Snake - Luck Prediction by Month 2024

 Snake - Luck Prediction by Month 2024


In general, Snake’s luck in the latter half of 2024 is better than in the first half. To be more specific, their lucky months are predicted to be May, September and November when they would have less worries and annoyances and embrace more happy moments. Life is more often full of ups and downs. When in dark time like in January and February, hold on and be brave to face the misfortune and then positively think out solutions. For singles, they should be more active from August to November, when it’s very possible for them to meet their soul mate and start a romantic relationship.

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 Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The months shown below are lunar months, with Georgian dates marked (month/day/year).


(02/10/2024 – 03/09/2024)

Their horoscope in the first lunar month of 2024 is not ideal. In workplace, do not trust others easily; instead, do their own work absorbedly and deal with the problems carefully. As for businessmen, well choose the partners if needed and don’t take advantage of others or engage in risky investment. The married may have some conflicts with their partner over some trivial matters. Try to be more tolerant and communicate with each other more often to avoid misunderstandings. As for the singles, they may not succeed in finding their true love this month. To maintain health, those born in the year of the Snake need to maintain healthy living habits and stay away from the places with bad air. 


(03/10/2024 – 04/08/2024)

Coming to February, their fortune does not turn better a lot and they should keep clear-minded and decisive. They may encounter more pressures in workplace; hold on and face them bravely, only by which way they could earn the appreciation from their leaders. Well manage their wealth in case of any losses. After making surprising money, do not spend it lavishly but with a plan and save some for rainy days. The elders should take care of themselves with more efforts and be careful of their steps when walking. It’s possible for the singles to meet some charming girls or handsome boys; but being shy, they may not attract the eyes of the others. The married should think more from the other half’s perspective, in which way they could get along well with their partner more easily.


(04/09/2024 – 05/07/2024)

According to Snake luck prediction in 2024, they may experience some ups and downs in March in Chinese lunar calendar. In career, conflicts may occur between them and their workmates, who in turn may make troubles for them, so they’d try harder to get along well with workmates. The wealth luck is not steady and it’s advised to make a consumption plan and cut down the cost to cope with their income. Be careful when making investment and don’t be greedy, just in case of leading themselves into financial crisis. Those suffering from chronic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes should strictly follow a healthy diet and go for a physical examination on a regular basis. In term of love, it is not advised for the singles to rush into a relationship before knowing that person to some extent. As for the married, be loyal to their partner and keep a reasonable distance with other opposite sexes.


(05/08/2024 – 06/05/2024)

In April, those born in Chinese zodiac Snake year would encounter both good fortune and misfortune. After achieving good results, don’t be proud and complacent and continue fighting for long-term goals. When in difficulties, don’t be upset and keep calm to get over them quickly. Their income would not increase a lot, just be enough to cover daily bills. For those married, they are likely to meet a charming opposite sex when traveling for business purposes. If caring their marriage and family, they should keep a distance from him or her and be loyal to their partner. The thing would be quite contrary for the singles as they may not meet anyone attracting them.


(06/06/2024 – 07/05/2024)

The 2024 luck prediction by month indicates that the 5th lunar month can be a lucky month for Snake people. They could do a great job through their own hard working and with the help of some influential and experienced predecessors, hence win a place in their workplace. Benefiting from their excellent performance in work, they would receive some surprising bonuses to support them to live a better life. But don’t spend money at random and save some for emergencies. The singles are very likely to meet their Mr. or Mrs. Right; just attend more parties or other social activities and be brave and active to pursue their true love.


(07/06/2024 – 08/03/2024)

Their horoscope in June is not equally good as in May, but not bad, either. Don’t worry about current gains and losses too much but take a long-term view. They should believe difficulties would be temporary and positively solve them using their talents. To maintain a steady financial status, they’d better follow rational consumption and investment and care each of their coin. The relationship with their lover would be steady as a whole without too many weaves. Arrange some activities every now and then to enhance the tie. When disputes arise, talk calmly and patiently with the other half to solve them and don’t lose temper to their lover and make him or her sad. Eat healthily and have enough rest and they would not catch diseases this month.


(08/04/2024 – 09/02/2024)

Starting from July, their horoscope would generally be on an uptrend. In July, their life would be quite peaceful. Although they may do their work at a slowly pace, the results would be satisfying, which earn them a chance for promotion and salary rise in the future. The wealth luck is not bad in this month. Their excellent performance in work would bring them some bonuses in addition to regular wage. But don’t expect any other income a lot, especially from lottery, in case of suffering some losses. The elders having high blood pressure should eat less sweet and high-fat food and check their blood pressure regularly, so as to get cheated timely.


