Rabbit’s Personality by Blood Types

Rabbit with Blood Type O

Personality Traits: Sympathetic & Generous

 Strong Points: They are loyal, unaffected, elegant and measured. Meanwhile, they are bolder, franker, more decisive and sympathetic compared with Rabbit people with other blood types. If their friends have troubles and ask for help from them, they definitely are very generous. They lead a simple but full life. No matter how rich they are, they won’t waste money. They enjoy themselves very much by dabbling in music, literature, art and other subjects.

 Weak Points: They look unperturbed on the surface but are nervous internally. Every time they have setbacks, they become restless and uneasy. Because of the sympathetic nature, they are generous to friends. However, they ignore their families and look indifferent towards them. They indulge themselves in love fantasies and ignore true feelings frequently. They are too shy to confess love directly. Instead, they make eyes at people they have feelings for. Therefore, they miss many opportunities for love.

 Love: Male Rabbit people in blood type O are suggested to get married with gentle, refined and beautiful girls. These women can win their heart and make them fulfill their responsibilities of a husband and father. Females should marry cultivated and chivalrous men with stable personality. They will become understanding wives and loving mothers after marriage.

 Suggestion: They don’t have twists and turns in their lives. Because they are excellent in interpersonal relations, they should choose service jobs, such as salesmen, flight attendants and hotel staff. Because they are earnest, they may accumulate their wealth during their youth and middle age. They should train themselves to increase the endurance so that they can overcome all difficulties in life.

Rabbit with Blood Type A

Personality Traits: Straightforward & Ambitious

 Strong Points: People born in the Year of the Rabbit with blood type A have stable and calm personalities, which makes them free from extremes and have no enemy. They have sharp eyes, which help them figure out what other people really think. They are very good at concealing their feelings and opinions. No matter how much they dislike someone, they never show their antipathy. They always keep a distance from others. As a result, they look mysterious in others’ eyes. The mystery and distance help them retain a harmonious relationship with others. They never waste money. They are not destined to become wealthy. However, they won’t have financial difficulties.

 Weak Points: They always think twice before making any decision. They long for love, but never act out of blind impulse. They treat friends open-heartedly. However, they are on guard against people they meet for the first time.

 Love: They are invariably polite on the surface, appearing maybe aloof and unapproachable. Because of the stable personality, they never approach girls they have feelings for directly. Therefore, girls think that they are timid and unattractive. They should marry lovely, innocent and humorous women of exquisite taste.

 Suggestion: Their lives are uneventful. Because they are gentle and have a passion for arts, they should do artistic works, such as designers and architects. Sometimes, they may feel stressed; it is better to find a way to release the bad emotion but not complain about everything around.

Rabbit with Blood Type B

Personality Traits: Smart & Humorous

 Strong Points: Thanks to their personal charisma, refined temperament and elegant manners, they have many followers and admirers. They are very popular among colleagues and friends. With excellent judgment and intuition, they can see what others have in mind and please them. They are also gifted in arts. Because of extraordinary sensitivity and faculty of understanding, they can make great achievements in arts-related jobs, such as novelists and screenwriters.

 Weak Points: They prefer to play pranks on people, which makes others believe they are dishonest and cunning. Thanks to their personal charisma, they win many people’s hearts. Unfortunately, they are liable to change lovers. Their unfaithfulness leads to break-up or divorce.

 Love: Male people with Chinese zodiac Rabbit and blood type B should marry innocent, lovely and smart girls. Female should marry straightforward, open, prudent, cultivated and knowledgeable men.

 Suggestion: They are talented in playing jokes, but they need to perform in right occasions. When they are in love, they should reject other pursuers determinedly. Otherwise, they can hardly get happy marriage life.

Rabbit with Blood Type AB

Personality Traits: Sentimental & Melancholy

 Strong Points: With blood type AB, people born in the Year of the Rabbit have an extraordinary understanding of arts. They can be successful poets or painters. They never make enemies. When they are in face of provocations, they are inclined to resolve the conflicts peacefully. Because of the stable and calm personalities, they seldom experience ups and downs in life. Instead, they make progress steadily until achieving success. They are very serious about love. They can sacrifice everything for their lovers even though they are fooled or hurt badly. They seldom have financial crises because they are experts in making money. They know how to make profits.

 Weak Points: They dislike complicated interpersonal relations so they always keep a distance from others. They do not have many intimate friends. They are withdrawn and dejected so that others fear to approach them. They hardly receive attention from their leaders, which makes them feel marginalized in work. Their lives are monotonous and uneventful. Because they do things with religious care, they may let many opportunities slip away.

 Love: Although they long for love, they find it hard to develop a relationship because they lack a sense of inherent safety and always have doubts about their lovers. Males are advised to marry open, generous, and good-tempered women who share the same hobbies. They will grow old together. Females should marry optimistic and straightforward men with high artistic accomplishments.

 Suggestion: There are many sides in their personality, while they should display more outgoing, kind and warm-hearted sides. In work circle, try to engage in more social activities, which may do great help to the career.

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Questions & Answers on Rabbit Personality by Blood Types
Asked by hord from USA | Mar. 10, 2019 15:20Reply
born 12.13.1963 financial outlook 2019
want to retire in 2019 should I retire and what state would be good to retire
Answers (1)
Answered by Jane from NEW ZEALAND | Mar. 10, 2019 19:32

Hi, this year is very favorable for you so there will be no problem for you to have a retirement. There is no clear clue to indicate what state is more appropriate for you but maybe you can communicate with your partner or families to get some good ideas. Best wishes!
Asked by Mei from CANADA | Feb. 05, 2019 14:07Reply
I'm a Rabbit female, born Feb. 02. 2000. Another question!
How should I romantically approach rabbit man born on July 02. 1999. We're both rabbit sign so I think we're shy? I don't know. Are we really that compatible?
Answers (1)
Answered by Will from UNITED KINGDOM | Feb. 12, 2019 18:22

Hi, maybe you can start form friends and find common topics first. You are highly complementary and likely to become true lovers. Try to be more confident and active. Good luck!
Asked by Fire Rabbit from UNITED KINGDOM | Dec. 24, 2017 23:04Reply
How can a fire Rabbit improve luck if date of birth includes 1,7,8 ?
Hello, please could you let me know how to improve luck if my date of birth is 17.11.1987? For Rabbit, numbers 1,7,8 are said to apparently be unlucky? Thanks!
Answers (1)
Answered by Caleb from UNITED KINGDOM | Dec. 25, 2017 20:46

You don't worry about the unlucky numbers actually. You can make full use of the lucky elements to improve luck. You can buy some decorations in the colors of red, blue, pink and purple. Hope helpful!
Asked by Dee from AUSTRALIA | Feb. 07, 2017 05:28Reply
What has 2017 got install for a water rabbit? For love, job and buying a house? Dee from Australia
Answers (2)
Answered by Carolyn from AUSTRALIA | Feb. 08, 2017 03:27

Dee, it is predcited that you should make a good performance at work this year. The problems can be solved one by one.
Your love life can just be plain. If you are single, you can let your friends introduce someone for you. If you are in a relationship right now, you can expect a pretty good development in your love life.
As for buying a house, you can do it when you have enough savings. Avoid taking loans, which might increase your financial stress.
Answered by Dee from AUSTRALIA | Feb. 08, 2017 04:20

Thank you so much. Regards Dee
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