Snake - Personality and Characteristics


Wise, Humorous, Brilliant

Snake is usually regarded as a dark, insidious, sly and ruthless being. Both in western countries and China, there are many legend stories about the animal. And most of the time, it is labeled with a dark image. Actually, the animal is also the symbol of wisdom. People born in the Year of the Snake according to Chinese zodiac are usually well-educated, decent, smart and humorous. They can be brilliant artists, political leaders, as well as great thinkers, such as Gandhi, Goethe, Kennedy, and Picasso.


Decent, Sophisticated, Eloquent

Most of time, Snake personality is nonchalant, but they are actually enthusiastic. They are romantic, decent and sophisticated, and also eloquent, which makes them humorous. People will feel comfortable and relaxed when talking with them. They seldom get angry, for they get used to thinking twice before leaping. They are gifted in thinking and creating, especially good at spiritual work. They always have clear goals and plans about their career, and they will schedule and finish them step by step. When coming across problems, they can remain calm and rational. Their innate sense and insight make them grasp every possible chance. They are good at making decisions and determined to fulfill plans.


Suspicious, Stingy, Lazy

People born in the Year of the Snake will not show their weak side to others, and people cannot see their inner side, so they don’t have many real friends. They are a bit stingy and suspicious, which makes people keep a distance from them. Sometimes, they are over curious about others' personal affairs and like to gossip behind, and even create rumors. Sloth is another of their weaknesses. Although they have a lot of ambitions, they cannot be persistent to realize them. They go to jealousy easily. They will go against people who are more excellent than them but not learn from others.


Responsible, Leadership, Creative

Those with Chinese zodiac sign of Snake are fond of thinking, and they can perform outstandingly in work related to history, art and creating. They are bold to face challenges, and will not give in easily. Having strong sense of responsibility, they are capable of dealing with kinds of difficulties. With talented memory, they can always remember their clients’ names and tastes, so there are nice people supporting their career now and then. Snake Chinese zodiac personality is acute and smart, so they can always seize the chance to get a promotion. Leadership and executive ability push them to the top of their career. However, they should be very prudent when making investments.

 Best Jobs for Snakes

They are born with creation and imagination, so office work is not suitable for them. They need find a job in which they can utilize their talents and intelligence. The jobs related in thinking and creation are suitable for them, such as fashion designer, gardener, educator, conductor, writer, composer, and journalist.

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Affluent, Easy Money, Spending Problem

In general, their luck in money is nice, for their career or business develop smoothly under friends’ help. They are seldom bothered by money shortage, but lead a better-off life. They also get luck in easy money, such as in lottery or stocks. People with Chinese zodiac Snake sign have a habit of spending. They would rather spend money in luxuries than in daily necessities. Their extravagant lifestyle will change better after they get married. To keep a stable financial status, they need to reduce unnecessary expenditure and make some long-term investments. Besides, they are a bit stingy; if they can change that, they can make more friends.

Love and Relationships

Romantic, Enthusiastic, Loyal

Male Snakes seeks passionate and vigorous love, and there are a lot of girls gathering around them. They are romantic and trendy, and also good at read girls’ mind. Therefore, they can find lovers easily. At first people may think they are indifferent. When getting familiar, their zeal in relationship will show up. The problem is that they are usually strict to their partner. In love, female snake personality is frank and straightforward. They keep a loyal and faithful heart to their men. However, they are quite possessive, which makes others feel depressed. If they can leave more personal space for the other, their relationship will be better.

Best Matches: Dragon, Rooster
Bad Matches: Tiger, Rabbit, Snake, Sheep, Pig

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Heart Disease, Palpitation, Regular Rest

Their Wu Xing (The Five Elements) sign is Fire, which indicates the heart of the physical body. They may get heart problems, such as palpitation, chest congestion, insomnia, amnesia, agitation and arrhythmia. They form a bad habit of sleeping late, which does much harm to the heart’s normal function. They should keep scientific bedtimes. In addition, a light diet is also good for prevent the heart diseases.

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Questions & Answers on Snake\s Personality and Characteristics
Asked by DM from UNITED STATES | Dec. 03, 2023 20:48Reply
Jan 26 1990 .... year of the horse but I'm a snake
Would I have traits of both snake and horse since I was born on the cut off date of Jan 26 1990?
Answers (1)
Answered by Helen | Dec. 05, 2023 21:43

Not really, you will only have the traits of Snake.
Asked by Thalia from MALAYSIA | Aug. 15, 2023 07:00Reply
Further Study
Hai, I'm Snake born on 18 August 1989. I plan to further my study this year to get a Master. Does it possible and a good decision?
Answers (1)
Answered by Sarah | Aug. 15, 2023 20:54

In general, your luck in 2023 is not bad and you will have a pretty steady fortune this year. So just do what you want to do. Good luck!
Asked by Ash from INDIA | Jun. 22, 2023 10:54Reply
Born on 4th Nov, 1989, Earth Snake, which stone is good for me. for good health and wealth
Answers (1)
Answered by Emma | Jun. 25, 2023 00:52

Your lucky stones include jade, olivine, malachite, and amethyst.
Asked by Myra from AUSTRIA | Mar. 31, 2023 19:28Reply
Dog and snake
Are the dog and snake compatible?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jojo | Apr. 03, 2023 18:23

The compatibility of Dog and Snake is average. If the two want to maintain happy and harmonious relationship, they'd better be more torelant to each other and care more about each other.
Asked by Minni from UNITED KINGDOM | Jan. 28, 2023 12:04Reply
My depressed friend broke up with her childhood friend?
My friend and her BFF both are snake
She July 1st 1977
He April 13 1977

He blocked her even after apologising to him,
Is he good man?
She has very less friends in her life and very much worried and depressed
Will he come back in her life?

Please help her
Thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Rosie | Feb. 05, 2023 16:49

It seems it's not easy for them to become reconciled. It's a black time for them two.
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