Snake - Love Compatibility

People born in the Year of the Snake seem to be nonchalant and indifferent in love, and that even drives pursuers away. However, when getting familiar with them, people will find them usually passionate and enthusiastic. They have high standard for their life partners, even a bit picky.

They are eager to get echo on the common interests. They want a spiritual marriage but not a material life, so people having a crush on them need to keep with their pace in psychological growth.
Snake's Compatibility with 12 Zodiac Animals

Male Snakes in Love

Passionate, Attractive, Sophisticated

Males with Chinese zodiac Snake try to be attractive in public occasions, and have a lot of chances to make acquaintance with girls. In a relationship, they are likely to behave aggressively. They are very skilled to sow their heart in action, and also good at seeing through others’ real thoughts. However, they are unwilling to speak their own minds out, so it would be difficult for them to find soul mate who can understand them. In marriage, they want to be respected by wife and children, and will stay loyal although they are not really satisfied with the current situation.

Female Snakes in Love

Frank, Possessive, Jealous

In love, Frank, Possessive, Jealous…they tend to be frank and straightforward, and keep a loyal heart to their lovers although they always have a lot of pursuers around. They are longing for romantic relationships. They never mind what they can gain from others but what they can give. They hope lovers can accept who they really are. When the relationship is stable, they will have strong sense of possessiveness. Their weakness is that they are jealous even on trifles. In marriage life, they can be good housewives, arranging husband and children’s life in a good order.

How to get along with Snakes?

People with Chinese zodiac Snake sign seem cold-blooded, but also have a weak side. They just do not want to show their weaknesses to others. People should communicate with them in an inductive manner, for they really need one who can understand them. They are vainglorious and skeptical, so people staying with them should be frank and honest. People should never show off in front of them, for their jealousy will make themselves stand against you. If falling in love with Snakes, one is supposed to be stuck on them always.

Love Compatibility in Marriage

According to Chinese zodiac analysis, people born in the Year of the Snake are well compatible with Dragon and Rooster signs on the whole, and the couples in high compatibility can gain a happy and everlasting relationship no matter in love or marriage. They should be careful with people in Tiger, Rabbit, Snake, Sheep, or Pig sign; otherwise they might draw a hurting lesson from the relationship.

 Perfect Matches
They are all very smart people, and can be best partners in business. If the two get together, they can create a bright future and gain an everlasting relationship.
Rooster Both of them are ambitious, and they are good at learning from each other, which make them the best couple. They can get satisfaction from their life and family, for their life is always sweet and happy.

 Complementary Match
Ox They have a tacit understanding on each other, and they both pursue life with high quality. One is modest and decent; the other is generous and shrewd. They give enough admiration and respect to each other.
 Acceptable Match
Dog They are an average couple, for there is no big rise and fall in their lifetime. Although little conflicts happen, they can always find a way to smooth them. They will lead a harmonious and peaceful life, and the relationship is long-lasting.

 Intimate Friends
Rat  They can find the shinning points on each other and learn from it. They can be best partners to take advantage of each other’s resources.
Horse  Both of them are energetic and passionate. They can find a lot in common, but still keep their own space as friends.
Monkey They can gain friendship that go through any obstacles. Although they barely contact with each other when in different places, they can always show up when one of them get into trouble.

Tiger  They all keep their own secret, which makes them more skeptical. They weigh more what they gain from a relationship than what they can contribute. Split will take place sooner or later.
Rabbit  They love each other, but it’s hard for them to give in on disagreement, and that would make their relationship fade away gradually.
Snake Both of them have high egos. They have different aims in most occasions, and a poor manner of communication – being silent when a frank confession is needed.
Sheep Their personality is so different. They can find little in common, so the life together would be dull and boring. They may be able to survive one or two years, but after that, a separation is doomed to occur.
Pig  Because of the age gap, they cannot understand each other. They hold different lifestyle and value in financial management. Squabbles are inevitable.

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Questions & Answers on Snake\s Love Compatibility
Asked by Hubert from GHANA | Apr. 20, 2019 15:21Reply
Am a rabbit and my wife is snake is it a good match?
Answers (1)
Answered by Nathalie from FRANCE | Apr. 21, 2019 20:40

Well, your match may not be very good but it can be improved by your joint efforts in daily life. Stay calm when facing conflicts and having some trips together may be helpful. Best wishes!
Asked by Lena from CANADA | Mar. 20, 2019 05:43Reply
Hi, I am snake female dating a Male Rat
I would like to know how good a Male Rat and a Female Snake compatibility would be, he is 8 years my Junior too.
Answers (1)
Answered by Jack from MALAYSIA | Mar. 20, 2019 18:16

Hi, your love compatibility is not bad, but you may still face some challenges in the love relationship. A better communication is beneficial to your mutual understanding. Good luck!
Asked by Alice from MALAYSIA | Feb. 06, 2019 09:39Reply
Compatibility Dragon and tiger
Is a dragon 10 Jan 1977 (Male)and Tiger year 1974 (female) a good match?
Answers (1)
Answered by Sean from AUSTRALIA | Feb. 12, 2019 21:46

Yes, it is a good match. Even sometimes you may face small conflicts, but communication can help you a lot to work it out. Good luck!
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