Snake - Fortune in 2020 & 2021

Snake Fortune in 2020

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Fortune in 2020

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 5

Overall Luck:

The fortune of people with Chinese Snake zodiac is good in 2020. There are some chances for them to earn a little. They are likely to be pressured by their superiors, but it cannot take them down but make them be more calm and intellectual. 

Attention should be paid to maintain a harmonious relationship with their families. They should get away from the gamble and venture investment, otherwise they will lose a lot on it. In 2020, they may become pessimistic towards life sometimes. 

Snake Fortune in 2020


A lot of pressure; try to achieve more

People with Snake sigh of Chinese zodiac will face pressure in the workplace, mostly from the superiors. However, it is unnecessary to be too pessimistic on the ground that the superiors are just inspecting the performance of the employees. Snakes should show themselves through achievement that cannot be ignored to lay a solid foundation for future development. Everything should be done within the boundaries, which will not only bring no trouble but also meet the leaders’ expectations. 


Earn a little; avoid risky investment and gambling 

Although several opportunities can bring them a small amount of property, risky investment, gambling and lottery are not good choices for them. In 2020, all investment activities made by people with Snake sign of Chinese zodiac should be conducted within the legal boundary and follow the standard stipulation, which can reduce the risk to the minimum.

Love and Relationships

Uneasy to start a relationship; be calm

Those with Chinese zodiac Snake have some opportunities to meet opposite sexes in 2020. However, if they want to start a relationship, more devotion and contribution should be given. For those who have a partner, they should be calm and think seriously when in a disagreeable mood. Put themselves in their partner’s shoes or take the initiative and then a more stable relationship may come to them.


Relieve pressure; keep good living habit

According to Snake fortune in 2020, there are no major problems in their health condition, but some ailments also exist. In order to avoid unwanted harm by minor problems, they should learn to relieve pressure, protect the eyesight, keep a good sitting posture, and develop a good living habit. Besides, they should keep away from damp and dark places. 

Luck Prediction for Snakes Born in Different Years

Age: 7

Snake children will become cleverer and eager to learn, the great result of which can bring them appreciation and admiration from teachers and other parents. They are very kind and like to make friends with people around them in school. Also, they can take parts of responsibility relating to the class. For their safeties, parents should put metal appliances out of their reach. 
Age: 19

The Snake horoscope in 2020 indicates that those born in 2001 will have a pretty good fortune in learning and examination, and have a great interest in learning new skills. Within their ability, parents are advised to make them sign up for after-school programs. The bad temper will do them no good results so they should control their temper to maintain a virtuous relationship and reduce pointless arguments with their lovers. 
Age: 31

2020 is a lucky year for Snake people born in 1989, and they are going to make a breakthrough in their careers. However, the consequent result is the heavy stress that can make them breathless. If they consult modestly, experienced seniors can do them great favors, and help them pave the path for future development. The love relationship goes up and down. If they intend to get married, it is better to avoid bickering to make sure everything be on the track.
Age: 43

Based on Snake Fortune Prediction in 2020, migration labors born in 1977 will do well in their workplaces. With help from the superior or authority, they should work harder without exposing all their sharp edges. Advice from others is helpful in avoiding a pointless effort. The good fortune also goes to exam. If they have the plan to engage in advanced studies, the good fortune can help them get twice the result with half the effort.
Age: 55

The health condition is not so good for the 1965 Snake people. The pressure from work can result in the low quality of sleeping and the lassitude in the day time. Doing some exercises like tai chi and yoga to get relaxed. Facing financial requests from friends and relatives, they should offer help within their ability. Prevent the occurrence of skin sensitive and teeth issues.
Age: 67

From the prediction, we can see that the Snake fortune in 2020 in wealth and health are pretty good for people born in 1953, especially those born in lunar October, November and December. They will be less influenced by sequela from previous illness. The fortune in family relationship shows a downward trend, and they are advised to decrease the homiletic tone toward the younger generations. Wine-lovers should avoid excessive alcohol consumption so that the liver and heart can run as usual.
Age: 79

Both health and wealth conditions see a significant improvement in 2020 for those who were born in 1941. They are very charitable and are happy to join in all kinds of public events, which make them live a colorful life in their old ages. Due to the regular exercise, good habitual patterns, and active cooperation with doctors, ailments once in a while cannot remove their fresh complexion.

