1989 Chinese Zodiac - Earth Snake

Which type of Snake are people born in 1989 Chinese zodiac year?

The year 1989 has the Chinese zodiac sign Snake, and it belongs to the Earth based on Chinese Five Elements. Therefore, people born in 1989 Chinese zodiac year are the Earth Snake.

As Chinese zodiac is based on lunar calendar since ancient time, the Earth Snake are born from February 6, 1989 to January 26, 1990 in Gregorian calendar. People who born from January 1 to February 5 in 1989 are the previous Earth Dragon.

Lucky Signs for 1989 Earth Snake

 Lucky Numbers: 3, 8

 Lucky Colors: green, blue

2024 Horoscope for Earth Snake Born in 1989

They are likely to have an opportunity to improve themselves, like further study or being guided by some professional predecessors in person. It would help them a lot in the further competitions for a higher position in their workplace. But it is not a lucky year to change the job or department, which may cause bad results. Another possible misfortune is that they are likely to make themselves troubles because of careless talking. Being aware of this, they should be careful of their words and learn to be more slippery. Their love fortune is not bad. The singles may fall in love with a charming girl or a wise boy and the family life for those married would be happy generally. In term of health, follow a healthy life routine and be cautious of respiratory diseases and skin problems.

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Personality Traits of the 1989 Chinese Zodiac Earth Snake

People born in 1989 year of the Snake are smart, diligent, responsive, compassionate and love animals very much. They can accomplish their goals quickly. They often help their friends with a kind heart. Therefore, they are very popular among friends. There always have a variety of thoughts in their head.

However, their greatest shortcoming is that they are too sensitive. They cares about others thinking on them very much. They are also very vindictive; even the slightest criticism will make the Earth Snake feel depressed. They do not want to be controlled by others, but at the same time they have strong possessiveness.

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The career fortune for the 1989 Earth Snake is relatively plain. Because they are kind of self-righteous in the work field, they are not easily to get along well with their leaders and colleagues and get their appreciation. In their later years, they are probably still a mediocre employee. But they work very hard.Only if they can improve the relationship with their supervisors and colleagues, they can get promoted quickly.

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The people with Chinese zodiac Snake do not need to worry about money. Although their salary is not high enough to afford their expenses, they are able to earn a large amount of money from investment. Basically, most of the projects they invest in can have good returns. In their middle ages, they may also receive an unexpected fortune, such as lottery or legacy. All in all, they will live a pretty rich life.


Love and Relationships

Their love fortune is not very good. Although they have many admirers, it is hard to find the suitable life partner. And in the end, they are more likely to have a shotgun marriage. It is also for this reason that their life after marriage is not very sweet and they often quarrel with each other. But the relationship with their children is pretty. They may have two children, and their children love them very much.

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The Chinese zodiac Snake people born in 1989 have a healthy physical condition when they are young. But the hard working at young ages may lead to great physical problems in the late ages. If they do not want to suffer from heavy diseases, they should take good care of their bodies when they are young; try to rest on time and exercise properly.

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Questions & Answers on 1989 Chinese Zodiac - Earth Snake
Asked by Maxine from PHILIPPINES | Feb. 17, 2024 14:01Reply
Im born march 1989 year of the snake
Im 35 and i wonder, i but lotto tickets every week but not everyday. Love is very complicated. And i also wonder if applying another department in my company will help me in the future due upper respiratory illness i need don’t want to talk a lot in a day.
Answers (1)
Answered by Maxine | Feb. 17, 2024 14:04

Im born march 1989 year of the snake
Im 35 and i wonder, i buy lotto tickets every week but not everyday.
Love is very complicated.
And i also wonder if applying to another department in my company will help me in the future due upper respiratory illness i chose not to talk a lot in a day that is why i decided to take my chance somewhere else.
Asked by Tony nguyen from USA | Jan. 14, 2024 23:00Reply
July 1st 1989 , male

2023 was a tough year for me...drop 20k for school and still haven't found a job also having a divorce too...2024 started and career path hit a road block...been applying and willing to relocate and still no luck...just wanted to start over. Just curious what's my career look like in 2024.
Answers (1)
Answered by Leo | Jan. 15, 2024 23:38

The new year shows a better fortune for Snake people and you may have some good chances in career. Also, you may start a new relationship and find someone who can really understand you. However, you still need to keep calm and positive to face challenges.
Asked by Priya from INDIA | Nov. 30, 2023 07:11Reply
Want to know about my married life
Hi i wanted to know about my marriage. I am already in process of divorce I already like someone and wanted to know if am going to get married to him. And if nothing goes well when i am going to find my partner.I am born on 21 November 1989
Answers (3)
Answered by Gina | Nov. 30, 2023 22:30

In general, your luck in 2024 is not so great, especially in the love relationship aspect. Be more careful to find your true love and in the next half of year, there may be more good chances.
Answered by Lawrence | Dec. 28, 2023 11:51

Is it too late to ask me about how 2024 will go for me relationship wise?
Answered by Maria | Dec. 28, 2023 17:56

Hi Lawrence, if you are a Snake, then your love fortune in 2024 is not so great, either.
Asked by KC from PHILIPPINES | Jan. 22, 2023 20:34Reply
Hi I want to know my career and love fortune. I am born on Dec 1989.
Answers (1)
Answered by Rosie | Jan. 29, 2023 17:50

Your career fortune is quite good. If you make efforts, it's very possible to make a big progress. But your love life would be plain or even poor.
Asked by Sachi Sharma from INDIA | Jan. 31, 2022 00:16Reply
When I will get married , whether it will be a love marriage or arrange marriage
Hi I m born on 28 of aug 1989, I want to know when I will get married , it will be love or arrange marriage and how will be my life after marriage.
Answers (1)
Answered by BJORN | Jan. 31, 2022 01:30

It doesn’t matter what marriage you have.
It is in your hand how your post marriage life will be.Share your feelings with each other everything will automatically become beautiful.I pray you will get what you deserve and it will be very soon.
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