Which Type of 'Snake' Are You?

-- Character and Fortune Analysis by Five Elements


Wood Snake (1965, 2025)

 Personality: With Five Elements sign of Wood, people born in the Year of the Snake value their appearance, so they always behave decently and elegantly. They are honest and frank, with a lot of true friends around. Easygoing and sunny in character, they could bring happiness to their families. However, they also have shortcomings as they are a bit selfish and snobbish, preferring to make friends with rich and noble people.

 Career: As long as they pave the road step by step, they could learn an advanced skill and make a living on it. They are passive in work, as they never seize the chance actively. Although they have ambitions, they are reluctant to devote efforts in practice. In the early stage of their career, they may come across a lot of obstacles, but later with friends’ assistance, they could accomplish something.

 Wealth: They get very flat luck in money when they are at a young age, but everything takes a turn for the better at middle age. As they are industrious in work, they could make a large amount of savings. They are a bit stubborn; sometimes they may suffer unexpected economic loss by rash investment.

 Love: With nice fortune in love, people with Chinese zodiac Snake sign and Five Elements sign of Wood may find their soul mates easily. They treasure every person tender to them, but they should avoid developing a triangle relationship. If they get married, loyalty and care could make their love sweet and lasting.

 Health: They should give more attention to the possible kidney and liver diseases.

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Fire Snake (1917, 1977)

 Personality: Fire Snakes are brilliant, strong-minded and calm. Their charm and faithfulness make them popular among friends. Meeting obstacles, they could make fast and right reaction. Straightforward and outspoken, they seek life full of changes. However, they lack patience and persistence.

 Career: They are bold, risky, confident and ambitious enough in pursuing career in a far place from home. If they could learn a sophisticated skill or technique, they could become successful in work, even open up their own business. Without sufficient patience and willpower, they may just make a living on their skills.

 Wealth: Working hard is the only way to earn money, and most of their wealth comes from their successful career. Although the income is handsome, they have spending problems by enjoying a high standard life. To maintain a balanced finance, they need to find more channels to generate profits and reduce the expenditure.

 Love: They are very sensitive to love, as they are easily moved by opposite sex who cares them. They are unwilling to take active actions in a relationship, so sometimes they may lose the chance to find true love. If they learn to communicate more and be tolerant, they could harvest harmonious and sweet marriage life.

 Health: Unhealthy eating habits may give rise to some gastrointestinal sickness, so they should make changes in diet.

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Earth Snake (1929, 1989)

 Personality: People born in Earth Snake Years are forthright and possessive in character, and they like to keep everything in control. They are peaceful, clever and shrewd in dealing with relationships. Besides, they are tender, sympathetic and thoughtful to friends and families, and always ready to provide help. Rational and sensible, they could always behave well in front of people.

 Career: They like to do researching work, and usually have clear work plans. Their efforts can always bring them nice outcome. However, once they get brilliant achievements, they may become a bit sluggish. If they become modest and persistent, they could make breakthroughs step by step.

 Wealth: According to Chinese zodiac analysis, Snakes get very pleasant luck of wealth. What’s more, with the help of the Five Elements sign of Earth, They may be provided with many opportunities to make a fortune, but they may too timid to seize most of them. Their luck in fast and easy money is just average, so they should avoid engaging in speculative business in case of money loss. Striving hard in career can create them a wealthy status.

 Love: Being charming, humorous and eloquent, they are popular among opposite sex. Once they fall in love with someone, they may desire to take control of the other. If they fail in a relationship, they would be deeply frustrated and upset. A proper personal space should be given in a tense relationship.

 Health: For smokers, they need to take precautions against lung disease. Non-smokers have no severe health problem.

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Metal Snake (1941, 2001)

 Personality: Metal Snakes are pretty clever and sophisticated, and they have strong sense of self-protection. With a kind heart, they are always willing to help others no matter by donating money or doing a volunteer job. They are very strict with themselves, with super confidence and willpower.

 Career: They could be brilliant leaders, as they can guide others to finish their own part of work. No matter in a big project or in a trivial working task, they would plan everything in order in advance. Meeting difficulties, they could stay calm and make a right judgment. If they expand business to other fields, they would also succeed if they dig deeper. If they want to maintain the fortune, they should expand their social network, too.

 Wealth: With strong desire for wealth, they would seek affluence persistently. Actually, their luck of money is quite favorable, but they are too passive and conservative to catch some valuable chances. They cannot count on easy money, for all their income is from their own efforts and courage.

