1999 Chinese Zodiac - Earth Rabbit

Which type of Rabbit are people born in 1999 Chinese zodiac year?

People born in 1999 is the Earth Rabbit according to Chinese zodiac and Five Elements.

In tradition, Chinese people follow lunar calendar. According to Gregorian calendar, the Earth Rabbit year is from February 16, 1999 to February 4, 2000. Those who born from January 1 to February 15 in 1999 are Earth Tiger.

Lucky Signs for 1999 Earth Rabbit

 Lucky Numbers: 1, 6

 Lucky Colors: purple, black, gray

2023 Horoscope for Earth Rabbit Born in 1999

With a lot of work to do, they may need to work overtime and make business trips often, which would make them feel tired and challenge their physical health. Fortunately, their performance in work would be better and better, helping them to shift to the preferred position and ask for a higher salary. Just do not give themselves too much pressure and learn to seek a balance between work and rest. 

Singles may attract the attention of someone, but they would not have special feelings on that boy or girl. Those being dating should resolve conflicts with their lover maturely, otherwise they may break up impulsively.

Those seeking for further study is very likely to succeed this year in the entrance examination. It’s also a lucky year for those studying for professional certificates. 

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2024 Horoscope for Earth Rabbit Born in 1999

Their overall luck is good in 2024. No matter those having started working or seeking for higher education, it’s very likely they would make a progress and achieve their short-term goals. However, they may not get along well with people around because the 2024 horoscope prediction for people born in 1999 year of the Rabbit says misunderstanding, conflicts and even quarrels may occur between them and workmates, schoolmates or lovers. Knowing this beforehand, they should control themselves when in bad mood and be more patient. Also, communicate with others calmly in a peaceful way. Their income would neither be poor nor abundant, so they’d better live within their means. The good thing is that they would not suffer from serious physical discomforts. 

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Personality Traits of the 1999 Chinese Zodiac Rabbit

People with Chinese zodiac Rabbit born in 1999 have a firm character and always do their best to accomplish their goals. They are full of ambition, and quite enterprising. Most of them enjoy travelling very much. Male Earth Rabbit are good at thinking. And female are very feminine, mild-mannered, amiable, and they do are pretty ladies.

However, they lack flexibility in their work, so they always solve problems in the same way. They lack sense of humor and they are not very good at social communication. Moreover, they are so inpatient that they cannot stick to one thing for a long time.

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If they can show themselves positively and accurately, the Earth Rabbit will easily be appreciated by their superiors, and get promoted. But do not be conceited when they are young, or others may take place of them, which may affect their future career. In one word, they need to keep a down-to-earth attitude and lay a solid foundation at young ages.

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Because they do a good job in their work field, their salary is high enough to support them to live a rich life. And with the help of professionals, they can also earn a considerable amount of wealth by making some investments. But they should remember not to be too greedy, or they may have nothing left.


Love and Relationships

The 1999 Chinese zodiac Rabbit will suffer ups and downs in love. Although they have many admirers, their love road is not so smooth. Therefore, it is suggested that when they are young, it is best not to put too much energy on finding the other half, but to spend more time developing their own careers. If they can make some achievements in their career, their love fortune will also get better. After getting married, they may quarrel a lot with their lovers because of trivial matters. They should learn to tolerate their lovers to make the family harmonious.

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They will live a healthy and safe life through their lives. Even if they may suffer from some minor diseases, they can get through them easily with the help of doctors.

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Questions & Answers on 1999 Chinese Zodiac - Earth Rabbit
Asked by Tania Nigam from INDIA | Sep. 17, 2023 07:55Reply
When will everything turns out to be okay for me?
Hello! I'm Tania My birth date is 08 March 1999... I'm a rabbit. This year is difficult for me..I have ton of workload and when I talked my boss about it first he tried to understand me but then he again wants to put a lot of work on me.... I'm really stressed and From this year onwards, I have to take anxiety pills for all this... I'm really tired and depressed....Will this ever end? When will things start getting better?
Answers (1)
Answered by Molly | Sep. 18, 2023 20:39

2023 is the zodiac year of birth for Rabbit people and they in general experience more misfortune than others. Things will be better in 2024. If you really feel unhappy about the current job, just try to find another one. Health comes the first.
Asked by Dilshad from INDIA | Aug. 04, 2023 02:28Reply
Do i get a job near my home
Actually I'm searching for a job which is near to my home I don't want to go too far can i get a job close to my home or definitely I need to left my hometown which is best for me please tell me my dob 12 th may 1999
Answers (1)
Answered by Zoe | Aug. 06, 2023 20:41

It depends on what you really want, staying near home or a great job. People need to make many choices in their life, so do you.
Asked by Dilshad from INDIA | Jul. 31, 2023 00:02Reply
I have many financial problems in my home
Even though I left my job because I didn't satisfied with my job i really don't know whether I took a good decision or not its been 3rd month still I'm looking for better opportunity but i dont have any home that i get a good job near my hometown I'm thinking about myself to end my life. is there any chances in my life to change my life my dob 1999 may 12 th
Answers (1)
Answered by Vivian | Jul. 31, 2023 22:51

It's really a dark year for Rabbit people. But things will be better in the coming year. Hold on and don't give up. You can learn more professional knowledge and skills during the dark time. Opportunities are for the prepared.
Asked by PAULA from USA | Jul. 27, 2023 13:29Reply
Hi! My birth date is Jan 23 2000, am I a rabit? Also... will I ever find love?
Answers (1)
Answered by Trace | Jul. 28, 2023 00:09

Yes, your Chinese zodiac sign is Rabbit. Of course, you will find your love. Every one will find their love, no matter early or late.
Asked by Dilshad from INDIA | Jul. 26, 2023 12:15Reply
At what age I will get married
My dob may 12th 1999
Time 11:15 pm
Answers (1)
Answered by Hailey | Jul. 27, 2023 00:31

I'm sorry but your luck this year is not very good, especially in love aspect. It is hard to predict when you will get married but you may meet your soulmate in a luckier year. The next year may be more suitable for you to start a relationship.
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