Snake - Best Business and Career Fields

Although people born in the year of the Snake are motivated, they are used to doing things in a very direct approach, so it is easy for other people to get their number. When open their own business, they should watch out for crooks.


Best Age to Start a Business for Snake

40-60 years old


Best Business and Career Fields for Snake

Clothes Store

Although clothes stores can be found everywhere and this industry is full of competition, with great taste in clothes and advanced fashion consciousness, the Snake people can always be in an invincible position in this field.

Entertainment Company

They are good at setting an exciting atmosphere because they enjoy colorful lives and dazzling lights. A lot of explosive news are happening in the entertainment industry every day, which is one of the most attractive points.

Archaeological Institution

They like antiques very much and enjoy doing research on things which have a long history. And they have a prodigious memories, so they can tell the every detail they had read before. Therefore, they are more likely to set up an archaeological institution and do archaeological research.


Which one is better for Snake, Sole Proprietorship or Partnership

A partner can give the Snake people a great help in their business. Although they are easy to get success in their business, they are not good at dealing with interpersonal relationships. The Snake are more suitable to deal with internal affairs while ask their partners to deal with the interpersonal relationships outside.

They can start a business by themselves only when they engaged in the creative industries which does not need to meet lots of people.


Business and Career Partners for Snake

 Rat: Good partner
The cooperation between the Snake and the Rat is uncooperative in other people’s eyes but it is cooperative in fact, so both of them should stick to their position.

 Ox: Uncooperative
There are great divergence between them.

 Tiger: Uncooperative
They differ on many matters and sometimes they may even quarrel with each other.

 Rabbit: Can be cooperative
Both of them pay attention to act in concert so they may get success.

 Dragon: Can be cooperative
Snake should better not put all the work on Dragon, or it is hard to maintain the stability of the cooperative relationship.

 Snake: Uncooperative
They can come up with ideas together but it is difficult to act on it.

 Horse: Best Partner
Snake are good at giving constructive advice and Horse can make them come true.

 Sheep: Can be cooperative
The Snake know how to do things correctly, but they should be more focus on business.

 Monkey: Uncooperative
Monkey’s smartness often made Snake feel annoyed.

 Rooster: Uncooperative
Both of them are good at talking without taking any actions.

 Dog: Uncooperative
It is possible for Snake to cooperate with Dog, but usually it cannot succeed.

 Pig: Good partner
Snake should take cooperation as the priority.


Advice on Business Investment and Financial Management

People with Chinese zodiac Snake should watch out for the bad partners around them, in order not to be tricked by them. In addition, if someone borrows money from them, make sure ask them to mark the credit lines and return dates, or it is easy to procedure money troubles and even get dragged into court.

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