Snake’s Personality by Blood Types

Snake with Blood Type O

Personality Traits: Shrewd & Jealous

 Strong Points: People with Snake as Chinese zodiac sign and blood type O are shrewd and sophisticated; they keep a polite and elegant manner towards other people, but it doesn’t means that they are people of easy access. With tough personality, they want to make a rise in life through their struggles. Most of them have strong willpower, and they will not give up easily in difficulties. Besides, most of them also have a kind, tender and considerate heart.

 Weak Points: They are polite, but people are unwilling to have a deep relationship with them. They looks alert and suspicious; nothing can get their trust. Meanwhile, they do not want to express their inner side to other people, and hide their capacity. They have strong self-esteem and jealousy. If they are doing worse than others, they will think of revenge.

 Love: They have strong desire to take control of the other in relationship. They will pursue their love at all cost, even using bad tricks. After getting married, they will be loyal to love, but they leave no space for their partner. They should find a conservative, tender, optimistic person for life; wild and unrestrained people are not suitable for them.

 Suggestion: It's no wrong to be shrewd in career circle, but they should be simpler in social world. They should avoid envying others’ accomplishments, but work harder to get what they long for. They also need to establish trust and faith in other people. In relationship, they are supposed to respect personal space.

Snake with Blood Type A

Personality Traits: Persistent & Flexible

 Strong Points: They are stable and upright, sometimes heroes in other people’s eyes. They have sufficient patience and persistence. As long as the goals are set, they will try their best to fulfill them. They are bold and capable in work, and they are always the people who come up with new ideas. Good at inspiring people to work together, they can easily stand out in career circle. With acute sense for chance and broad horizon, their talk is full of humor and wit, which can touch other people easily.

 Weak Points: People born in the Year of the Snake with blood type A are too talkative, and like giving speeches in public occasion to draw others’ attention. People think they are flashy and self-ego, and will choose to isolate them at last. They are also over sophisticated in relationship, lack of uprightness. They usually make up to boss or leaders, and even selling their work fellows. Although they get what they want, but they lose their friends, their most powerful backup.

 Love: They can attract pursuers with eloquent talking, and some might get trapped in their sweet promises. When people get stuck on them, they start to feel uncomfortable and try to get rid of the relationship. They love mature and well-educated woman. In marriage life, they become faithful and responsible, and the life will be smooth and peaceful.

 Suggestion: They have flexible minds and sharp eloquence, so the job like journalist, editor, sales rep, diplomat, and public relations officer and lawyer are suitable for them. In work, they should fulfill their goals step by step but not brag about their capability. In this way, they can convince other people of their talents.

Snake with Blood Type B

Personality Traits: Humorous & Independent

 Strong Points: People of the Year of Snake talk cheerfully and humorously, with their wit fully used in speech. They are frank to tell their inner feelings, which help them win popularity. They are also quite independent, accustomed to solving problems in their own ways. Besides, they try to live a better-off life through their own efforts. There will no big setback in their life time. They are quite persistent in relationship, and people are easily moved by their earnest actions.

 Weak Points: They have independent personality, but if they get used to it, they will tend to be isolated. They may have few friends, who may leave them because of their nonchalance. They emphasize the result rather than the process, and they also do not care the bad way they approach to it. They are also emotional, lack of self control. Cheers may bring joy and relaxation, but negative emotion may result in awful tension and stress.

 Love: With blood type B, those born in the Year of the Snake want to live alone, but when they meet someone they are fond of, they will pursue their love at all means. They seldom think about others’ feeling, but act according to their own will. When they are in good mood, they will be tender and sweet, but once they are in bad emotion, they will stir troubles. They are supposed to find an outgoing, tolerant and considerate partner for life.

 Suggestion: They should be associated with more people and establish stable relationships and they should not isolate themselves. Frankness can help them to make more friends. If they want to accomplish something in career, they should expand their social network. Their desire for love sometimes makes people touched from bottom of heart, but sometimes makes people exhausted. They should learn to think in other people’s shoes.

Snake with Blood Type AB

Personality Traits: Rational & Nonchalant

 Strong Points: People with Chinese zodiac Snake and blood type AB are rational, independent, smart and acute, and can make quick judgment and decision. They stress efficiency and effectiveness, so they can make perfect feasible plans. They have clear blueprint of their future life, and will make every step work in the expected direction. They are capable of handling different interpersonal relationships, so they behave outstanding in career. With special glamour, they have a lot of pursuers around.

 Weak Points: They have strong vanity, and usually hide their inner side to look mature and stable. They are kind of indifferent, having no care for other people and keeping a perfect distance off. They are neither willing to help other people nor step into others’ life circle. When they get difficulties, they hardly ask help from others. Their life is lack of passion and surprises, but full of loneliness.

 Love: With attractive appearance, their charm will obsess many people. They will get close to the people they like in a smart way and win their heart. However, their nature is nonchalance, so even their love lacks passion. Therefore, they should find the people who are passionate and warm-hearted, which can have positive affection on them.

 Suggestion: They should find passion for life, and not push themselves too hard. They needn’t to pretend to be indifferent; otherwise they will have no friends. Try to help more people and engage themselves in social activities. They should find a warm-hearted and humorous life partner for accompany.

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Questions & Answers on Snake Personality by Blood Types
Asked by donna from PHILIPPINES | Aug. 18, 2020 02:38Reply
I was born on December 7, 1977, what does 2020 and 2021 holds for me?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jason from NEW ZEALAND | Aug. 19, 2020 20:14

Based on the prediction, there won't have ups and downs in 2021. You can set up several goals at the beginning of the year. Then just try the best to achieve these goals and make some breakthroughs in your life.
Asked by LINDA GAGIANO from SOUTH AFRICA | Jan. 19, 2019 07:38Reply
Tell me more about my future
I am born 7 8 1953. Will I ever have money and businesses. Will I ever meet my soulmate and marry? How ill will l be in the future. In which year will I obtain more than l business? Thank you very much. I am a female.
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Answered by Frank from CANADA | Jan. 20, 2019 23:13

Hi, there is only a general fortune in the year of 2019 and no more future can be predicted. In career and wealth aspect, you may have a normal performance. As for the love aspect, it may be luckier in the first half year. Best wishes.
Asked by Juul from USA | Feb. 23, 2018 10:50Reply
Do you see possibility in marriage (me Earth dragon 08-04-1988 him Fire snake 05-19-1978)?
2 years together and in general Great connection, more than 80% compatibility But its there next level somewhere in horizon?in 2018? Or later?
Please help!
Answers (1)
Answered by Andrew from GERMANY | Feb. 23, 2018 20:45

Both of you are competent in your own fields, but you can share and explore life together. You will listen to each other and mend your erroneous ways. You are good communicators as well. 2018 will be good year to get married. :)
Asked by Anna from INDIA | Jan. 04, 2018 07:54Reply
Will I find love and get married this year? I was born on 19 February 1989.
Answers (2)
Answered by Kinsley from DENMARK | Jan. 04, 2018 21:00

Your fortune of love relationship in 2018 will be pretty good. You will meet many magnanimous people who can make you feel like home. If the love relationship are stable, you will get married in the year of 2019 or 2020.
Answered by Anna from INDIA | Jan. 05, 2018 07:15

Thank you so much kinsley
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