are used to think twice before they act. Everything will not be put into practice until they have a careful analysis on it.

But they are a very emotional person, especially in their early ages. They have very strong self-esteem, which is an obstacle to their success. The Water Snake are also too sensitive about others’ opinions on them. If they heard that someone speaks evil of them, they will feel hurt and it is difficult to recover from sadness.

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Their career luck is not very good. They can easily find business opportunities, but they need to make a systematic plan before making their dreams come true. Moreover, they need to be careful in cooperation with others. They should maintain calm in their work and handle interpersonal relationships carefully. In addition, they should learn more and accumulate knowledge to lay a good foundation for their future career.

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People born with Chinese zodiac Snake in 2013 will have a very good fortune luck. They can make extra fortune and accumulate lots of money to buy some commodities that can preserve values such as house, gold or stocks. Although they can accumulate a large amount of wealth, they should make detailed plans in their spending and not waste their money on useless products.


Love and Relationships

For male Water Snake, they will have a good wife who can support them in their career. Female Water Snake are very considerate person; they will take good care of their husband and keep the house in good order. They may have two children through their lives, and live a happy and harmonious life with their families.

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The 2013 Water Snake need take good care of their liver and gallbladder. They should take part in sports, exercise frequently to improve their fitness. They should also notice the rules of diet and eat less fried and cold food. When feeling ill, they should go to hospital in time. And regular physical examination will be more conducive to health maintenance.

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