Snake Fortune in 2021

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Fortune in 2021

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 5

Overall Luck:

The overall Snake fortune in 2021 is quite good. Most things can develop in the desired direction. At work, there will be someone who can help the Snakes achieve their goals at critical moments. At the same time, their income will continue to increase.

With great ideals and ambitions, Snake people are particularly able to bear hardships and stand hard work, so 2021 brings many excellent opportunities for them. However, they should take good care of themselves and learn to enjoy life.

Snake Fortune in 2021


Easy to get a promotion, obtain rapid development of company

Based on Snake fortune prediction in 2021, it is not too difficult for the people born in the year of Chinese zodiac Snake to make achievements in career. Once they encounter difficulties or are at the crossroads of career, someone will give pointers and they will easily enter the next journey of the workplace. Meanwhile, they may take over some larger projects and get rich returns after doing a good job. For newcomers in the workplace, 2021 is a good year for improvement and getting more experiences. Try to learn more skills and knowledge from the senior and do not focus on how much money they will earn. It is worth reminding that the Snake people in the leadership will be very busy this year as their company will be in the process of rapid development and expansion. They should read all the confidential documents of the company in person.


Increase in salary, no large expenses

The Chinese zodiac Snakes will have a satisfactory wealth fortune. Because of their outstanding work performance, their basic salary will increase. In addition, bonuses, commissions and dividends are also considerable. There will be many good opportunities to earn money from the business cooperation with friends to sidelines and financial products. However, in the process of cooperation, accounting issues must be clear, otherwise it will cause a lot of trouble. Apart from basic necessities, they will not have too much spending in 2021, so can continue to improve their personal quality of life without being too thrifty.  

Love and Relationships

Potential love relationship, have a new family number

The Snake fortune prediction in love and relationships is not bad. The single Snakes are likely to get a boyfriend or girlfriend as long as they can bold in expressing themselves at the right time. Those who are not single can travel together to intensify relationships. People with the Snake sign of Chinese zodiac should understand that they can't greedily ask for anything they want in their relationship. Instead, they should also learn to care for each other, so that the relationship will last longer. If they have plans to get married, they should pay attention to make preparations in advance, so as not to be in a hurry when holding the wedding. For some Snakes, new family members will join in their lives.


Good health condition, keep healthy lifestyle

As per Snake fortune in 2021, they are unlikely to be disturbed by diseases. Children can grow up healthy and strong, but parents should take good care of them when playing outside in order prevent accidents. If adults who are under pressure at work can take enough rest and eat regularly, their health condition would be improved a lot. As for the elderly, they live a happy and healthy life and can even have the energy to participate in leisure activities for the elderly or travel for relaxation. However, it should be reminded that the weather in 2021 may be more changeable. They should dress right for the weather. Good hygiene habits are also an important factor in keeping healthy.

Luck Prediction for Snakes Born in Different Years

Age: 8

As per Snake fortune in 2021, they will not have any troubles in their lives this year, living a healthy and happy life. Parents will take good care of them and their elders will give them enough love. In the school they can also maintain a harmonious relationship with students. After the teacher's guidance, they are well-developed both in mind and body. They can start to solve some life or study problems independently through their own abilities. Parents can also give them appropriate pocket money to cultivate their financial ability. In addition, their parents need to forbidden them from eating too many snacks.
Age: 20

Snakes born in 2001 will have a good fortune in study based on Snake fortune in 2021. Their learning efficiency is very high and they are able to quickly master the knowledge. In addition to studying, they will read a lot of other books to wide their horizons of knowledge. They will also make many new friends who may be passionate about life or very capable in some aspects. However, they may be troubled by some unexpected things when they going out. Try not to participate in activities with high risk such as skydiving and bungee jumping.
Age: 32

For people born in 1989, marriage plays an important role in 2021. When they encounter twists and turns, or are in a bad mood, their lovers will encourage them and will accompany them until they get out of trouble. In addition, they may have a baby this year, which is a very promising thing. Their work will be smooth and their wages will be greatly improved. This year, personal wealth can be accumulated rapidly. They should know how to properly manage personal money.
Age: 44