 Love: They are charming and attractive to opposite sex, but cautious and passive to start a relationship. If they could be more active and romantic, they would find a well-matched soul mate. In marriage life, they should give more time to accompany family members.

 Health: They may feel fatigue easily, and suffer some disease caused by it. If they could stay in a good mood, they could live a long life.

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Water Snake (1953, 2013)

 Personality: Being dynamic, active, and also acute, flexible and independent, they are popular among peers. Calm, adventurous and decisive, they are not afraid of difficulties and hardships but willing to take challenges. They are also eloquent and artistic.

 Career: It is suitable for Water Snake to seek their fortune in a foreign land, although they may meet a lot of adversities. Without abundant heritage, they could make achievements from nothing. They are born to be smart businessmen. As they are not afraid of taking risks, they have a fair chance to succeed in career.

 Wealth: Those born in the Year of the Snake are very good at socializing, so they could make friends with many elites and rich people. This also brings them chances to make a fortune. They get luck in easy money, but they need to make a reasonable budget. Besides, compared saving money in banks, they are advised to purchase some real estate for investment.

 Love: They are apt at socializing, so get used to standing in the spotlight among opposite sex. Decent appearance and eloquence make them attractive. If falling in love, they will be tender and considerate to lovers. If they could meet people who share the hobby in common, they could get married at very young age.

 Health: Their fitness condition is always nice if they keep the habit of physical exercise.

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Questions & Answers on Snake Character and Fortune by Five Elements
Asked by Ml from USA | Jan. 28, 2018 16:02Reply
I just started getting to know someone and I am wondering if it will work out between us.
He is a Rooster born 1981. Should I keep trying or let the relationship go?
I’m a fire snake 1977
Answers (3)
Answered by Scorpio woman from USA | Jan. 29, 2018 15:44

Is he a Gemini in western astrology? I'm a fire snake too.,1977
Answered by Scorpio woman from USA | Jan. 29, 2018 15:45

Rooster and snakes are usually a good pair.
Answered by Sophia from CANADA | Jan. 29, 2018 19:59

Well, you are not advised to give up easily. You will make a perfect couple. The harmonious bond between you would bring prosperity to both your career and families. Both of you couple will win respect from others. :)
Asked by Raissa from FRANCE | Jan. 08, 2018 15:37Reply
Career and love fortune for 2018: Birth 8 march 1989.
I plan to quit my job and searching for a new one, I would know my career fortune for 2018.
As well as my love fortune.

Thanks in advance,

I really appreciate reading you
Answers (1)
Answered by Eden from NEW ZEALAND | Jan. 08, 2018 21:25

Hey, your Chinese zodiac sign is Snake. The prediction indicates that you cannot make big progress in career if you are lack of gumption and motivation. You should work hard as usual, instead of letting down guard. The wealth fortune will bring you good achievements and you can better exploit your advantages to the full. Besides, you can easily meet good friends or find true love.
Asked by Charil from PHILIPPINES | Jul. 11, 2017 08:54Reply
Asking my zodiac sign and my career .
Hi,if im going to take a licensure examination this sept.I can pass? Is the star fovarable for me this time ? I'm was born janaury 8,1978. Hoping for your reply . Many thanks and best regards .
Answers (2)
Answered by Andrew from MEXICO | Jul. 18, 2017 02:09

Your sign is horse. Your luck in September is not very good. You need to study very hard for the exam so that you could pass it. Good luck!
Answered by charil from PHILS. | Jul. 23, 2017 06:58

hi sir.according to chines feung sui my animal sign is snake becuase i was born in january 8,1978 only said that im a horse sign.many thanks for your reply.
Asked by Sandra from UNITED KINGDOM | Jan. 28, 2017 13:33Reply
Female Wood snake with male earth rooster.
What does the year hold for us in health and love?
Answers (1)
Answered by Andrew from MEXICO | Feb. 03, 2017 02:28

The female should be busy with her work and might ignore her partner sometimes. She might bear heavy work pressure and this is not good for her health. It is suggested to balance her work and personal life. Go out for some excursions or romantic dates, this can not only be good for the love life, but also help her relax from the work stress.
Male Rooster is suggested to be more tolerant and patient to his partner. Give her enough understanding and care. This can help to live a harmonious love life. There might not be health problems for male Rooster. No worry.
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