(09/03/2024 – 10/02/2024)

Their fortune in August is a little better than in July as a whole. But they would still encounter some setbacks at the beginning of the month in work. Overcoming them with their talents, their career would develop smoothly then after in the month. For merchants, seek for advice and feedbacks from employees and customers, which would help avoid some troubles. It’s possible for Snake people to make some additional money; but don’t be greedy and be cautious when making large investment. The singles will have chances to meet some opposite sexes at parties or through blind dates; be brave and self-confident, they would turn unavailable successfully.


(10/03/2024 – 10/31/2024)

It would be a lucky month for those born in the year of the Snake according to Chinese zodiac luck prediction in 2024. Employees would well keep the present paces in work and cooperate harmoniously with team members, and hand in an excellent monthly work report. For those self-employed, it’s the right time to expand their business scale and seek for more commercial cooperation, because the success rate is quite high. In term of wealth, it’s very likely their previous investment would bring them a lot. Those in love, the relationship with their beloved one would be sweet and closer while the singles may meet their Mr. or Mr. Right. Adjust the clothes according to weather, then they would not suffer serious illnesses.


(11/01/2024 – 11/30/2024)

Lunar October might be a dark month for businessmen. They may run into difficult situations like inadequate cash flow and fierce competitions with others doing the same business. Don’t give up and think out efficient ways to solve them. Hopefully, the situation would be much better in the next month. For those working for others, their salary would not decrease a lot and they could in general live a worry-free life in term of wealth. Talking about love relationship, it is a quite lucky month for the singles. They may meet their former lover and fall in love with him or her again; for those dating someone, it’s the right time to make a marriage proposal. Their health would be good; just be careful when traveling.


(12/01/2024 – 12/30/2024)

It is likely to be a lucky month for people born in the year of the Snake, especially in term of career. In workplace, things will go on smoothly. It is a good time to carry out the new plans and try some new ideas. Their income would increase accordingly thanks to the good performance in work. However, they may have to pay for some unexpected bills and save only a little by the end of the month. They would not suffer from serious physical problems. In the aspect of love relationship, the singles are very possible to meet an interesting opposite sex and start dating; as for the married, their marriage life would be happy and harmonious in general.


(12/31/2024 – 01/28/2025)

In the last lunar month, their horoscope is on a downtrend as a whole. In workplace, they’d better be more careful and patient and work harder, so as to finish their tasks on time. Considering the average wealth luck, don’t expect to make surprising money; instead, live within their means. Those dating someone, conflicts may arise between them and their lover. They need to learn to seek common ground while reserving differences, so as to keep a long-term relationship. Those married, although busy with work, should spend time accompanying their family, in order to maintain harmonious family atmosphere. For the sake of health, it is advised to keep a balance between work and rest.

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Questions & Answers on Snake\s Luck Prediction by Month 2024
Asked by Sikcha from INDIA | Oct. 23, 2021 18:57Reply
Hi i am snake born in 1989 just wanted rto know career opportunity for me in coming month
Answers (1)
Answered by Cameron | Oct. 25, 2021 10:12

According to the 2021's prediction, there would several job chances for you. You should improve the personal abilities and catch the chances timely.
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Will i be with my taurus crush
I am a snake scorpio will i be compatible with sheep/taurus
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Answered by Emily | Jul. 19, 2021 19:55

Yes, you will. Scorpio will be very compatible with Taurus.
Asked by aayam from INDIA | Jul. 02, 2021 15:25Reply
have a very important exam in November 2021. what is my fortune DOB 19 May 2001
I am an undergrad student and have a very important exam in November 2021 which will change my life. so want to ask is there any chance or luck by my side as I am preparing for them. DOB 19 May 2001.
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Answered by Micah | Jul. 05, 2021 00:03

Don't worry. The prediction shows that you will be lucky.
Asked by Sai bansal from THAILAND | Jan. 07, 2021 22:53Reply
Work and luck prediction 2021
I am born on 21 feb 1977, currently living in Thailand. Landing to change my work due to COVID my 18 year old business is still shut. I am planing to relocate to India and am planing to make series, how will it be foe me take this step.
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Answered by Amelia | Jan. 12, 2021 22:59

You should be brave to face these changes. 2021 will bring you some new chances. You should have good preparation and catch them timely.
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