The luck prediction of Snakes in 2021 is particularly good in career and wealth. For self-employed people, the scale and reputation of the company will be greatly improved. Although the competition will be fiercer, the benefits will certainly be considerable. However, it should be noted that the selection of company employees should be based on character and talent.  Don’t blindly choose relatives as the company’s middle and senior managers. They should not be too stingy. They should have a certain amount of sympathy for those facing difficulties, and it is best to give some help, so that good luck can be maintained. 
Age: 56

Based on Snake fortune prediction in 2021, they enjoy a relatively happy and peaceful life. There are no trivial things at work. Because they are highly qualified, and they can order their subordinates to handle most of the things. Most of the snakes are good at managing money and making money, so their current savings are enough to sustain their lives in the future. Most of the time and energy this year will be spent on getting along with family members, and the time spent at work will be less and less. In the end they will leave the workplace completely. As the age continues to grow, physical fitness will get worse and worse. It is recommended that they pay special attention to the maintenance of the body in order to avoid bad consequences. 
Age: 68

Snake’s luck in 2021 in relationship and career see little changes while that in wealth is not very good. They must be vigilant and not to be greedy for small gains, so as not to be defrauded of huge money. Retired snakes can try to learn things that they did not have time to learn when they were young but were very interested. The relationship between them and their family also great. This year they may fall ill. They need to stay in the hospital for a period of time to recover their health, but don't worry too much about it as there will be no serious disease. 
Age: 80

Snake People born in 1941 should put their health in the first place and cherish the time they spend with their family in 2021. Although their overall fortune is not bad, they cannot make full use of it, so it seems that their lives have not changed much. Stable pensions allow them not to worry about income issues. Family gatherings are also more frequent this year. However, they need to take care of themselves and do physical examination regularly.

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Questions & Answers on Snake\s Fortune in 2020 & 2021
Asked by Rajeev from INDIA | Aug. 19, 2020 12:29Reply
My date of birth is 5/12/1977, 10.55 am. I am jobless since 7 months. When will I get a new job?
Answers (2)
Answered by Hudson from DENMARK | Aug. 19, 2020 19:31

Hi, you should keep the positive attitude all the time. According to the prediction, you would find several opportunities to obtain a satisfied job. During this period of time, you can make full use of time to improve personal abilities.
Answered by Rajeev from INDIA | Aug. 20, 2020 00:26

Thanks for your reply. It would be great if you could indicate favourable month.

Asked by Raj from INDIA | Apr. 11, 2020 06:44Reply
I am looking for high jump in career. Will I be able to achieve it this year ?
I am giving interview in and outside my current comany also in india and outside india too.

After reaching final rounds, I am not making it through.

Will be able to achieve higher feet in this year ? I am worried and also I am loosing my calm.
Answers (3)
Answered by Thomas from USA | Apr. 12, 2020 22:42

It is predicted that you would have a large chance to find high jump in career in late 2020. Just be positive!
Answered by Jhen Janeth | Aug. 10, 2020 00:25

We are snake I born February 23'1977 I asked with my Lucky 2020 about this Year of the Rat,,we are lucky in my work with job ...!?? Thanks
Answered by Ava from FRANCE | Aug. 12, 2020 18:50

It is predicted that August and September will be lucky months for your career. There would have several golden opportunities to find a good job.
Asked by Lucky Raj from INDIA | Apr. 02, 2020 12:22Reply
Could Able to succed this year for my competitive exam?
Birth date:19/11/2001
Answers (1)
Answered by Bobbie from AUSTRALIA | Apr. 02, 2020 21:46

Based on the prediction, you would have a large chance to pass the exam as long as you prepare very well. Good luck!
Asked by A from INDONESIA | Feb. 18, 2020 16:52Reply
Luck prediction in 2020
Hi, I'm a metal snake born in October 21st, 2001. What will my fortune be in 2020 in general? I'm really want to know what i will be facing this year. Thank you :)
Answers (1)
Answered by Pamela from NEW ZEALAND | Feb. 23, 2020 18:30

In general, the wealth situation would be favorable. You can accumulate wealth step by step. But do not rely on high risked investments. Otherwise, you would lose some money.
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